Chapter 33: Let’s Enjoy the Spas Together!

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Since Lan Kuang didn’t seem like he was going to back down, there was no point in warning him again. After all, people like Lan Kuang were never serious about relationships. Not to mention, even if Ran Feng Ge decided to take part in this love game, he might overestimate his own importance and end up finding out Lan Kuang had merely been playing around. He shouldn’t even be considering scenarios such as “seriously putting on an act and playing the substitute for the person Lan Kuang held dear.” It was too early to say who would be playing whom for a fool here!

Realizing this, Ran Feng Ge lost his patience in continuing the conversation. He’d rather go back and face that “ice cube” Su Yi Mo. That man was at least faithful and warm inside despite his cold exterior. He had paid however much he needed to hire a body double to protect his wounded lover. He was worthier in every way than this Lan Kuang.

“If we’re done, then I’m leaving.’’ Ran Feng Ge took a step backward, planning to walk around Lan Kuang.

Unfortunately, the other had already seen through his intentions during his silence. Lan Kuang stepped forward the moment he stepped backward, blocking his way. “What do you mean we’re done? I’ve waited for you for ages. You aren’t going let my efforts be wasted, are you?”

“What else do you want? You tore up the check yourself. It has nothing to do with me!” Ran Feng Ge moved another step back. He wasn’t discouraged; there were more than one way of escaping from Lan Kuang.

Lan Kuang took another step towards him. Their movements made it seem as if they were dancing the cha-cha in ridiculously slow motion. “What do you think this place is?”

Ran Feng Ge furrowed his eyebrows. “An Ping Clubhouse!”

He moved back another step.

“What kind of place is An Ping Clubhouse then?”

One more step.

“A place for recreation and relaxing…”

Seeing that Ran Feng Ge had been backed up right against the edge of the pool, a flicker of delight flashed through Lan Kuang’s eyes. He strode forward and asked, “Since you understand what kind of place this is, why are you in such a rush to leave? Why not have some fun with me? Let’s take a bath together!”

“My wound is not fully healed. I can’t let it get wet—” While speaking, Ran Feng Ge retreated another step, and ended up losing his balance. Looking at Lan Kuang’s gloating expression, he stretched out a hand to grab the other’s bathrobe in an attempt to save himself from falling.

It shouldn’t have been hard for Ran Feng Ge to stop his fall because of his physical abilities. The problem was that Lan Kuang had tied his bathrobe too carelessly. With a simple pull, the knot around Lan Kuang’s waist immediately came open. In addition, his bathrobe was sleeveless and had simply being draped around his shoulders. Due to Ran Feng Ge’s tug, the bathrobe had been completely pulled off of Lan Kuang’s body. Ran Feng Ge fell into the pool along with the bathrobe, raising a big splash.

Lan Kuang’s smile turned up even more at the sight. He looked down at Ran Feng Ge, whose head popped up from the water. “Oops, I’m sorry. I just took a bath, so my body is too slippery for the robe to stay on.”

Ran Feng Ge tossed the robe away and shook his head. Water dripped down from the tips of his hair and into the pool, creating small ripples on the surface. Hearing Lan Kuang’s voice, Ran Feng Ge raised his head to look at him. The first thing he noticed was a certain area blatantly expressing its interest…

“Shit!” Cursing under his breath, Ran Feng Ge headed to the other side of the pool.

Seeing that things were getting out of hand, Lan Kuang quickly retracted his smile and leapt into the water. With a few splashes, he caught up to Ran Feng Ge. “Are you angry?”

Ran Feng Ge ignored him and kept swimming.

“I was only trying to let you experience what it feels like to have a dip in the bath. What do you think? Doesn’t it feel good?” Lan Kuang still had the nerve to follow after Ran Feng Ge.

Ran Feng Ge came to an abrupt halt and answered through gritted teeth, “It feels very good. Sicne you’ve already accomplished your goal, can you let me leave now?”

Lan Kuang had wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and reply with “Stay a little longer since it feels so good.” Before the words left his mouth, however, he changed his mind. Perhaps a softer approach would work better?

“I’m sorry.” After apologizing, Lan Kuang swam over to Ran Feng Ge’s side and grabbed his arm. His other hand groped around for Ran Feng Ge’s wound under the water. “Your wound really hasn’t healed yet? Let me take a look…”

He pressed his hand against Ran Feng Ge’s abdomen and began caressing it boldly, his movements exceedingly intimate.

Ran Feng Ge clenched his hands underwater. The next moment, he turned around and aimed a punch at Lan Kuang’s face.

Lan Kuang hurriedly dodged, letting go of Ran Feng Ge in the process. Going on the attack, Ran Feng Ge gripped the other’s arms with both of his hands and dunked Lan Kuang into the water. One, two, three…he didn’t stop until he’d dunked the other man five times. A wicked smile similar to Lan Kuang’s appeared on Ran Feng Ge face. “Keep your hands to yourself! Be glad that you saved me once, otherwise you’d be taking a bath at the bottom of the pool!”

It was Ran Feng Ge’s policy to never provoke people like Lan Kuang. However, the man just couldn’t leave him alone. Unfortunately for Lan Kuang, he wasn’t someone easy to mess with.

This whole situation was obviously what people meant with “.” He should’ve left immediately after giving Lan Kuang the check!

Still coughing up water, Lan Kuang straightened and wiped his face. Looking at the assertive Ran Feng Ge in front of him, he laughed instead of becoming angry. His eyes gleamed, resembling a cheetah that had found its prey. This bristling fellow who dared to resist him was becoming more and more suited to his tastes.


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Translators: Gaomuzi
Proofreaders: Sherry, Nannyn

An idiom meaning to take a risk despite knowing the dangers involved.
An idiom meaning he who hesitates is lost.

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