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“First, let me tell you about my current situation. I just have been discharged from the hospital and parts of my memory are still missing, so I will need a lot of help from you to avoid any misunderstandings.“ Sitting in front of the dining table, Tang Feng sipped on a bit of his coffee, and indicated at the pen and paper laid beside him.

Thankfully, although Xiao Yu was new at her managerial duties, she still planned to perform to the full extent of her ability.

She sat upright, then pulled a document from her bag, ”There aren’t too many things lined up right now. The main one being that you’ll need to finish that movie you were working on with Ge Chen, “The Fashion Gentleman”. The two companies have discussed this already and since the the movie’s already done filming for the most part, you can just do your scenes on your own.”

“Then please arrange it as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” Xiao Yu jotted it down and continued, “As for the game shows, the main ones are…”

“Reject all shows for now.” Tang Feng frowned. He didn’t like shows because they usually revolved around making other people suffer.

Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment, then lifted her head and tried to reason with him, “Some shows aren’t that bad. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider it? One of them is called “Dream Lover”. Ever since it’s aired, the reaction within the country has been rather phenomenal. The newest season of “Dream Lover” is undergoing some major changes, so the audience and a large number of media outlets are keeping their eyes on it. I think it’ll be really useful for your comeback”,

“Then please send me a copy with the details of show.”

“Of course!” Tang Feng’s flexibility made Xiao Yu tremendously happy. Stubborn and unreasonable celebrities scared her the most.

“Other one’s a talk show. You’ve been set as a regular of that show for the next couple weeks, and having some more exposure won’t go ill in your favor. Oh, but I must remind you, it seems you have some history with the host of that show,” Xiao Yu pressed on, “If you suddenly leave, the show producers will probably be really unhappy. That could affect your role in “Dream Lover”.

It seems that they air on the same channel, Tang Feng thought about it silently for a moment. Then he said, “Okay, keep this one too.” If they weren’t competing against each other, he’d try his best to work it out. Guess if it really doesn’t go well, he’ll just have to ask Charles.

“Lastly, the previous manager accepted an offer for you to be a minor character in a TV drama. Even though it’s just a minor role, I saw the script and there is nothing wrong with the character’s image.”

“What kind of TV drama?” This perked Tang Feng’s interest. He’d much rather act than be part of a show.

Acting was a fundamental part of life for him. If he lost it, he could be able to continue on living, but he definitely wouldn’t be happy.

“It’s a historical drama. The producer’s quite famous in the country. People criticize his work a lot, but the ratings are always pretty good. In the story, a girl accidentally slips into an alternate universe, and the setting takes place mainly within the king’s court. Your character will be an inside musician who quietly falls in love with her. In the end, you die protecting her.” Xiao Yu flipped through the pages.

A good tragic character. If performed well, he’d definitely catch a lot of attention and reaction from the audience.

Tang Feng nodded. He couldn’t be picky about work at this point. He had no right. There’s no special meaning in doing this role, but he would do it. At least it would bring him some income.

“When will I be entering the show?” Tang Feng asked.

“Half a month after filming starts. I’ll send you the details and the script.”

“Sounds good. I have an interview next week. You should come too.” Tang Feng stood up and smiled, “Do you have any plans for this afternoon?”

“Eh? Um, no I don’t.” Xiao Yu hurriedly stood up as well, “President Lu said you’re the only one I’m managing right now.”

“Then we’ll go shopping for some new clothes later. It’s time I make some changes on my image,” Tang Feng frowned. He touched his hair. It was frizzy and damaged. How ugly.





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