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Seeing how pale Ran Feng Ge’s face had become, Su Yi Mo felt a little guilty. He turned back towards him and muttered, “You are overthinking things. I have never said that.”

This was the first time Ran Feng Ge had been criticized about his work ethics since debuting in the body double industry. How was he going to accept this? Even if Su Yi Mo did not voice it out aloud, Ran Feng Ge still felt as though he had a problem with how he had handled the situation.

“But that is exactly what you are thinking! Me being captured here was a huge inconvenience to your plans. Now your little lover’s sister cannot be rescued and you still had to come all the way out here to save me. You were unhappy and so you decided to pull my friends into the mess!” Ran Feng Ge responded while struggling to stand on his own; his vision was still blurred but he wasn’t going to allow that to affect him.

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were watching this unfold from the side. Watching the two of them fight stunned them.

What was this situation? The boss and the body double were arguing? And over something as trivial as this?

Whilst trying to be as amicable as he could, along with a friendly smile upon his lips, Chen Xi Ran faced Ran Feng Ge saying, “Xiao Feng, please don’t be angry. We decided on our own to come here and—”

“Shut up!” Ran Feng Ge snapped and glared at the two of them. “This doesn’t involve you at the moment. I will deal with you two afterwards!”

Both Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were forced to stop in their tracks, both silenced by Ran Feng Ge’s outburst. Looking down at their outfits, it was no wonder why Xiao Feng was so angry.

At the moment, Su Yi Mo didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at the situation before him. What sort of logic did Ran Feng Ge have? He blamed him for not being resourceful enough and still argued with him on why he had to drag his friends into the situation? Su Yi Mo had originally decided to get Ran Feng Ge out on his own before informing Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le of his rescue. That way they would not be involved in the whole problem. But who could have guessed how quickly they would get there? Su Yi Mo had never been one to explain himself to others. Therefore, he retreated back to his resting stoic demeanor, slowly assessing Ran Feng Ge’s two friends.

They were both young and very knowledgeable. It didn’t matter if it was the male or the female, both were very attractive. It seemed as though they had yet to lose their childlike naivety and love for fun. However, judging from this situation, with just one shout from Ran Feng Ge, both looked as though they were being scolded – this spoke volumes on how much they listened to him. This meant, between the three of them, Ran Feng Ge was the center piece.

To be able to gather friends such as these is a form of happiness. Hearing that Ran Feng Ge was in danger, the two of them came rushing in without hesitation. This showed how much they cared for him. Similarly, seeing how worried Ran Feng Ge was for these two friends of his also cemented the fact.

Su Yi Mo finally calmed down enough to think through the reasons why Ran Feng Ge was so angry.  His concern for his friends involved in something as dangerous as this in addition to having been locked up for such a long time, both mentally and physically, he was tortured to the brink of exhaustion. Thus, he was unable to control his emotions well. Additionally, what Su Yi Mo had said before was also too much. It was no wonder Ran Feng Ge had exploded.

Thinking back on the time he had spent with Ran Feng Ge, Su Yi Mo felt he understood how Ran Feng Ge felt and managed to recompose himself. The only way to let Ran Feng Ge release all those pent-up emotions was to allow him to rant it all out instead of letting it stew within him.

Take Jing Qiu Han for example. When Su Yi Mo had refused to answer Ran Feng Ge questions about Jing Qui Han, Ran Feng Ge had decided to go directly to the hospital to investigate! Therefore, whatever it is, it would all be better if they allowed him to express himself out loud.

Ran Feng Ge was far from finished but because he had been starving for a long time, his gastric disease decided this was the best time to act up. Sharp pain coursed through his abdomen, causing Ran Feng Ge to cry out in pain as he doubled over.

“Crazy idiot!” cried Chen Xi Ran.

“Xiao Ge!” cried Mi Le.

Those two were indeed lovers. Seeing Ran Feng Ge clutching his stomach, both knew immediately that it must be his gastric disease and rushed over to help him.

Su Yi Mo watched as Ran Feng Ge swayed and collapsed before him. Between the three of them, he was the closest. With a single stride forward, he pulled the man into his arms.

He could still remember vividly the last time Ran Feng Ge had pretended to be Jing Qiu Han in a coma back in the hospital. He had also starved for a long time then, and inevitably caused a relapse of his gastric problems. This time around, not only did he have to starve, he was also deprived of oxygen – he needs to be sent to a hospital quickly!

How on earth did he forget all this and even started arguing with him here?!

Ran Feng Ge was overwhelmed by waves of tremendous pain in his abdomen, causing his consciousness to ebb away. Because of this, he was unaware of Su Yi Mo carrying him away from the gymnasium, placing him into his car, and speeding away to the nearest hospital.

There was no way Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were just going to go home now. They hesitated for a split second before the two of them got back into their own car and chased after Su Yi Mo.

Lan Kuang had already received news about how Su Yi Mo, along with two others, had caused a commotion at the gymnasium to rescue the man. It was his own mistake to have only assigned a small handful of his men at the gymnasium. A slow remedy is unable to treat a current emergency. On top of this, the number of people Su Yi Mo had sent to his club was not small. In fact, it was large enough to have distracted him so that by the time he started his journey to the gymnasium it was already too late.

Upon hearing that his men had put ‘Jing Qiu Han’ in the underground holding cell where he had almost suffocated to death, Lan Kuang was annoyed. He never wanted Jing Qiu Han to die that easily; all he wanted was to punish him a little. So why did they put him in that cell?

As soon as he arrived at the holding cell, Lan Kuang’s features darkened dangerously. His arm swung out swiftly, backhanding the gymnasium’s manager across the face. “Who the fuck allowed you to use this secret room?!”

Having been slapped, the manager fell to his knees, the entire side of his face burning with the aftermath. “It was all my fault! Please forgive me boss!”

Although he was feeling annoyed, Lan Kuang thought to himself, this secret room was built with the purpose of punishment, so why shouldn’t they have used it?

Lan Kuang understood that he may have been a little impulsive there for a moment. So, without a second word, he turned and quickly exited the underground casino. Without wasting any more time, Lan Kuang left the gymnasium and made his way to the car before speeding off.

As his car sped along the road, Lan Kuang was filled with irritation. He pulled on his seat belt with slightly more strength than needed and the acceleration pedal was pushed all the way down to the floor.

Looking at the secret room just now, which was effectively an airtight prison, made him think back to An Mu. Thinking about An Mu and all the terrible things he had done to him in the past made his heart wrench with pain and regret – it was as though it was An Mu who had been thrown back into that room again.

An Mu, I swear I will find you!

Without a destination in mind, a sudden thought came to him – Lan Kuang could take a gamble and go to the nearest hospital to find Su Yi Mo and Jing Qiu Han. Throwing all other thoughts out of the window, Lan Kuang sped towards the nearest hospital.


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