Chapter 5: New Deal (Part 1)

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Amused by Tang Feng’s expression of “utter disbelief,” the man lifted his head and laughed out loud.

“Are you really Tang Feng? I don’t think you’ve lost your memory, but rather turned into another person altogether.” Charles extended his gaze, staring with intense eyes at the man sitting opposite of him. “I haven’t seen you for only a month, but you give me a completely different feeling.”

“I lost my memory, so I don’t remember what I was like in the past.” The man shrugged his shoulders uncaringly and responded naturally, “Not to mention, it’s like shedding a layer of skin after coming back from death’s door. After such an experience, anyone would more or less change.”

Tang Feng had won countless acting awards in his past life. He’d already gotten used to remaining composed in any sort of unexpected situation. Especially since he had heart disease, it was all the more reason for him to keep a calm heart. Just in case his heart beat out of control, conked out, or stopped beating altogether.

Want to extract information from him? It wouldn’t be easy.

“What did you think of me when you saw me a month ago?” Tang Feng splashed hot water onto his face, gently massaging it. He then coolly combed his hair back with his fingers. The water droplets gathered, streaming down from his face to the tub. No flaws could be seen on his beautiful features.

“A pretty vase with rubbish for brains. A useless piece of trash.” Curling up the corners of his lips, Charles rested his arm on the tub, supporting his chin. His eyes followed Tang Feng’s face, now softened under the warm light. “No matter how you were before, seeing you now, it seems like I struck myself a bargain from this deal.”

“But I think our agreement is plain stupid. Can we cancel it?” Although being reborn was nice, having to live as someone’s sex buddy right away challenged his fortitude a little too much.

“I really like you, so I don’t plan on voiding the deal.” The other man promptly rejected Tang Feng’s request. “But…”

Charles’ words took a turn in direction. “I thought it was rather humorous when you actually agreed to this deal in the beginning. But since I really like you right now, I’ll let this deal be altered a little, as long as it’s within a range I can accept.”

It appeared like he had come across a tough and cunning businessman. Tang Feng looked at the completely exposed man in front of him. Charles had fetching features, a top-class mix. He body stood up to the very best Euro-American models. Aside from the fact that the word “deal” greatly disgusted him, Charles’ attitude and manner of speech was fully to his tastes. For a bed partner, he was a candidate that was hard to come by.

“Director Li Wei’s new movie. Are you a sponsor?”

Director Li Wei was no stranger to Tang Feng. Like him, Director Li Wei often emerged into the Euro-American market, making big box office hits. He had also directed feature films of marvelous artistic merit, all of which symbolized him as a great director. He was a Chinese director talented in both commercial and art films. Whether it was Asia, Europe, or America, his influence was great.

Tang Feng could pretty much guess what movie Director Li Wei was working on. Before he had suffered the heart attack, Director Li Wei had personally invited him to take part in his new movie. But as his body was already having problems, he could only temporarily reject the offer.

“That’s right.”

“You’ve already recommended Ge Chen to the director?”

Charles raised his eyebrows. “Yes, on the same day you were sent here. If you want to try out for the role, I could also recommend you.”

As for whether the director wanted him, that was another matter altogether.


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