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As if it were nothing, Ran Feng Ge calmly said “It’s only a small wound. You two already know that getting hurt is unavoidable in our profession. There’s no need to make a big deal about nothing. Anyway, it’s already healed.”

Saying that, he bent down to straighten his new bulletproof t-shirt and pulled his original shirt on top of it.

“Hey bro, answer me honestly, what kind of assignment is it this time? Don’t let it be like last time when you got riddled with scars! Le Le and I don’t want to see you hurt again.” Cheng Xi Ran looked at Ran Feng Ge earnestly, concern in his eyes.

“Yeah, Xiao Ge, we’ve all witnessed the extent of your abilities. Those who are able to injure you are few in number. The last time you were seriously wounded, both of us were scared to death!” Mi Le followed, “That’s why we decided to quit and live normal, peaceful lives. We’re still young, and we’ve earned so much money now―enough to live out the rest of our lives. Xiao Ge, if it’s unnecessary, don’t accept any high-risk jobs, okay?”

“I know you two are worried for me, but I know what I’m doing. I will be careful to ensure that a situation like last time won’t happen again!” Ran Feng Ge said seriously while placing one hand on Cheng Xi Ran’s shoulder and the other on Mi Le’s shoulder.

“But…” Mi Le wanted to say something but trailed off.

“Don’t worry, when this job is over, I’ll join you guys. I’ll work as Tian Lan’s serving boy and help you attract pretty girls to the bar. How does that sound?” Ran Feng Ge joked.

Cheng Xi Ran glanced at Mi Le and sighed helplessly. “All right, I know you won’t change your mind once you’ve decided on something. You have to be careful!”

“Yes, I know. Didn’t you give me a bulletproof t-shirt? Don’t worry; I’ll wear it at all times!” Ran Feng Ge patted his chest and said readily, “All right bro, there’s no need to fuss over me like an old woman. I finally managed to get out for once, so come on, let’s drink! Tonight, no one’s leaving this bar sober!”

“Fine. No one’s leaving sober!”

Perhaps it was because he was able to relax surrounded by friends ready to lay down their lives for each other, or perhaps it was because the things he was trying to forget had resurfaced in his mind, Ran Feng Ge downed one drink after another that night. Until finally, Cheng Xi Ran and Mi Le found his drinking behavior abnormal even for him.

“Punk, you’re drinking too much. Maybe we should do something else. How about going for karaoke?” Cheng Xi Ran suggested.

Ran Feng Ge shook his head and grabbed hold of his cup protectively. “No! I still want to drink! Are you that stingy with your liquor? Really! No sense of friendship at all!”

“Okay, drink. Let’s continue drinking.” Mi Le coaxed while glancing meaningfully at Cheng Xi Ran, who understood her intentions perfectly. The drinks he mixed afterwards were all fruit cocktails low in alcohol content.

A while after, Ran Feng Ge finally passed out―sprawled over the bar counter, fully intoxicated.

Cheng Xi Ran helped Ran Feng Ge lie down on a nearby sofa and took off his jacket to lay it across his friend. He walked back to the bar and nudged Mi Le with an elbow, “Mi Le, what do you think?”

“Not normal, something must have happened!” Mi Le said definitively. She thought for a moment and added, “I’d say he started acting strange after he asked us to investigate that Chasing Hawk tattoo.”

“Yeah… As for the reason, it’s surely because of that new job he accepted!” From a hidden compartment in the bar, Cheng Xi Ran took out a red laptop and switched it on. “Le Le, can you investigate Chasing Hawk and see if there are any recent events that could have involved Ran Feng Ge?”

“Sure.” Mi Le slid the computer over to herself, her slender fingers jumping swiftly over the keyboard. Her wide, smoky eyes stared unblinkingly at the screen as a myriad of thoughts ran through her mind. She looked over at Cheng Xi Ran seriously, “I’m about to use some special methods, do you approve?”

Special methods meant advanced hacking skills that would allow them to access Chasing Hawk’s classified information. But if they get discovered, their peaceful daily lives would come to an end. For that reason, she asked Cheng Xi Ran for approval.

Cheng Xi Ran glanced at the frowning man sleeping on the sofa and then at his beloved girlfriend. Finally, he nodded solemnly. “Affirmative.”

Mi Le smiled understandingly, “Okay!”

The three of them had been together since they were little, and had saved each other’s lives many times. Their fates were already irreversibly entangled. If it were for Ran Feng Ge that Mi Le had to return to the field, she would not hesitate to do so. Besides, her beloved would be following her every step of the way.

Mi Le’s special ability was her superior memory and her profound knowledge of computers. Not long after, she pulled up various information on Chasing Hawk’s boss.


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