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“Who angered our second young master?” The tall figure had unknowingly come closer and was currently staring down gently at An Chen. The figure then bent over and picked up the phone that had been thrown on the grass.

An Chen’s expression quickly changed to an amiable one. He stood up and called out lovably, “Big Brother…”

“You need to learn to control that temper of yours. You’re always throwing things around when you’re angry. Tell me, how many phones have you broken up till now?” An Mu turned the phone around in his hand, examining it. He then handed it back to An Chen. “It’s a good thing this phone is sturdy; otherwise we won’t have enough phones for you to break.”

“I won’t do it next time,” An Chen replied earnestly. He stowed the phone in his pocket and pulled An Mu toward the golf field. “Brother, let’s continue playing!”

An Mu looked at him helplessly. “I was thirsty, so I came over for a drink.”

However, An Chen had just sent the table flying. How would he get a drink now? His throat felt like it was on fire, yet An Chen was pulling him to the field for another game. An Mu sighed and resigned himself to his fate.

An Chen paused in his steps and instead pulled An Mu towards the exit. “Then we don’t have to play. Let’s leave.”

“Forget it. I’ll play a game with you,” An Mu replied good-naturedly.

An Chen thought for a bit, but shook his head nonetheless. “No, it’s fine. There’s always a next time. Aren’t you thirsty? Let’s go and buy some Häagen-Dazs.”


An Mu stared blankly at his younger brother. An Chen was already this old, yet he was still acting like a little kid, inviting him out to eat kid-food. Moreover, ice cream wouldn’t quench thirst at all…

Truly… An Mu was speechless.

Holding An Mu’s hand, An Chen walked in front. His brother’s hand was slightly sweaty from playing golf. An Chen’s lips lifted slightly in a smile at that, but his eyes were dim. When would Brother realize my feelings for him?

But it didn’t matter all that much. Even if An Mu didn’t understand, he would slowly make him understand.

Lan Kuang could never take his brother away from him.

Whatever he wanted, he would find a way to obtain them. That was An Chen’s personality. Moreover, there weren’t any conflicts between his desire for An Mu and his other interest: He wanted the An family’s everything.

Including An Mu!

Perhaps the scariest people in the world were the most ambitious ones.

Because of the incident two years ago, An Chen had come to realize that the reason he competed so much with his brother was that unwittingly, his gentle and wise elder brother had taken first place in his heart. However, An Mu kept his distance from him. Even though An Mu treated him gently, it was only because they were brothers. An Chen couldn’t help but feel vexed at that revelation.

When he’d recently heard that Lan Kuang was interested in An Mu, he became even more worried. He mulled over all sorts of ideas before contacting Ran Feng Ge in an attempt to distract Lan Kuang with Ran Feng Ge’s version of “An Mu.”

Who knew he’d come across an obstacle: Somebody else had already commissioned Ran Feng Ge for a job.

Judging from the voice he’d heard on the phone, that person…didn’t sound like someone to provoke.

Even then, why does that matter? Whatever I want, I will obtain!

We’ll see how this goes!

Su Yi Mo hung up and turned to look at Ran Feng Ge with a complicated expression on his face.

A body double’s past… What is that like?

Do they always have to live under the shadows of the person they’re standing in for? Like how actors always have to play the role of another person?

Ran Feng Ge’s face was tranquil in sleep. Besides a somewhat rushed breathing, his face was an impassive mask. The only thing that could be inferred from his expression was that he currently felt out of harm’s way.

Right now, is this his true self?

He can skillfully and easily transform into Qiu Han. In another instant, he can become someone totally different. Does that mean there are a thousand varieties to his personality too?

At times lively and bright? At times gentle and quiet? And at times cold and arrogant?

Exactly what was his true self? Or are these all aspects of his true self? All sorts of personality traits have been incorporated into his own… Besides the title of “Golden Body Double,” shouldn’t he also be called the body double with a thousand faces?

When he came back to himself, Su Yi Mo realized he had been staring at Ran Feng Ge for quite a while.

He abruptly turned away and slipped the phone back into Ran Feng Ge’s pocket. He then left the room with quick steps.

Damn it! Why was he curious about a body double he had simply hired for a job?

Ran Feng Ge could be whatever he wanted to be. Even if the man had numerous personalities and secrets, Su Yi Mo shouldn’t have developed an interest in him!

The reason he was like this was definitely because he felt Ran Feng Ge’s injury was caused by himself and Jing Qiu Han. After all, it wasn’t his habit to pull an unrelated person into his personal business. This time, however, he had involved Jing Qiu Han and had almost gotten the latter killed. As a last resort, Su Yi Mo had hired a body double.

After all, body doubles were professionals. They were skilled in martial arts and could adapt to any situation that was thrown at them. Even if they encountered danger, they could come out intact.

In the end, the only thing body doubles were after was money…

The person on the phone had mentioned that he would make a deposit in Ran Feng Ge’s bank account.

Ran Feng Ge had already accepted his job, so he shouldn’t be going around and meeting other employers.

However, from the other person’s words, Ran Feng Ge had probably rejected the offer…and got injured because of that.

Right, it was definitely because of his guilty conscience that he was interested in Ran Feng Ge. And, it was definitely because of his guilty conscience that he had decided to wipe down the other’s body…

In the shower, Su Yi Mo soaked his head in the stream of cold water and nipped the tiny bud of interest that had sprouted in his mind.


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