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Tang Feng had never worked in mainland China’s entertainment industry even in his previous life, but thankfully he knew some friends who did. When they met up, he would occasionally listen to them as they talked about the latest gossip and news. Compared to America’s more commercialized way of business, it was hard to stand out in China unless you came from elite art schools like Beiying, Zhongxi, or Shangxi.

The reason ultimately comes down to the people’s attitude. They simply have an easier time accepting other performers who’ve also gone to similar performing arts schools as them. Two employees who’ve graduated from the same college would naturally bond closer, simply because they had the same alma mater. Just by calling them , the distance between them would decrease. Not only does the industry highly regard these elite performers, the performers also have access to resources others did not, such as information from said famous art schools.

Adding all this together, although one wasn’t guaranteed an easy road to fame, it was enough to pass over the first hurdle. If the performer was already excellent, then just with a bit of good judgment in their personal and business life, fame would only be a matter of time.

But in the end, if your talents weren’t impressive enough to cause admiration, or if you don’t suddenly burst into fame, or even, if there’s no one there to support you, becoming famous would be quite difficult. This highlighted the importance of what people call connections.

Tang Feng was previously a multi-millionaire, but after he died, he donated all of his money and property to charity. The road laid out in front of him now was simple, either he kneels and agrees with the others, or he continues down his own road.

Fortunately, Tang Feng felt that with his talents, he wouldn’t need to follow these unspoken rules.

As for his current housemate Charles, due to his good manners and acceptably normal needs, Tang Feng didn’t mind associating with him for a short term. He was acting according to his own will, so there weren’t areas he was uncomfortable with.

Charles was stunned by the man coming out of the shower when he got home that night. He braced his arm on the door and whistled at Tang Feng, who now had started heading toward the bed to read.

The good thing about Tang Feng’s appearance was that he emitted the feeling of olden China. With eyebrows that looked almost painted, the idol hair with bangs did this man no good, and rather caused the opposite effect. Good facial features often shone brighter with a clean-cut and shorter hairstyle. Not to mention, Tang Feng himself wasn’t all that into the idol look. That style can get him some idol dramas, but would make his character look amateur in larger films.

Until now, there has not been any male performer who turned famous purely from having “pretty boy” looks, and in contrast, there were celebrities who’d tossed the pretty style away in order to become a truly attractive man and expand their stardom.

“Looks like I wouldn’t need to hire you a stylist. Tang Feng, don’t you think it’s a waste of talent that you didn’t become a stylist yourself?” Charles strode forward and sat down on the bed, taking in the light scent of soap from the man’s body.

Laying the book on the stand nearby, Tang Feng moved to make space next to him. He was still sleeping in the guestroom, and Charles would come by to visit him sometimes. Occasionally, he’d stay over in Charles’s room. The two of them didn’t talk about feelings. They simply knew each other well enough to keep quiet instead.

“You were drinking?” Tang Feng lightly smiled. He was close to Charles so he could smell the alcohol on him. “I’ll go pour a glass of water for you.”

“No need, I barely drank any. The fact that you care makes me really happy, you know.” Charles embraced Tang Feng and lightly kissed the man’s nape. “There’s going to be a banquet the day after tomorrow. You have to go with me. Director Li and his wife will be attending as well. You can chat with them then. It’ll be good for your audition next Monday.”

“I won’t embarrass you.” Tang Feng grinned. He knew what Charles was worried about. Men in the upper class of society don’t like to lose face.

“Sometimes, you’re so smart and direct… It’s touching.” Charles said as he pushed Tang Feng down with his body.








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shijie and shige are used for people who has been learning/studying longer than the you under the same teacher/master. Shijie is females, and shige is used for males.

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