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Su Yi Mo wasn’t too happy about being invited to dance like a princess. He reached out and clasped Ran Feng Ge’s hand, then reversed his grip and positioned himself so that it seemed like he was the one who’d done the inviting. Standing together with Ran Feng Ge, Su Yi Mo’s revealed a faint, satisfied smile at their height difference. The princess obviously shouldn’t be taller than the prince, right? Therefore, if they were going to dance, Ran Feng Ge would be doing the female part.

“Waltz or tango?” Ran Feng Ge had noticed Su Yi Mo’s small movements, but he smiled unconcernedly and gave Su Yi Mo the privilege of choosing which type of dance they would be performing.


“All right. I knew you would pick that.” In the background, the instrumental version of Jing Qiu Han’s song reached its conclusion. The melody that was next in queue immediately began playing. Coincidentally, it was one of the well-known tango pieces―La Cumparsita.

The initial languorous melody of the song gradually intensified as they danced along. Similarly, the two’s elegant dance steps gradually became more frenetic. Ran Feng Ge didn’t mind dancing the female part; he could make the steps as frenzied as the male part, matching evenly with Su Yi Mo.

While dancing, they inevitably brushed and rubbed against each other along the thighs, calves, waists, and chests. Tango was also a dance that required frequent eye contact to express the romantic passion depicted by the music.

After La Cumparsita ended, another song began playing. This time they danced the waltz.

Following the waltz was a Latin dance.

After the Latin dance, the music changed into a piece for street dancing. Ran Feng Ge pushed Su Yi Mo away as he felt the other might not know how to street dance. He then took two steps back and broke into a confident smile as he presented a spirited and rakish street dance to Su Yi Mo.

The sweat droplets that cascaded carelessly from his skin, the brilliant and alluring smile on his face, his elegant and confident movements, and music that stirred people’s hearts all helped Ran Feng Ge shed the allure and grace of the formal dances he had performed earlier. While street dancing, Ran Feng Ge appeared like a mischievous and adorable boy next door who enjoyed showing off.

Ran Feng Ge was like a flawless handscroll painting, displaying his vast talents for Su Yi Mo to see little by little. As for Su Yi Mo, he had merely been gifted the chance of seeing a tiny corner of the scroll.

How many more secrets did Ran Feng Ge have? How many more surprising talents did he possess?

After he finished dancing, Ran Feng Ge used his foot to press the pause button on the laptop. After performing so many dances in a row even he was panting slightly, yet his flushed face radiated youthful energy. Tilting his head, he cast Su Yi Mo a somewhat taunting smirk. “How’s that? Do you deem me fully qualified now? Or do you still plan on hiring me a teacher?”

Though Su Yi Mo was secretly shocked at Ran Feng Ge’s many talents, his expression remain rather unchanged. Hearing Ran Feng Ge’s questions, he only smiled and inquired offhandedly, “Do all of you body doubles have to learn these kinds of things?”

“Not necessarily.” Ran Feng Ge bent and picked up the towel slung across the back of the couch. While wiping the sweat off his neck, he explained, “If people want to become the exceptionally dangerous type of body double, they would focus on combat and gun training. If they want to become the gentlemanly type of body double, learning the basics is enough, though of course they need to have excellent memories. If they plan to act as body doubles for famous actors or singers, they need to train in singing, dancing, musicality, and similar fields.”

“Oh? Then why have you learned so much?”

“There’s no harm in learning a bit more, of course.”

“True. Otherwise you wouldn’t be the industry’s golden body double. What else are you good at? Combat? Marksmanship? Bomb dismantling? Mixing cocktails? Tennis? Golf? Stock market speculation? Monet investment? Gambling?” Su Yi Mo rattled off as many skills as he could think of in one breath. He pinned Ran Feng Ge with a long gaze, as if he were interrogating the other instead of simply investigating.

A trace of a smile appeared on Ran Feng Ge’s face. He did not reply.

“What’s wrong? I can’t possibly have guessed them all, right?” Su Yi Mo revealed an enigmatic smile.

So this guy was actually this talented; he’s practically an all-rounder!

“No, there’s one more you haven’t guessed.” Ran Feng Ge couldn’t stand looking at Su Yi Mo’s pleased expression. He slowly leaned towards Su Yi Mo and said in a low voice, “Actually, I’m even better at―re, la, tion, ships!”


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