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To understand things better, the story will have to backtrack to two days ago.

Su Yi Mo had been contemplating over and over again, things as they were now just did not sit right with him. If Ran Feng Ge’s situation remained unclear, then it would be impossible to save Jing Qiu Lan, and he would have to sacrifice someone from his side.

Feeling such unease has never been a trait of Su Yi Mo, even if he had to lose a substantial amount of assets, the normal him would require the same amount of returns back.

Staying still like a sitting duck was not doing him any good, he might as well do something about his current situation.

Therefore, he decided to activate the tracking device he had previously installed into Jing Qiu Han’s phone, finally identifying Lan Kuang’s location.

The location was in ‘A’ city, and it was naturally part of Su Yi Mo’s territory, his subordinates started to work out finding leads as soon as they got the order from above.

If Lan Kuang finds out that the information Ran Feng Ge handed him was accurate, he will not let this chance to bring down Su Yi Mo go. He would definitely try his hand at the goods in the harbour.

Against someone like Lan Kuang, a direct approach will be fruitless and will only serve as an excuse for Lan Kuang to take out Ran Feng Ge. There was only one method against someone like him, a feint to turn the tides.

Two days later

Lan Kuang did indeed bring his men to the harbour, however, even before he had a chance to launch his attack, a trusted subordinate contacted him to inform him, Su Yi Mo and his men were getting ready to raid a nightclub that Lan Kuang owned.

This nightclub cost Lan Kuang a lot before it was established, and for such a nightclub to exist in ‘A’ city where the Su family was in charge meant that if Su Yi Mo were to set his eyes upon it, then all the troubles Lan Kuang had gone through to open it would come to naught.

There was no need for him to lose such an important asset over an issue so minor.

Lan Kuang quickly ordered his men to stand down on the raid at the harbour and instead decided to focus on the defence of the nightclub.

Taking out Jing Qiu Han’s phone which he took from Ran Feng Ge, Lan Kuang decided to give Su Yi Mo a call.

In actuality, Su Yi Mo did not intend to join the raid on the nightclub, he was merely vetting through the information his subordinates were providing him, slowly eliminating the possible locations where Ran Feng Ge could have been held at.

At the sound of his phone ringing, Su Yi Mo felt a smile pulling at the corner of his lips. He took his time to answer the call and did not utter a single word once the call was put through.

On the other end of the line, Lan Kuang refused to say a word as well.

Both sides were silent.

After a long while, Lan Kuang finally asked “So you know everything?”

“What do I know?” Su Yi Mo replied.

With a small chuckle, Lan Kuang said “Ah, this whole thing involving your Ah Qiu!”

Hearing that, Su Yi Mo’s eyebrows knotted together, what exactly did Lan Kuang mean by that? Unless Lan Kuang  capturing Ran Feng Ge was not just a punishment? Did he actually know everything Jing Qiu Han’s double? Or… is he saying all of this as a means to unsettle him?

“Ah Qiu will not be going back to your side ever again. He promised me that he will stay by my side.” Lan Kuang replied smugly, “Young master Su’s expectations are so refined, I doubt you ever truly liked Ah Qiu. Everything you had before, wasn’t that just a performance?”

This move Lan Kuang played was indeed smart, regardless of whether Jing Qiu Han was indeed a double agent, keeping him forcefully still proves his worth as a useful pawn piece.

Because of the initial text message Su Yi Mo had sent him, Lan Kuang already ascertained a simple fact. Su Yi Mo was willing to go to any lengths for Jing Qiu Han.

Su Yi Mo targeting Lan Kuang’s nightclub in ‘A’ city was evidence enough of his affection for Jing Qiu Han.

What else could be said here on out?

Admit to Lan Kuang that he does care for Jing Qiu Han? And then what? And if he were to refute his affection for Jing Qiu Han, then this would lead Ran Feng Ge to his demise at the hands of Lan Kuang.

“Who would be so distasteful as to let young master Lan enjoy someone I’ve used already?” Su Yi Mo said nonchalantly, “What we have between us should naturally be kept between us. If young master Lan would be so kind to compromise a little, then there is no doubt that I will do the same for you.”

A deep guttural laugh escaped Lan Kuang’s lips, his voice laced with contempt, “Su Yi Mo, these lies of yours can only be used for the dead! If you were willing to compromise, then you wouldn’t have targeted my nightclub!”

“Since you have already seen through my plans, there is no need for me to pretend any further. If young master Lan fancies Qiu Han that much, then keep him. I’ve already had enough fun with him anyways.” With that said, Su Yi Mo ended the call.

This was a gamble.

Su Yi Mo was gambling that the suspicion his words would raise would lead to Lan Kuang heading over to the location where he was holding Ran Feng Ge.

Su Yi Mo was just emulating Lan Kuang’s thought pattern.

Lan Kuang did indeed get suspicious. Unless… what if Su Yi Mo’s ultimate target wasn’t the bar, but instead it was just a diversion with his main target being the rescue of Jing Qiu Han?

Regardless of the tricks Su Yi Mo was playing, in order to prevent his plans from falling through, Lan Kuang decided to head down to where Jing Qiu Han was being kept.

Su Yi Mo’s eyes followed the little red dot on his phone, it was heading in the direction of the last few locations Ran Feng Ge could have been held. At last, the red dot was circling around outside a workshop in the west side of the city.

Whilst driving, Lan Kuang was tossing a little object up into the air and letting it drop back down into the palm of his hand. He had long since discovered the tracking device that had been installed into Jing Qiu Han’s phone and it was not hard to guess that this was what Su Yi Mo was using to try and find him.

Driving the car towards the west was but a method to attract the snake out of the hole.

Su Yi Mo, if you have the guts to come, come. I will have a huge gift waiting for you!


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