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If a soldier attacked you, the general would block him. If there was a flood, it can be covered with dirt. Would a 37 year old man honestly be scared of a youngster still in his twenties?

Since Lu Tian Chen already offered his hand so generously, Tang Feng didn’t hesitate and accepted the invitation.

Lu Tian Chen wrapped one of his arms around his waist. It seemed that he didn’t plan on dancing the female role. Tang Feng smiled, his clear, black eyes reflecting the image of the cold man in front of him, “I’m not going to dance the female role.”

“I thought you didn’t know tango.” Leaning forward slightly, then suddenly gripping the man’s waist tight, Lu Tian Chen pulled the two together. Their chests were now tightly bonded with each other. His action was domineering, but unavoidable.

That sentence. The more Tang Feng analyzed it, the more it sounded like some sort of test.

The music began to play softly and their footsteps also began to sound.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know the steps for the female role. He just didn’t want to dance it. Then again, he didn’t plan on getting into bad terms with Lu Tian Chen simply for a dance.

“You just don’t understand me well enough, President Lu.” Smiling lightly, Tang Feng gripped Lu Tian Chen’s hand, the latter hinting at his displeasure through his eyes.

The music seemed to weave through their legs like an invisible vine. When the two started their first dance, the surrounding atmosphere immediately changed. Graceful yet full of power, it was a tango that belonged between two men. Power, hidden behind every step and movement, lurked in these two men’s battle.

“Oh- from what I see now, I certainly didn’t understand you.” Narrowing his eyes slightly, Lu Tian Chen peered icily at Tang Feng, as though trying to read his mind. He could only see a calm lake in there, however.

They stood close, chests almost touching, but the two looked like swordsmen ready to strike the other. A contradiction lined with soft cushioning, the two continued to test each other.

“There’s an appropriate distance for everything. It’s not good if it’s too far, but it’s no good if it’s too close either. Don’t you agree?” Tang Feng’s lips curled up slightly. Lu Tian Chen was naive to play psychology with him. Having had to deal with heart problems for more than decades, he had already developed a heart made of steel. Remaining composed had long become a habit.

“If I didn’t just hear that with my own ears, it’d be hard for me to believe that sentence came out of your mouth.” Was that a compliment? It almost sounded like a scoff.

Tang Feng quietly accessed Lu Tian Chen. If he disliked him, he could just say it. Was it not tiring to beat around the bush like that? If he had Lu Tian Chen’s status and background, he could care less about how he talked, Tang Feng thought. If Lu Tian Chen veiled his words so much while speaking to a mere performer, other people probably needed a sort of secret code cracking system.

Tang Feng laughed, “You could pretend I vomited.”

Lu Tian Chen was struck dumb. He hadn’t imagined that the other man would laughingly joke about. His actions and attitude was not at all like the Tang Feng he knew.

Right then, the music stopped.

Tang Feng released the hand holding Lu Tian Chen’s, but the other man still had another arm hugging his waist.

“President Lu, if you’re not about to kiss me, you can let go.” A sly look gleaming in his eyes, Tang Feng leaned forward and whispered into the man’s ear.

Lu Tian Chen glanced at Tang Feng once, then emotionlessly loosened his arm. Ah, look at this guy. He’s been harassed by his own employee and still acts like an iceberg. The two looked at each other silently.

At the same time, Charles also hopped over, and the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” pulled Tang Feng towards him. “Hey, if you two want to shoot love arrows at each other, don’t do it in front of my face, will you? Any more gazing at each other and your eyes will be set afire.”

“I’m thirsty. How about we go for a drink?” Tang Feng faced Charles, and the latter laughed happily upon hearing the word “drink”. The two left the dance floor, walking shoulder to shoulder.


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Translator: Bijun Liang, Kaitlin
Proofreaders: PiKairi, Nannyn


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  1. Alkmene says:

    Firstly I would like to thank the translator for this amazing translation.

    Secondly Tang is very charismatic and likable. So I’m gonna keep reading this but I can’t forget Charles pulled a bill cosby on him in the beginning of this novel so I’ll never like him even if other aspects of him seem likable

  2. Nagisaprilia says:

    AWww, somehow I’m really scared if Tang Feng will fall for Lu Tian Chen :(
    You know, hate become love or something like that :(

  3. Devil says:

    Haha. Favorite quote of this chapter, “President Lu, if you’re not about to kiss me, you can let go.”

  4. Vae says:

    I’m becoming very fond Tang Feng~ He just has this alluring charisma. It’s no wonder so many people became so charmed by him. If Tang Feng was a real celebrity, I would definitely be a fan of his. :)

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