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As soon as An Mu’s words left his mouth, Ran Feng Ge’s first reaction was to look over at Lan Kuang.

Lan Kuang was staring right back at him. Seeing him look over, Lan Kuang spread his arms out casually in an innocent gesture. The quirked up corners of his lips, however, indicated to Ran Feng Ge that Lan Kuang had made some guesses about his relationship with An Mu, and that those guesses had just been confirmed by An Mu’s appearance.

Seeing that Ran Feng Ge had turned to look somewhere else instead of greeting him, An Mu also turned in the same direction to look at the man who was standing there and sizing them up. After giving the bathrobed man with water dripping from his hair the once-over, An Mu’s pupils suddenly constricted in recognition. A shocked expression appeared on his face. Lan Kuang?

An Mu subconsciously leaned backwards. His warm smile immediately replaced by an expression of astonishment. After seeing Lan Kuang, his expression became that of a deer caught in the headlights.

As for Ran Feng Ge, he simply looked away without batting an eyelash and turned off the clothes dryer.

Lan Kuang’s smile stiffened, his expression hardening.

Judging from the reactions of the other two, his initial guesses had probably been wrong.

“Feng Ge, I still have some business to attend to, so I’ll invite you out to eat some other time. I’m leaving first!” An Mu said hastily to Ran Feng Ge and turned around to leave.

Lan Kuang stood still and gaped at An Mu for a few seconds. He first glanced at Ran Feng Ge, who was acting like it was no concern of his, and then glanced at An Mu, who was hastily departing. An Mu’s retreating figure and face overlapped with the ones in his memories. An Mu had finally appeared before his eyes. Before he realized what he was doing, Lan Kuang was already chasing after An Mu with long strides.

Ran Feng Ge sighed quietly in relief.

“An Mu!” Lan Kuang grabbed An Mu’s arm and called out again, “An Mu! It’s me!”

His arm gripped by Lan Kuang, An Mu gave an almost imperceptible shudder before regaining his calm. He slowly turned around, wearing the same warm smile from when he’d first exited the elevator.

“Is something the matter?”

“Let’s talk!” Lan Kuang’s eyes bored deeply into An Mu’s, but An Mu avoided his gaze.

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“There’s something I want to tell you!” Lan Kuang reworded his request, implying that it would be fine if An Mu just listened while he talked.

An Mu laughed humorlessly and responded drearily, “I thought we’d already run out of things to talk about two years ago.”

Ran Feng Ge looked over Lan Kuang’s shoulder and slowly winked at An Mu, who returned his gesture with an almost imperceptible nod. Ran Feng Ge then weaved around the two of them and walked towards the elevator.

Lan Kuang’s heart skipped a beat. He looked at Ran Feng Ge, who had brushed past him on his way to the elevator. There was an indescribable feeling in Lan Kuang’s heart. It was the feeling that if he were to let Ran Feng Ge leave now, he would probably never obtain him in the future…

An Mu pulled his arm away from Lan Kuang’s grasp and successfully drew the man’s attention back to him. He made an effort to smile as if nothing was wrong. “If Mr. Lan enjoys the spas here, please feel free to stay awhile. You’re welcome to come by often in the future as well. I’ll inform my subordinates and have them let you in free of charge.”

Lan Kuang suppressed the indescribable feeling of loss in his heart and carefully observed An Mu. Yes, those eyes, that face, that smile, and even the way this An Mu called him was exactly the same as the one from the past.

Could it be that he’d truly guessed incorrectly? An Mu was An Mu and Ran Feng Ge was Ran Feng Ge. Could it be that they just had similar eyes?

“Seeing as Young Master An is being so generous, wouldn’t it be rude of me to decline?” Lan Kuang was unwilling to accept that he had been wrong. Gritting his teeth in anger, he shot out his hand to tear at An Mu’s white shirt as soon as he’d finished speaking.

His sudden action caught An Mu off guard. By the time An Mu remembered to dodge, the three buttons in front of his chest had all been ripped off. The buttons raced each other to the floor, rolling away to some hidden corner.

An Mu did not struggle. He merely stood there quietly and let Lan Kuang pull open his shirt, revealing his somewhat pale chest.

There was a cross-shaped scar on his chest that ran from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist and from his right shoulder to the left side of his waist. They formed an X shape that was shocking to behold!

Lan Kuang stood frozen in his spot.

An Mu’s body was marked with this scar, and Ran Feng Ge’s body…was not.

Ran Feng Ge only had the goshawk tattoo on his back.

“What is it? Did you miss the mark you left on my body? So much that you wanted to say hello?” An Mu questioned scornfully, ruthless despite his gentle appearance.

After those three sentences, all the fight immediately went out of Lan Kuang; even his eyes clouded over with pain.

An Mu took the opportunity and grabbed Lan Kuang’s wrist. He stepped forward with his right leg and passed his other hand under Lan Kuang’s armpit, executing a perfect shoulder throw that ruthlessly hurled the dazed man to the floor.

“Next time you see me, remember to take a detour.” An Mu disregarded his ripped shirt and left without so much as a glance back. “I don’t want to see you again, not even for a second!”


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    What did Lan Kuang to An Mu in the past?! That scar is too vicious.

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    Seems this lang guy does have a bit of morals…a bit lol. I like An Mu, Feng Ge should just hook up with him and leave all the other trashes behind

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  4. RFG had pretended to be An Mu 2 years ago. LK implanted those X scar to An Mu’s chest from the period where RFG disguised as An Mu. So, doesn’t that means RFG is the one who gets the scar & An Mu’s the fake one? Or it could be that when LK attacked An Mu, it turns out he’s the real one instead of RFG?/(_~_/)

    Will the author explains this as the story goes?

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    Waaah! No ship! There literally is no ship! Everybody has a goddamn f***ing lover! *drowning like a rat*

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