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Ran Feng Ge’s brows furrowed in sleep. His head was turned sideways and his mouth slightly parted as if he wanted to call out in pleasure, or yell in protest. His urgent breaths carried with them the faint scent of alcohol. Just the sight of him making others feel feverish.

Su Yi Mo was confounded. His plan had been to put the phone down and leave.

Instead, he’d thoughtlessly crouched beside the bed to gaze at Ran Feng Ge’s peaceful appearance. Then, not knowing whether he had been bewitched or if the alcoholic scent of Ran Feng Ge’s breath was to blame, Su Yi Mo unconsciously leaned closer until his lips were gently covering Ran Feng Ge’s.

The soft lips that were of the perfect thickness tasted delicious in his mouth.

Su Yi Mo’s tender kiss began to roughen. Meanwhile, Ran Feng Ge was struggling with all his might against Lan Kuang’s tyrannical kiss inside his nightmare.

Sensing Ran Feng Ge’s resistance, Su Yi Mo became more forceful. He had never allowed others to resist him. Even in love, he was the one in control. He had been hit with the sudden urge to kiss Ran Feng Ge, yet the latter was doing his best to prevent Su Yi Mo’s tongue from invading his mouth.

Their kiss seemed like a battle, and when Ran Feng Ge finally surrendered, Su Yi Mo heard him mutter ambiguously, “Lan Kuang… I am not him… I’m not him…”

Su Yi Mo’s lips were still lingering reluctantly on Ran Feng Ge’s when those words roused him!

First, because of those four words―“I’m not him.”

Second, because of the name―Lan Kuang.

Ran Feng Ge panted violently before awakening with a cry, his eyes meeting Su Yi Mo’s cold stare.

It would have been convenient if this man had Jing Qiu Han’s face; at least Su Yi Mo could say he couldn’t help but kiss Qiu Han when he saw him. Right now, however, Ran Feng Ge was himself! And a very drunk Ran Feng Ge at that!

Two pairs of eyes stared into each other, neither breaking eye contact.

Ran Feng Ge’s voice was hoarse from sleep. “Is Boss practicing how to kiss me?”

“That’s right.” Su Yi Mo dropped his gaze, nonchalantly getting up. “Your performance was disappointing though.”

Ran Feng Ge propped himself up with an elbow. This casual movement, when made by Ran Feng Ge, was utterly charming. “Is that so? That’s because you attacked too suddenly, Boss. I didn’t have time to prepare.” As he said that, he lifted a hand and stroked his lip with a finger, as if the kiss still lingered in his mind. “However, Boss’s performance was praiseworthy. Tasted pretty good.”

Su Yi Mo hadn’t anticipated that what had originally been harassment of the other party would be twisted back at himself. A trace of annoyance flashed in his eyes, though, of course, his calm, business-like expression did not change as he said, “Remember, last night was the last time.”

The last time Ran Feng Ge could meet his friends so impetuously.

“Okay, I get it!” Ran Feng Ge readily replied. Watching Su Yi Mo’s retreating back, Ran Feng Ge casually asked, “However, I’m really curious. Right now, I’m not wearing Jing Qiu Han’s face. How did Boss manage to kiss me?”

Su Yi Mo stopped and turned to face Ran Feng Ge again. He leaned down, his fingers lifting Ran Feng Ge’s flawless chin. As he spoke, his cold voice contained a trace of playfulness. “That’s because–this is practice! If I can kiss you while you are Ran Feng Ge, I can do it even better when you are Jing Qiu Han!

“I’m not you after all. I don’t have your acting skills!”


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