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Su Yi Mo’s hearing did not fail him. There was indeed a fight on the second floor.

As for the guilty parties. . . who could it be other than Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le?

In the past, the three of them – Chen Xi Ran, Mi Le, and Ran Feng Ge – were used to always getting their way. The moment they got wind of Ran Feng Ge’s situation, there were no second thoughts or  plan of action—heck to anything and everything, and just rushed head in.

As the saying goes, people of talent are bold and daring. The two of them were able to fight well, think on their feet, and in addition to the bulletproof outfits that were personally developed by Chen Xi Ran, these two fought as if they had nothing to fear.

Due to their sudden appearance, and the fact that the first floor offered no resistance, Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were able to quickly make their way up to the second floor.

However, the second floor was a little more difficult to handle.

Everyone on this level were skilled in fighting; it did not actually matter if they were professionals, because every one of them were able to put up a decent fight.

The two intruders charged in as though they were heroes in a book, fighting side by side without a single lapse. One was dressed in a tight black jumpsuit, enhancing the curves so obviously that any men that looked at her would suffer a nosebleed immediately. The other had on a silver leather jacket which looked like a piece of armor. It made the man look as though he had hopped right out of a novel: a suave and princely gentleman – who just loved showing off whenever he had a chance.

As it was, the two newcomers struck everyone on the second floor with a sense of utter arrogance that made them all want a hand in beating them off their high horses.

When enemies meet, their eyes will be filled with hatred, or so the saying goes.

Both sides were silent for a moment before all hell broke loose.

As the gymnasium was situated within Lan Kuang’s territory, 80% of the people on the second floor were naturally made up of his men.

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were unfazed by the sudden onslaught of assailants. It had been a while since they had a proper work out and fighting it out like this just made them excited. It didn’t help that they were competing on the number of people they defeated and the time it took to bring an enemy down.

Very quickly, the people who came here to genuinely train were also pulled into the mess.

The commotion on the second floor naturally attracted the attention of the people on the third floor.

The man in charge of the third floor asked his lieutenant “What is going on down there?”

“I am not too sure! A man and woman decked out in bodysuits and leather jackets appeared out of nowhere and started attacking our men. Fuck! And they are good. Our men won’t be able to hold on any longer if we do not send reinforcements!”

“A couple? In bodysuits and leather jackets? The fuck, you think this is some movie?! You guys can’t even handle two people?”

Su Yi Mo’s hearing was quite good and as soon as he heard the words ‘man and woman’ he realized who they had to be talking about.

With a smirk forming on his lips, he knew in his heart that the two people downstairs had to be Chen Xi Ran and the lady he had heard over the phone. They were quite fast, and to think that they would immediately start fighting the moment they came – isn’t that a little too direct?

But when all was said and done, it was precisely because of their extravagant entrance that all the attention was now focused on them. This made his search for Ran Feng Ge a lot easier.

With this thought in mind, Su Yi Mo pretended to be attracted by the commotion on the second floor and made his way to the staircase. Before anyone could set their sights on him, he disappeared into a room situated right next to the stairs.

A portion of the men situated on the third floor loudly made their way past the room and down the flight of stairs. Soon, the third floor was silent.

Su Yi Mo scanned the room he had entered and his gaze fell upon the billiard balls.

He grabbed two balls and placed them in each of his palms before he turned and exited the room.

With an icy glare, Su Yi Mo stared at the remaining men and asked “Where is he?”

“Who. . .ah!” The man groaned loudly before collapsing on to the floor after the ball that was held in Su Yi Mo’s hand was thrown directly to his face.

Su Yi Mo picked up another ball and twirled it in the palm of his hand along with the other ball from before, his eyes glued onto another of the remaining men. “Where is he?”

“Cannot be disclo- ah!” and with a swift hit of the ball another fell unconscious.

It was a wonder because all these men were able to see the trajectory of the billiard balls and yet they were unable to move or dodge!

Su Yi Mo was getting annoyed and his gaze became dangerous as he spoke, “I will not repeat myself a third time.”

