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Ran Feng Ge stood relaxed in his spot. He thoughtfully turned his eyes, a plan forming inside his mind. Using Hei Bao’s voice, he said, “What am I planning? What do you think I’m planning? Boss said you aren’t doing your job and told me to get rid of you.”

“…Bao, Bao-ge?” Jin Qiu Han recognized the voice. His expression darkened and he replied quietly, “I don’t believe you. Boss would never kill me―”

“That might have been true in the past, but you’ve been dragging things out. Boss’ patience has been stretched to its limit.” Ran Feng Ge continued playing his role. What he really wanted to know was whether Jin Qiu Han had amassed any information on Su Yi Mo over the past few years. Would he ever raise a hand against Su Yi Mo?

Jin Qiu Han bit his lip in frustration. “I want to see Boss.”

Hah! Do you think Boss even wants to see you anymore? You haven’t relayed anything useful and have been lying low by yourself for a while now.” To avoid revealing anything detrimental, Ran Feng Ge deliberately kept his words vague. He reached out his hand and demanded, “Give it!”

“I…” Jin Qiu Han hesitated. “Are you really Bao-ge?”

Ran Feng Ge chuckled coldly. “Do you think I am? Don’t waste my time. You know Boss’ personality, I don’t want to be dragged down with you!”

“But I…” Jin Qiu Han spoke haltingly. “It’s not here.”

Ran Feng Ge pressed, “Then where is it?”



The door burst open and Su Yi Mo walked inside angrily. He glared at Ran Feng Ge with gritted teeth. His gaze was cold enough that it appeared as if he wanted to cut Ran Feng Ge into a thousand pieces right where he stood.

Ran Feng Ge sighed to himself. Ah, what a waste of a good opportunity. This goddamn iceberg, would it hurt for him to be a little late?

Jin Qiu Han glanced apprehensively at Su Yi Mo. In the confusion, he couldn’t figure out who was the real Su Yi Mo and could only stare with terror at the man before him.

Su Yi Mo felt his heart tighten at Jing Qiu Han’s expression. He walked forward and said gently, “Xiao Han, it’s me.”

Jin Qiu Han shrank backward as Su Yi Mo approached him. After hearing the familiar voice and recognizing the familiar feeling, he looked at Su Yi Mo with widened eyes, fear and hurt evident in his expression.

Ran Feng Ge yawned at the display. He couldn’t get over the disappointment in his heart. With just a few minutes’ work, Su Yi Mo had ruined his chances of discerning Jin Qiu Han’s true motives.

“What are you still doing standing around? Get out!” Su Yi Mo turned and snarled at Ran Feng Ge.

Jin Qiu Han was curled up inside Su Yi Mo arms, one hand gripping the latter’s sleeves tightly to express his fear. He had yet to figure out Ran Feng Ge’s identity and his heart thrummed as he pondered through the possibilities.

“I was trying to help you―” Ran Feng Ge tried to explain.

“I don’t need it!” Su Yi Mo cut him off and pointed at the door. “Get out!”

“Even if you yell at me, what’s done is done. I’m not afraid of you.” Ran Feng Ge stood still in his spot. He pointed at Jin Qiu Han and said, “He really has collected information on you. He was just about to tell me the location when you bursted in―”

Ran! Feng! Ge!” Su Yi Mo growled out the other’s name, a blaze inside his eyes.

Jin Qiu Han instantly turned a shade paler when he understood what was going on. He threaded his arms around Su Yi Mo’s neck and pulled him in a for a tight hug. In a quiet voice, he sobbed, “Ah Mo… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I never wanted to harm you… I was being threatened…” He choked on his emotions, appearing quite pitiful.

Su Yi Mo didn’t have the mind to berate Ran Feng Ge anymore. He turned and wrapped his arms around Jing Qiu Han. As he gently rubbed the other’s back, he said, “I know. It’s all my fault. I didn’t do my best to make you feel safe… Otherwise, you’d have talked to me about it, isn’t that right?”

Ran Feng Ge couldn’t resist rolling his eyes. How exactly did Su Yi Mo overlook Jing Qiu Han’s sudden change in expression? He had even shifted the blame over to himself…

As expected, anyone who fell into the whirlpool of love would turn into an idiot. A dead log! A narrow-minded fool!

“I’m sorry… Ah Mo,” Jing Qiu Han repeated his apology. Having stirred up his emotions, he immediately started coughing. He pressed a hand against his chest as his face flushed red. Su Yi Mo quickly patted him on the back. “Xiao Han, I haven’t blamed you at all! Don’t push yourself!”

“My little sister… She’s still in their hands… I had no other option… I admit that I had an ulterior motive when I first got close to you… But my feelings towards you are unchanged! Ah Mo! I’ve been delaying things and haven’t sent them any information for a long time. Because of that, they’ve sent people over to give me a warning. I’d thought that they wouldn’t press me so hard after knowing I’ve been injured and in a coma for a few months. I’d never imagine…” Jing Qiu Han glanced at Ran Feng Ge and started wondering to himself. Why hadn’t Su Yi Mo driven him out yet? Who was he? Su Yi Mo treated everyone with indifference, so much that he never bothered having an argument with anyone. If someone did manage to make him angry, he’d never let them off easily. But why hadn’t he ordered his subordinates to drag this man out and teach him a lesson? Why had he only yelled at the man? Moreover, judging from the man’s unconcerned attitude, it seemed he was quite close to Su Yi Mo.

Ran Feng Ge felt Jing Qiu Han’s gaze on him. He glanced at the other out of the corner of his eye, sweeping over the vicious expression decorating Jing Qiu Han’s face. Jing Qiu Han immediately noticed and retracted his eyes. He buried his face inside Su Yi Mo’s arms and didn’t lift his head again.

Ran Feng Ge chuckled to himself. Interesting.

But it was boring to stay in the room any longer.

Ran Feng Ge clasped his hands behind his back and strolled out of the hospital room.

Jing Qiu Han lifted his head and stared after him. He asked Su Yi Mo with a lingering trace of fear in his voice, “Ah Mo, that person just now… Who is he?”


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  1. Navleu says:

    Acting pitiful and hurt is always effective for the white moonlights.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Ok this guy is rotten to the core… i dont feel any pity towards Qiu Han

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    How clever Ran Feng Ge.. *slow clap*

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    Now he wonders who is Reng Feng Ge. I don’t trust Jing Qiu Han, he is hiding something.

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    Oh god now I really know who the actual main couple is ;D

    bUT MAN! That sneaky little turd. I don’t like that guy one bit, even with his sister as hostage. Welll okay maybe I commend his bravery in trying to crack open that iceberg for his sister’s sake.

    Lolol I love how Rang Feng Ge can see through anyone’s pokerface because of his own experiences.

    As I said before love is blind ~^~

  6. rosyprimrose says:

    Thx for the chapter. Some of the chapters are inaccessible without a password. how do i get one to read them

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    Ah is Su Yi Mo such a love fool?

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