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Huanyu Building

The black Jaguar slowly came to a stop outside the doors. The security guards immediately hurried forward, opening both the front and back doors at practically the same time. They greeted the two men getting out of the car respectfully, “President Su! Mr. Jing!”

“Mm.” Su Yi Mo responded indifferently, then ordered, “Park the car in the parking lot and give the keys to my assistant afterwards.”

“Of course, President Su!” A security guard took the offered keys and drove the car toward the underground parking lot.

Su Yi Mo reached up to adjust his tie and said to Ran Feng Ge, “Come!”

The two of them stayed close to each other under the guise that Su Yi Mo wanted to look after Ran Feng Ge while he was still “recovering from major injuries.” As a result, their steps were half a beat slower than usual.

Ran Feng Ge had a slender figure, but even though his face was still somewhat pale, his complexion seemed to have improved greatly.

Many people greeted them between the walk through the entrance and the lobby. Ran Feng Ge nodded to them one after another and smiled back.

Su Yi Mo first led Ran Feng Ge to the 20th floor, where the latter worked.

Compared to the lobby below that was filled with friendly, bustling colleagues, this floor appeared to be very empty. Ran Feng Ge wrinkled his brows and speculated to himself: Could it be that Jing Qiu Han didn’t have a good reputation in the entertainment circle? Was that why all the celebrities, directors, and screenwriters on the floor decided to pretend they didn’t know he was returning and vanished without a trace?

Tsk tsk, Ran Feng Ge continued his inner criticism. To be honest, it wasn’t all that surprising. Jing Qiu Han had hooked up with the company’s president, Su Yi Mo. Since then, his career had flourished greatly. It’s no wonder that those who had struggled for a long time envied and resented him. Then again, it was better for Ran Feng Ge that there wasn’t anyone to welcome him back. It saved him the effort of having to navigate more social circles. It would be bad if he gave himself away.

Having that thought in mind, Ran Feng Ge pushed open the door to the celebrity break room.

—Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ran Feng Ge’s first reaction was that there were people lying in wait inside the room preparing to ambush “Jing Qiu Han.” His second was that, perhaps those people had switched their target to Su Yi Mo instead. After all, hadn’t someone sent a pizza bomb to Su Yi Mo’s mansion weeks ago?

And so, like a streak of lightning, Ran Feng Ge threw himself onto Su Yi Mo, causing them to roll towards the wall near the doorway.

In any case, Ran Feng Ge was wearing a bulletproof shirt, so even if he was attacked, he wouldn’t be injured. If Su Yi Mo dropped dead though, who would he ask for his commission!

Ran Feng Ge continued to shield Su Yi Mo securely with his body as they hit the floor. Simultaneously, he shook out a small, delicate knife from his cuff and watched closely for an opportunity to get rid of the assassins.

The assassins had already come brazenly to the company building to kill them; how could Ran Feng Ge leave any of them alive?

He waited tensely for the assassins behind the door to walk out after realizing the lack of further sounds and movement inside the room. However, he heard an astonished voice instead: “Qiu Han?”

Quite a number of people were standing behind the door. Noisy footsteps and the low rumble of conversations gradually reached Ran Feng Ge’s ears.

“Huh? Didn’t Xiao Ding say they’d already come upstairs?”

“That’s right. Someone had opened the door earlier. I thought that it was Qiu Han, but where is he?”

“Let’s go look…”

“It couldn’t have been someone else, right? Did we scare them away with our welcome back party?”

Ran Feng Ge blinked and could not react for a moment.

Su Yi Mo, who was trapped underneath Ran Feng Ge’s body, pushed and stared at him with annoyance. What was Ran Feng Ge doing? Tackling him suddenly and holding him prisoner to the floor. The body double was even preventing him from moving as he wished…

Consequently, the people who had been conversing inside the room gently pulled open the half-closed door and poked their heads out to look around. For a moment, the hallway was filled with nothing but the sound of gasps.

