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With her slender fingers tapping on the keyboard of a 10 inch laptop, Mi Le pulled up all the information she could find with a serious expression. She spun the laptop to face Cheng Xi Ran and said, “Here, look. This is why I was shocked.”

Cheng Xi Ran studied the files displayed on the screen; his expression darkening to a frightening degree when he reached the end. “In other words, the Su family and Chasing Hawk come from the same roots. They are both branches of Falcon. Only, the branch the Su family controlled gradually disappeared and washed their hands clean of the past. Now they’ve obtained an illustrious reputation as the prestigious Su family. Chasing Hawk on the other hand, retained their reputation in the criminal world and its boss Lan Kuang is a terrifying figure?”

“Correct. More accurately, the Su family is the true head of Falcon while the Lan family is only an auxiliary branch. However, the Lan family is more famous and influential in the underworld now while the Su family is more well-known in the business world. If I’m not wrong, these two families have been feuding in order to prove their might over the other and crush them underfoot! All for the sake of restoring their glory from centuries ago!” Mi Le turned the computer back around to herself and skillfully erased the traces of her browsing history to ensure their safety.

“That punk, he… He… He really is crazy! Did he not do a background check before accepting this job?!” Cheng Xi Ran stomped his foot in anger; that stubborn friend of his who wouldn’t change his mind once he was set on something was impossible to deal with.

Mi Le said lightly, “Although he is called the industry’s golden body double, he can’t compare to me in hacking and information gathering. Maybe he investigated up to the ties between the Su family and Chasing Hawk but didn’t go any further? Or perhaps… the job he accepted isn’t actually dangerous, so he put it out of his mind. Maybe… We’re overreacting.”

“Perhaps? Maybe? What if he was careless, then what?!” Cheng Xi Ran grabbed his phone and punched in a number. “No, I need to call him and tell him everything!”

“Yes, that might be good. Even if it has nothing to do with what we found, it’s still better than his being clueless. It’d be even better if you can pry out what kind of job he accepted.” Mi Le put away her computer, stretched, and yawned. “I barely got any sleep last night, I’m beat. I’m going upstairs. Take your time with the call. Hah―” Ending her words with a yawn, Mi Le rubbed her eyes and sluggishly mounted the stairs.

Cheng Xi Ran called several times, but no one responded even after a while.

Damn it!

He continued to dial his friend’s number. There was no reason for Ran Feng Ge to not pick up the phone. He had clearly seen Ran Feng Ge push aside the man wearing the white pajamas and enter the mansion by himself, which meant he should be awake and sober right now.

Why wasn’t he answering the phone?

Just as Cheng Xi Ran was preparing to go out the door and look for Ran Feng Ge himself, the call finally connected. However, it was an unknown voice that spoke: “No matter who you are, I will put you on the blacklist if you dare call again!”

Uh… Cheng Xi Ran was stunned for a moment. He looked down at the word “Punk” displayed on the screen and frowned. There wasn’t a mistake, it was that lunatic’s phone number. Could it be that man who had picked up?

Was it… Su Yi Mo?

“Mr. Su, is it?” Cheng Xi Ran’s mind worked quickly. He got straight to the point and said, “I’m Feng Ge’s best friend. He was drinking with me last night, but had too much so I was worried. I called to confirm whether he got home safely or not.”

Su Yi Mo narrowed his eyes on the other end of the line. “How do you know that I am surnamed Su?”


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