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“I am not you after all. I don’t have your acting skills!”

The unspoken meaning in Su Yi Mo’s words was―I’m not you. You can act madly in love with anyone without so much as twitching a brow, but I can’t!

His reply was like a sharp arrow that tore through Ran Feng Ge’s heart.

“That’s right. How can ordinary people like you comprehend the greatest skill of us body doubles?” Ran Feng Ge laughed until he was breathless. He then put on a warning face and said, “It’s thanks to our acting skills that the people you care about can be safe and sound! So the next time you say those words, say it with gratefulness!”

“That sounds very nice and all, but don’t you guys receive high commissions for the jobs you take on?” Su Yi Mo said derisively.

To him, it seemed as if Ran Feng Ge was acting blameless and complaining even though he was going to receive a high paycheck.

Ran Feng Ge burst out into laughter and responded scornfully, “Don’t think that you can do anything you want just because you have money! One day, you’ll learn that there are things in this world that you can’t buy!”

Su Yi Mo fell silent and decided to stop arguing with the other. “Your friend Ah Xi called. I picked it up.”

Anger appeared on Ran Feng Ge’s face and he stared at Su Yi Mo with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. “I guess our big Boss here doesn’t know the meaning of privacy. All right, then that means I’ll be forgiven beforehand if I ever decide to investigate Jing Qiu Han again, right?”

“…Your phone was ringing nonstop and you were asleep, so I picked up…” Su Yi Mo paused for a moment before he tried to explain. “If I had wanted to pick up your calls secretly, why would I have told you about this?”

“Then thank you very much!” Ran Feng Ge said sarcastically.

Su Yi Mo ignored him and left the room.

Ran Feng Ge rubbed his aching temples. He got out of bed and walked barefoot to the water dispenser to pour a cup of warm water for himself. He downed the cup in one gulp and exhaled in satisfaction. He then took out his phone and dialed Cheng Xi Ran’s number. “Hey, didn’t we already agree to not call each other if nothing’s up?”

“What? Did I get you in trouble?” Cheng Xi Ran heard helplessness rather anger in Ran Feng Ge’s voice. He laughed and said, “I called because I was worried about you. It was the first time I’ve seen you drink that much! Are you sober now?”

“Yes, I’m much better now.”

“Feng Ge, I know that you have your own matters to deal with and that you don’t want us to worry. All right, I won’t poke around too much. I just wanted to ask, that tattoo you showed us back then, isn’t it from Chasing Hawk?”

“And? I knew about that already.”

“Chasing Hawk has its origins in Falcon, an organization that existed three hundred years ago. Afterwards, Falcon split into many different branches and the Su family is one of them. Moreover, the Su family was the original head of Falcon. The Lan family that now controls Chasing Hawk was only an auxiliary branch.” Cheng Xi Ran paused when he touched upon those points. He then asked, “Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Hmm?”

“I understand. You don’t want me to get entangled in unnecessary matters. Thanks for telling me. To be honest, I haven’t investigated anything about the relationship between those two families. I can guess that it was Xiao Mi who investigated all this, right?”

“Naturally!” Cheng Xi Ran looked especially proud at Ran Feng Ge’s comment, as if he were the one being praised.

“Don’t worry, I know exactly what I need to do. My job is to play the part I accepted and avoid any further involvement until I receive my commission! Then I can join you and Le Le and the three of us can live a peaceful life together.” Ran Feng Ge vocalized those beautiful wishes in one breath and finally brought peace to some of Cheng Xi Ran’s worries.

“As long as you know!” Cheng Xi Ran relaxed and said, “All right. I’ve already reminded you, so you have to watch out for yourself!”

“You’ve become an old, nagging woman. Careful that Xiao Mi won’t want you anymore.” Hearing the relief in Cheng Xi Ran’s voice, Ran Feng Ge also secretly released a breath.

“Screw you. Don’t joke about Le Le!” Cheng Xi Ran cursed.

“Haha.” Ran Feng Ge laughed out loud, then cheerfully said goodbye to Cheng Xi Ran and hung up.

Looking down at the bulletproof t-shirt that was peeking through his collar, Ran Feng Ge’s smile deepened.

With that trump card on him, it would be difficult for anything to happen to him.

Moreover, all he had to do was act as Jing Qiu Han. At most, he’d sing some songs, act in some TV dramas, and flirt with Su Yi Mo. What kind of danger could he come across?

Ran Feng Ge stretched lazily and faced the sun hanging high in the sky. A faint smile appeared on his face and he whispered firmly to himself, “Good luck, Ran Feng Ge!”


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