Chapter 27: Not Allowed to Bother Him Anymore

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“Hi, my dear. You aren’t dead, right?”

The minute the call connected, Su Yi Mo heard a vicious yet charming voice ask him that question.

His brows instinctively furrowed in response, but he remained silent.

Noticing that he wasn’t going to reply, the other side continued, “Have you reconsidered my job offer?”

Su Yi Mo fixed his eyes on the currently sleeping Ran Feng Ge. There were others who wanted to employ him?

That’s understandable. He is the golden body double after all. Since he has such a high reputation, the amount of people seeking his skills couldn’t be small. But it seems like the person who’s currently calling didn’t manage to get him to accept the job.

“I apologize for injuring you, but I really want you for this job. All in all, we’ve been friends for two years, so don’t reject me so quickly, alright? Anyways, aren’t you the golden body double? Playing two different roles at the same time should be easy for you! The only thing we have to make sure of is that there aren’t any time conflicts with your other job. Though if you insist on taking only one job at a time, why don’t you just drop your current one? I’ll help you pay the penalty fee. I promise. Money isn’t a problem for me.” On the other end of the call, An Chen was currently relaxing on a recliner at a golf course. He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked over at a tall figure playing a game nearby. His eyes had an exposed expression in them, giving off a sense of danger and indescribable possessiveness.

“Why aren’t you replying?” The only thing An Chen heard coming from his phone was the sound of breathing. Even after a long while, the other side remained silent. An Chen sat up straight and asked doubtfully, “Are you actually angry with me? I was already lenient with you back then. Your reaction was simply too slow. Besides, the wound isn’t all that deep…”

Su Yi Mo soon arrived at a few conclusions from the other’s monologue.

One: There were other employers seeking Ran Feng Ge’s skills.

Two: Ran Feng Ge had rejected this employer’s offer.

Three: Ran Feng Ge’s injury had been caused by this employer.

Four: The two already knew each other, which was why Ran Feng Ge was unprepared to guard against an attack.

“Alright, I’ll pay your medical fees as well. I’ll get someone to transfer the money to your bank account right now. You are still using the same account, right? Is a hundred thousand enough? Forget it, I’ll give you two hundred thousand. You can take it as my deposit for this job. Please just accept my offer! Who’s your current employer? Tell me his contact information; I’ll have a talk with him personally.”

“Feng Ge? Feng Ge?”

An Chen brought his phone up to his face and looked at the screen. He hadn’t dialed the wrong number. Ran Feng Ge was definitely using this one. So why hadn’t he replied yet?

Just when he was about to end the call and redial, the other side finally responded, but the speaker wasn’t Ran Feng Ge.

“Money can’t buy you everything in this world. Not to mention, you’ve even injured him.”

The dignified voice carried a hint of iciness in it. Its arrogance also carried a trace of disdain.

The feeling the voice gave off was similar to Lan Kuang’s overbearing, insufferable arrogance. However, An Chen was certain the person at the end of the line wasn’t Lan Kuang.

“Who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I’ll only tell you one thing: It’s impossible for you to employ him! You can just give up on that idea! Also, you are not allowed to bother him anymore in the future!”

“That… I’m afraid I can’t make any promises on that.” An Chen lifted his mouth in a wicked smile.

Alright, that Ran Feng Ge, so he managed to find a backer…

“Try and see what happens,” Su Yi Mo replied frostily and cut off the call.

“Just wait—” and see who is right.

An Chen stared at his phone, his mouth hanging open. He hadn’t even finished speaking when the other side hung up on him. The anger that was building up in him had nowhere to go. How incredibly irritating.

He forcefully threw his phone down on the grass, but that wasn’t enough to calm him down. He leaned back and lifted a leg, violently kicking the table in front of him, turning it over. He cursed, “Damn it!”


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    This An Chen is shameless. How can he act so nanchalant after he did? AGH

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