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Ran Feng Ge looked up at the sky outside. A fish belly white was starting to appear in the sky. The sun was going to rise soon.

He went over to his friends and shook the soundly asleep Cheng Xi Ran. “Ah Xi, wake up. I need to go.”

Startled awake, Cheng Xi Ran jumped up abruptly. Mi Le, who had been leaning on his shoulder, was roused by the sudden movement. She clutched her head, groaning as she sat up. “Cheng Xi Ran, can’t you be gentler? You almost killed me!”

Cheng Xi Ran hastily went over and kissed her forehead. He coaxed, “I’m sorry my dear wife. Here, the pain will go away with a kiss.”

“Shoo!” Mi Le slapped his face and pushed him.

Ran Feng Ge snickered as he watched them, but the smile in his eyes was genuine. If his two best friends could continue to live this happily, he would also be happy for them.

Cheng Xi Ran picked up his coat and sheepishly rubbed his nose. He then said to Ran Feng Ge, “You’re leaving? I’ll drive you back!”

“No need. I’ll take a taxi back. You’ve stayed with me all night. The two of you should go home and have a good sleep!” Ran Feng Ge declined politely.

Cheng Xi Ran looked at Mi Le. They haven’t forgotten about the secret plan they made last night. Cheng Xi Ran didn’t bother pressuring Ran Feng Ge and said straight-facedly, “All right, if anything happens remember to call us. Bye-bye.”


The minute Ran Feng Ge stepped one foot out the door, Cheng Xi Ran and Mi Le closed up the bar and followed after him.

At the roadside, Ran Feng Ge hailed a cab, got in, and left.

Seeing Ran Feng Ge’s cab round the corner, Cheng Xi Ran and Mi Le jogged over and waved to an approaching taxi. They each took a side and got in. Cheng Xi Ran pointed towards the direction where Ran Feng Ge’s cab had disappeared and told the driver, “Quick, drive in that direction and follow the cab in front.

The driver didn’t probe for more details. He merely stepped on the gas and caught up to Ran Feng Ge’s cab.

Ran Feng Ge reclined on the backseat of the car and closed his eyes. In his fatigue, he didn’t notice the car that was steadily following him.

Being hungover wasn’t a very great feeling. His temples pounded and a needle-like pain permeated his entire head. His stomach also churned in discontent. The only thing he wanted at the moment was to return home and have a good sleep.

When he woke up, he would once again be the easygoing Ran Feng Ge who was perfect at acting.

Su Yi Mo woke up at dawn. He picked up his alarm clock and checked the time. It was five in the morning, but no matter how he tossed and turned, he couldn’t return to sleep. He got up and went to the second floor. After hesitating a while, he knocked on the door to Ran Feng Ge’s room.

There was no response.

Su Yi Mo turned the handle and gently pushed the door open. The king-sized bed was smooth and empty, proving his guess right―Ran Feng Ge had been out for the whole night.

Where exactly had he gone? That fellow was becoming more and more presumptuous.

In a few days, Ran Feng Ge would have serious work to do, yet he was off being irresponsible. What golden body double? In Su Yi Mo’s opinion, Ran Feng Ge was more like an irresponsible body double!

Su Yi Mo suppressed his anger. Rather than simply being worried for Ran Feng Ge, he blamed his anger on his worry that if something were to happen to Ran Feng Ge, there would be nobody to act as Jing Qiu Han.

Even so, Su Yi Mo stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked outside, hoping to see Ran Feng Ge driving up to the mansion.

Unfortunately, it was still five in the morning. There wasn’t much traffic on the road. This was also an exclusive mansion neighborhood, so there were even fewer cars driving around.

Su Yi Mo lit a cigarette and held it between his fingers, quietly smoking. His eyes were glued to the street that led to the mansion. His ears also subconsciously pricked up, yearning to hear the sounds of a car’s engine rounding the corner.

When his cigarette burned out, Su Yi Mo finally heard the sound of crunching gravel. He looked outside and saw a taxi stop beside the road. Ran Feng Ge got out of the cab and paid the fare. The taxi then turned around and drove back up the road.

Ran Feng Ge staggered in the direction of the mansion. It seemed he had enough logic inside him to tell the taxi to drop him somewhere far away. But why was his walk so wobbly? Did he drink?

Su Yi Mo’s frown grew deeper as he tracked Ran Feng Ge’s movements. When he saw Ran Feng Ge stop by the roadside, hug his stomach, and bend over to vomit, his brows furrowed to the extreme.

Su Yi Mo turned and made it down the stairs in three strides. He quickly crossed the courtyard and pushed open the gate, heading for the street.

Not far away, another taxi was parked around the corner hidden from sight.

Cheng Xi Ran wanted to get out when he saw Ran Feng Ge throw up, but Mi Le caught his arm and said, “Wait.”

Before she finished speaking, the gate of a nearby mansion opened and a man wearing white pajamas and sandals walked out, heading straight towards Ran Feng Ge.

“Who is that?” Cheng Xi Ran asked softly.

Mi Le carefully examined the man’s face. Shock subsequently appeared on her pretty face. “The CEO of Huan Yu. Su Yi Mo? It can’t be…”


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