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In close proximity, their breaths mingled together. Because Su Yi Mo was reclining against the back of the sofa, the height advantage was transferred to Ran Feng Ge.

The corners of Su Yi Mo’s lips lifted slightly as he listened to Ran Feng Ge speak with a barely detectable trace of danger and provocation. “That’s good to hear, since the most important reason why I commissioned you is for you to be seen in public while being in a re, la, tion, ship with me! If you weren’t an expert at this, I wouldn’t have hired you.”

Ran Feng Ge clearly understood yet still gave a sarcastic reply. “You’re not afraid of falling in love with me?”

“Have you forgotten? If we were passionately in love, it would be with you not as yourself but as Jing Qiu Han. My feelings towards Jing Qiu Han are, of course, love. But he is completely separate from you and without even a trace of your character. For that reason, you’d better worry about yourself. When the time comes, make sure you’re not trapped in your role and dead set on loving me.”

They’d brought up the same topic on the third day after Ran Feng Ge had accepted the commission, but the mood from that time differed to some extent from the current mood.

Compared to the narcissistic joke their words had been at that time, now they seemed… serious and weighted.

After all, as Ran Feng Ge was someone exceedingly attractive, it would still hurt his pride a little if someone repeatedly confirmed that he wasn’t interested, even if Ran Feng Ge wasn’t gay.

“Who will fall in love with whom hasn’t been decided yet.” Ran Feng Ge tossed back a final word before heading upstairs.

Su Yi Mo gazed after his retreating back, his expression involuntarily becoming solemn.

Who will fall in love with whom… hasn’t been decided?

Ran Feng Ge threw himself onto the bed, gazing at the ceiling in a daze.

What was going on? In the past few days his mood had greatly fluctuated, often influenced by external persons or matters.

Could it be that… he shouldn’t have taken on a new job so soon after that affair? Perhaps living an ordinary and carefree life like Xi Ran and Mi Le would have been better.

If he wanted to quit now, was it too late?

Ugh, so bothersome. He valued his reputation as a body double the most, so, as he’d already accepted the commission, he couldn’t possibly withdraw.

Oh well, he had no choice but to force himself to see it through!

That detestable Su Yi Mo, he really was no fun at all!

He tossed and turned in bed. Because it was currently the afternoon, he couldn’t sleep, so he sat up. When his gaze swept across a piano in the room, his eyes lit up in delight.

He walked over and opened the lid. Sitting down, he stretched out his fingers to press on the piano keys, testing the sound by pressing down hard with all ten fingers.

He then began randomly pressing keys, causing the piano to produce a series of disjointed but not ear-piercing sounds. Ran Feng Ge played quite enthusiastically, both legs tapping along with the rhythm. His feelings of vexation were quickly swept away by the sounds he was making.

“I’ve just praised you for your talent in many subjects, but now you’ve changed my opinion. You’re only capable of playing piano at this level?” Although he was supposed to be downstairs, Su Yi Mo apparently found the noise unbearable and had come upstairs to stop Ran Feng Ge. “Looks like you still need a music teacher.”

“Really?” Ran Feng Ge stopped playing the piano and stood to the side. Smiling at Su Yi Mo, he continued, “Since you could tell I played badly, you have a piano at home, and you’re even superstar Jing Qiu Han’s lover, surely you can play very well? How about you teach me instead?”

Noncommittally, Su Yi Mo walked towards the piano, his whole body exuding chilliness as he sat down, raised his hands, and then pressed down on the keys. His actions hinted at competitive intent as well as past memories. In short, the Su Yi Mo who originally would not have held this kind of childish grudge started to play a song.

Actually, Su Yi Mo could not deny that he had secretly been shocked when Ran Feng Ge had previously displayed his many talents. Now that he had finally caught on to something Ran Feng Ge didn’t know how to do, of course he would properly send the other man a warning: as long as activities he couldn’t do well existed, he shouldn’t be showing off.

Ran Feng Ge stood to the side, crossing his arms with a slightly infuriating smile… how could he be unaware of Su Yi Mo’s intentions?

This was Su Yi Mo’s covert way of displaying his strengths in order to show him not to be so arrogant. Su Yi Mo felt he should reveal his abilities gradually, step by step, instead!

Su Yi Mo concentrated on the piano and did not notice Ran Feng Ge’s expression. When he finished playing, Ran Feng Ge walked over and pushed to get him up. “Let me try again.”

This time, the melody wasn’t a tuneless sound but Für Elise, fluently played.

Su Yi Mo quickly realized, Ran Feng Ge had done that intentionally just now!

He clearly knew how to play. Moreover, he wasn’t at all inferior to Su Yi Mo, yet he had purposely played discordantly. Su Yi Mo thought to himself that maybe he shouldn’t have come upstairs — then he wouldn’t have been so thoroughly played by Ran Feng Ge, without the latter even batting an eyelash!

Ran Feng Ge could not contain the smile at the corners of his mouth anymore. He laughed complacently and threw a cocky wink at Su Yi Mo, causing Su Yi Mo’s face to darken.

“How senseless!” Su Yi Mo responded with a cold expression, then turned and left to go downstairs.

Laughing cheerfully, Ran Feng Ge finished the song. He then easily started another piece— A Comme Amour.

At the bend of the staircase, Su Yi Mo heard the elegant notes and couldn’t help but pause his steps. He leaned against the wall and turned to gaze at Ran Feng Ge earnestly playing the piano. The afternoon sunlight passed through the French windows, spilling over Ran Feng Ge’s entire body. Surrounded by a spiral of golden light, the scene in that instant changed into something beautiful and peaceful.


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