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Ping An Hospital

A figure slipped through the elevator doors and walked directly toward Jing Qiu Han’s room.

When he was about to open the door, two people wearing hospital gowns appeared from the two sides of the hallway. It was a man and a woman, both were nimble and skilled. The woman placed her hand on top of his, with a surprising amount of force. The man angled his way in front of him and said, “This place isn’t open to everyone. Look clearly at the room number!”

The man who had his way blocked lifted his head, exposing a cold and stern face.

The other two were immediately shocked. They hadn’t expected to see their own master at a time like this. The woman quickly released her hand and stepped away with the man in tow.


It was Su Yi Mo. He wasn’t a fool; he would never leave Jing Qiu Han alone in the hospital without setting up any protective measures.

“I’m here to visit. Go back to your stations and don’t let your guard down,” Su Yi Mo said seriously. He scratched his nose after speaking, a crafty light inside his eyes.


The two guards returned to the room next door. After ensuring that he was alone, Su Yi Mo rubbed his cheeks while muttering to himself. As expected, just pretending to be an iceberg was making his facial muscles rigid. His cheeks were going to freeze off at this rate!

This Su Yi Mo was actually Ran Feng Ge!

He had originally wanted to come dressed as Jing Qiu Han. After thinking a bit, he decided to use Su Yi Mo’s face instead. Judging from Su Yi Mo’s tense behavior whenever it came to Jing Qiu Han, he’d probably have set up a trap in the hospital. If that were the case, Su Yi Mo’s own cold face would be his passport.

Living up to his expectations, he had already been stopped three times while making his way to Jing Qiu Han’s room.

The guards Su Yi Mo had installed inside the hospital probably hadn’t expected to see him this late. Moreover, he had come without any previous warning, catching everyone off guard.

Nevertheless, he had to admire these people for their loyalty and sense of responsibility. They were still awake despite it being late in the night. Were they waiting in the shadows just to ensnare people who held bad intentions against Jing Qiu Han?

Ran Feng Ge took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

Jing Qiu Han was already awake with a guarded expression on his face. Seeing that it was “Su Yi Mo,” his tense expression immediately gave way to a smile. He called out warmly, “Ah Mo!”

He then furrowed his brows. “Why are you here this late? Did something happen?”

Ran Feng Ge was troubled by his question. He had gone behind Su Yi Mo’s back and came here alone. If he messed this up, wouldn’t he be fired from this job?

“Nothing happened. I’m just a bit worried, so I came over to visit you,” Ran Feng Ge said while stepping closer. “How are you today? You seem energetic.”

“I’m much better now. I’m starting to mold around the corners from having to stay in the hospital day after day. Ah Mo, when can I leave?”

After moving closer, Ran Feng Ge noticed Jing Qiu Han’s pale complexion. He looked both thin and pallid. It made sense. No one would heal that quickly if they were seriously injured.

“…Aren’t I doing this for your own good?” Ran Feng Ge replied in a quiet, placating voice. “Just bear with it for a bit longer. After your condition is more stable, I’ll take you out of the city and to the mansion in the suburbs south of here.”

“Really?” Jing Qiu Han excitedly lifted his head. He immediately started coughing and covered his chest with a hand. It seemed like his sudden movement had pulled at his wounds.

Wouldn’t Su Yi Mo go up right now and support him into an easier position to breathe? Ran Feng Ge thought to himself. He didn’t waste any extra time and quickly stepped up to the bed. While supporting Jing Qiu Han’s back, he said, “Of course, would I lie to you? Don’t be so excited. Watch out for your wound―Whoa―”

Ran Feng Ge exclaimed in shock, his words cutting off. He jumped up and avoided the dagger Jing Qiu Han had swung his way.

I’ve never seen how Su Yi Mo acts while he’s with Jing Qiu Han. It’s unavoidable that I can’t pull off the act. Seems like I’ve been exposed, he thought while dodging.

Jing Qiu Han stared cautiously at Ran Feng Ge. Fiercely, he asked, “Who are you? What are you planning by getting close to me?”


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    Jing Qiu Han is fierce, huh. That’s good. He can defend himself a little.

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