The men who remained refused to give in. One of them picked up a cue stick and with a roar of confidence, ran towards Su Yi Mo with the intention of making him pay.

Su Yi Mo did not even register the noise. He adjusted his clothes slightly and positioned himself in a battle stance.

Su Yi Mo figured that this Taekwondo uniform shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste and it had been a long time since he had to fight his battles on his own. The people before him would be the perfect target practice.

When the men on the third floor were settled, Su Yi Mo started to search each of the rooms one by one, but no matter how hard he searched, there was nothing that could be found.

Thinking back, Su Yi Mo decided that the fastest way would be to go down to the second floor to have a chat with Ran Feng Ge’s “friends”. Perhaps they had given him the wrong information because there was no sign of Ran Feng Ge here at all!

As he turned around to make his way to the stairs, Su Yi Mo accidentally knocked into one of the cue sticks lying atop one of the tables causing a couple of billiard balls to roll off the table onto the floor. The hollow sound they made hitting the ground caused Su Yi Mo to stop. His eyes traveled to the floor as a single thought floated into his head: Don’t tell me there’s something underneath?

Su Yi Mo knelt down and pulled the rug that had been covering the floor away to reveal a trap door with a recessed handle. It was perfectly flat to the floor; it was no wonder Su Yi Mo had been unable to detect it.

With a pull of his hand, a hidden stairwell appeared underneath. Without any hesitation, Su Yi Mo descended into the depths, taking two steps at a time.

Below, there was limited lighting but Su Yi Mo was able to identify the place as an underground casino.

Humph! No wonder… no wonder Lan Kuang decided to hold Ran Feng Ge here.

Who knew that Lan Kuang had a place like this?

Su Yi Mo was able to perceive that the casino was still incomplete, so no one was gambling yet, but there were several guards.

Su Yi Mo stretched the muscles in his shoulders a little, looks like he had to work out again.

It was a good thing that the men here had little to no skills. Su Yi Mo was able to defeat them in a matter of minutes. He made his way to the very end of the casino and with just a kick, Su Yi Mo managed to take down the non-descript door.

Lan Kuang would only have himself to blame for the ease with which Su Yi Mo got through the guards. He never expected Su Yi Mo to be able to discover the exact location of ‘Jing Qiu Han’ and because he only saw ‘Jing Qiu Han’ as an obedient little dog that could be punished with a look there weren’t many guards and those assigned were weak.

Lan Kuang definitely never expected Su Yi Mo to rush in on his own to rescue his man! And not knowing who ‘Jing Qiu Han’ really was he could never have taken into account how well-connected Ran Feng Ge truly was.

If Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were not around, Su Yi Mo would never have found Ran Feng Ge so quickly. And if Ran Feng Ge had not been found now then it would have been too late.

As soon as the door was kicked open, Su Yi Mo felt the blood in him freeze.

The air in the room was thin, and other than the door he had just knocked down, all the walls had been sealed shut without a single beam of light. This was obviously a room of torture.

With the aid of light that streamed through the newly-created opening, Su Yi Mo was able to spot the unmoving figure against the opposite wall.

Su Yi Mo was hit with the foreign emotion of his heart tightening and his breath taken from him because he was unsure if the person opposite him was still alive. He took large strides, hastily making his way across the room to reach the semi-conscious Ran Feng Ge. Su Yi Mo quickly pulled Ran Feng Ge into his arms and only felt his breath return when he noticed the shallow ones coming from Ran Feng Ge.

Gingerly, he positioned Ran Feng Ge into his arms and carried the unconscious man out of the secret room, making his way as quickly as he could up the hidden stairs. Ran Feng Ge stirred slightly in his arms, his eyes fluttering as he tried to open them. However, his pupils were fully dilated and unfocused; Ran Feng Ge was only conscious due to his unbending willpower.

Su Yi Mo could not name the feeling that was welling up inside him. He could only identify a sense of heartache and some guilt. He slowed his steps as he made his way up the hidden stairs to the third floor, his voice gentle as he said “It’s okay now, don’t you worry. Just rest…”


Translator: Jypoonie
Proofreaders: Charlotte Grey, Lyrick


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