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“Hey, are you…acquainted with An Mu?”

Seeing that Ran Feng Ge was about to swim to the other side of the pool, Lan Kuang stopped chasing him and simply raised his voice to ask a question instead.

Ran Feng Ge’s arms paused slightly in mid-stroke as his mind spun rapidly. Should he lie and say they weren’t acquainted or openly admit that they were friends?

Lowering his eyes to stare at the pool’s calm waters, Ran Feng Ge suddenly remembered that they were at the An Ping Clubhouse! Owned by the An family!

As a result, he answered rather indifferently, “An Mu? The An family’s young master? Of course we’re acquainted. After all, isn’t this place owned by the An family?”

Lan Kuang nodded. “You’re quite well-informed! You and him…how did you come to know each other?”

“That’s not necessary for you to know, is it?” Ran Feng Ge was suddenly reminded of An Chen’s words a few days ago and an idea surfaced. He climbed up the pool steps and sat down on the deck, leaning his back against the door of the changing room. Facing Lan Kuang in the water, he laughed and continued, “Could it be that you’re trying to gather information on An Mu from me? I’ve heard that you have quite the interest in him! You’ve got the wrong person though; I don’t know him very well. Wish I could help.”

“Who did you hear that from?” Lan Kuang’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t deny that he was interested in An Mu. Somewhat vexed, he added, “Yes, I am interested in him. Two years ago we had been in a short relationship, but back then both of us were just putting on an act. In addition, my original goal was to take advantage of our relationship and use it to my benefit whenever I had to, so I ended up doing a lot of cruel things to him…

“I finally understand the magnitude of the things I have done to him, so I want to find him and somehow make it up to him…

“I’ve been to many of the properties owned by the An family―businesses, clubs… Where we are at now is the last place, but no matter where I look and no matter how long I wait, he has never appeared…

“It’s probably because I’ve hurt him too deeply…

“No one has been able to give me the same feelings he gave me. At least that’s what I thought until I met you.”

Having gotten to this point, Lan Kuang’s fathomless eyes locked onto Ran Feng Ge. “The feelings you give me are too similar to the ones he had given me. Your eyes also resemble his. That’s why I became interested in you as well.”

“You couldn’t find An Mu, so you set your sights on me instead?” Ran Feng Ge’s mind was in turmoil after hearing Lan Kuang’s explanation, but his expression remained serene and unruffled. He even adopted the mindset of a gossipy spectator and said, “Perhaps An Mu is secretly hiding somewhere and watching to see how hard you’d try! If you shift your affections to someone else so quickly, then he probably won’t appear before you again.”

“Since I’ve already told you about my connection to him, it’s now your turn. Exactly what kind of relationship do you have with him?” Lan Kuang also climbed onto the pool deck and strolled toward Ran Feng Ge, ignoring the water dripping from his body onto the ground. An answer was already forming inside his mind before Ran Feng Ge could reply.

He was the leader of Chasing Hawk, so naturally he’d heard of Ran Feng Ge’s reputation. Then the An Mu from back then…could it have been…Ran Feng Ge?

“Tell me, what kind of relationship do you think we have?” Ran Feng Ge looked around and noticed that there was a clothes dryer nearby. He walked over, pressed the start button on the machine, and stood in front of it as it began drying his wet clothes.

Lan Kuang stood in front of the changing room. He opened the door and took out another bath towel to wrap around himself. He then replied to the question Ran Feng Ge had responded with, “I think…you two have an employer-employee relationship.”

Ran Feng Ge’s heart skipped a beat. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide this matter from Lan Kuang for long, but he’d never imagined that Lan Kuang would find out so soon. While he was thinking about how to handle the situation, someone suddenly called out his name.

“Feng Ge?”

Ran Feng Ge had been about to turn around and dry his back. Hearing his name, he instinctively turned his head and met the pleasantly surprised gaze of the person who had just stepped out of the elevator―An Mu!

“Feng Ge! It’s really you!” An Mu wore a smile befitting the occasion, tenderness mixed with a hint of patient composure, appearing exactly like a natural gentleman. An Mu quickly approached Ran Feng Ge; his steps filled with joy at the unexpected reunion. “I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! When you left us without saying anything back then, you truly made me spend a great amount of effort looking for you!”


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