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A comfortable room would always make one feel relaxed. After having stayed in the hospital for a few days, Tang Feng had to admit, he was fully satisfied with the odorless room, the warm bed, and the bathroom that came equipped with a bath tub.

He changed out of his clothes and sat down for a soak in the tub. Since the maid had already told him that he was free to use anything in the mansion, he wasn’t going to hold back. He wouldn’t touch things in other parts of the mansion, but as for the bathroom in his own room, he’d utilize it well.

After he had taken a relaxing hot bath and changed into the soft pajamas the maid had prepared for him, Tang Feng stepped back into the room in his slippers. Food that looked amazingly delicious was placed at the head of the bed.

The owner of this mansion might be a pretty nice person. Although he hadn’t met him yet, these little services gave Tang Feng a good impression of Charles.

He wasn’t particularly hungry, and felt full after eating only a small amount. Not long afterwards, the maid knocked on the door and came in to clean up the plates and utensils. She even brought him a cup of warm milk, and told Tang Fend to rest a bit, as Mr. Charles wouldn’t be back until late tonight due to some matters.

“Thank you,” Tang Feng politely expressed his gratitude.

The maid looked blankly at Tang Feng, and left after she saw that he had finished the milk.

Although the maid’s attitude was a bit cold, it didn’t affect the excitement Tang Feng felt from being given a new life. Nothing was better than living, and nothing was luckier than possessing a healthy body. Now, nothing in this world could bring him down.

He felt a bit drowsy after he finished the milk. He rubbed lightly on his brows in an attempt to keep himself awake. In the end, he couldn’t fight the drowsiness and fell asleep.

Tang Feng slept very deeply. He hadn’t had such a deep sleep in a very long time, but sometimes, he also felt like he wasn’t sleeping. His consciousness was blurry, and a little jumbled.

In his haziness, it seemed that he heard the door unlocking and someone coming in. The door shut, and the person walked towards the side of his bed. He seemed to have said something, but Tang Feng couldn’t hear it clearly. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he was awake or asleep.

It was simply too strange. He felt as if he were dreaming. The man flipped away the blankets and pressed himself onto Tang Feng’s body. A slightly cool palm traced the collar of his pajamas and then slipped inside. The sometimes light and sometimes heavy touches made him feel very uncomfortable. His felt as if his body had been lit on fire.

Tang Feng wanted to struggle and sit up, but his body wouldn’t move, as if it were sucked of all its energy. He heaved deep breaths, wishing to soothe the dry heat on his body, but it was no use at all.

He dreamed that the man kissed him, plundering his mouth in soft but fiery attacks. He was about to suffocate.

Was it a dream? If so, then why did it feel so real?

But if this was reality, then why couldn’t he wake up? He was caught in a half-awake state, forced to live through a swamp-like nightmare that wouldn’t let him go no matter how much he struggled.


Tang Feng couldn’t help but cry out when he felt a stab of dull pain in a certain section of his body. Dreams couldn’t be this real. In dreams, he wouldn’t feel such severe pain.

He struggled to wake up, but there always seemed to be a transparent wall blocking his way. He was only a step away from consciousness, but this short step was something he couldn’t cross no matter how hard he tried.

How extremely strange. A man had raped him inside a dream, but aside from being a bit rough at the beginning, the guy’s technique wasn’t half bad.


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  1. Wow.. He already decided to rape him. What a bastard.

  2. North Luna Heartsflame says:

    they must have put a sedative in the food


    Well that got interesting. That’s probably why the maid acted like that, she is probably use to stuff like that (/ToT\) Maybe freaky shiiiiiiiz like that already happened to some one!!

  4. Oweng says:

    My question is, why wouldn’t he wake up? *GASP* was there something on his milk?

  5. f5sect disciple says:

    here the first and second time Tang Feng’s name is written funny
    can’t wait for new chapter so started reading all over again :)

  6. PION says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo someone actually planned for him to stay there just to rape him? XD

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