An astounding scene graced their eyes―“Jing Qiu Han” currently had their esteemed president Su Yi Mo pressed to the floor. His posture was questionable, as if he had been planning to do something. At that moment, however, the actor was staring at them with a look of astonishment, his eyes full of confusion.

And their esteemed president that was currently pressed to the floor was wearing an expression of complete helplessness that was shot through with a tiny sliver of indulgence.

Could it be… Had they interrupted the two men?

Not sensing any murderous intent, Ran Feng Ge slid the small, fine knife back into his cuff. He turned away from the crowd and looked at Su Yi Mo.

Su Yi Mo gave a helpless sigh. He’d pretty much figured it out by now. Ran Feng Ge had mistaken those “bang bang bang” sounds for gunshots earlier, which was why he’d thrown himself onto Su Yi Mo so frantically and put them out of range of the doorway.

This action made Su Yi Mo feel a sliver of gratification deep within his heart. He hadn’t expected body doubles to be this dedicated to their jobs. Not only would they secretly ensure the safety of the person they were substituting for, they would also simultaneously watch out for their employer’s safety. Sure enough, he hadn’t hired the wrong person.

Su Yi Mo propped himself up on an elbow and sat up. Ran Feng Ge had already rolled sideways, preparing to stand up with a somewhat embarrassed expression.

Ran Feng Ge had heard everything the crowd was discussing inside the break room. It had actually been a welcome back party for him. Why did they need to be so secretive about it? He’d been so anxious thinking that the assassins had come!

Great, his first day “on the job” and he’d already made a fool of himself. That was just too embarrassing!

He lowered his head and propped his palm against the floor, just when he was about to stand up, someone extended their hand to him. He looked up and saw Su Yi Mo smiling at him with a pair of warm eyes that were so suffused with love that they were practically overflowing.

“That’s enough, everyone, no more laughing. Xiao Han is a bit traumatized from the incident; getting injured back then really shook him up. And really, all of you, what are you doing giving people such a scare with your welcome back party?”

That well-timed gentle explanation helped Ran Feng Ge recover from his embarrassment.

He reached out and grasped the warm hand Su Yi Mo had extended. That was right. He’d realized ages ago that Su Yi Mo only had a cold personality; his body temperature was actually higher than the average person’s. Moreover, Su Yi Mo had a warm and compassionate side beneath his mask; it was just that ordinary people had no way of seeing that side of him.

Borrowing Su Yi Mo’s hand to stand, Ran Feng Ge smiled gently at everyone. But he couldn’t stop his eyes from flitting across to rest on Su Yi Mo, who had already returned to wearing his usual austere, iceberg-like expression.

He found that, his heart… seemed to have skipped a beat.


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Translators: Sherry
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  1. Navleu says:

    These two’s hearts are already skipping beats? Huh.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Qué inteligentes… recibir a alguien que fue herido de bala con sonidos de explosiones…
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    Thank you for the hard work! Volume 1 was such a cliffhanger..

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    Yess Ran Feng Ge is starting to feel the attraction too. I totally ship him and Su Yi Mo but I am sorry for the real Jin Qui Han.

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    I just found this story and read it all in one go…so attractive allure.
    I hope Ran Feng Ge will found someone who trully love him…not as imposter.
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    Now I’m wondering if Ran Feng Ge will protect Su Yi Mo from assassins… And end up in a coma :P

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    Let it skip..let it be!!
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    So it took one whole volume for RFG to start falling for SYM. Finally!!! But I’m not complaining. I loved how the tension was building up throughout the chapters. The pace seems just right. RFG has that rational type of personality, so he needs lots of interactions to develop feelings for someone else. The thing is I’m not sure I’m rooting for the RFGxSYM couple, since SYM already have JQH. The easiest way out for the author would be making JQH like some bad guy later, showing his faults or making it so he can’t come back, but that would just spoil the novel in my opinion. It is so much better when there isn’t an obvious bad guy in a love triangle. Conflicts can also enrich the novel, when they do it right. As always, thanks for your work Sherry, Daphne and Nannyn.

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