Chapter 25: Silent, Awkward Concern

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“Especially your eyes. They really are similar to his. No, they are exactly the same…”

Ran Feng Ge ordered his thoughts and explained with a smile, “There are many people in this world; it’s not strange that a few would look similar.”

Lan Kuang said nothing in response. He stood up and looked down at Ran Feng Ge, an ambiguous smile on his face.

The injured man gazed at the bright sky outside the window. He suddenly realized it was already the afternoon. That meant he had been out of the house since the night before. He had run into Su Yi Mo this morning after his surgery, but the fact that he had violated his contract took precedence over that. If he didn’t go back and explain the situation to his employer, then he could say goodbye to his thirty million commission fee. He struggled to get up but was pressed back down by Lan Kuang. The latter asked in a strict voice, “What are you doing?”

“I still have stuff to do, so I need to leave.” Ran Feng Ge firmly met Lan Kuang’s eyes.

“What’s more important than taking care of your own body?” Lan Kuang continued to press down on the other’s arms, not budging the slightest bit. He raised an eyebrow and continued, “You shouldn’t move around with those injuries. Not to mention you still have a fever.”

“That’s nothing to worry about. I know what my body is capable of. Sir, I’m grateful that you’ve brought me to the hospital, but I would appreciate it if you would refrain from interfering with my business.” Although Ran Feng Ge’s voice was feeble, it had quite an imposing manner to it.

Lan Kuang stared at him for a few seconds before slowly releasing his grip. “Do as you like!”

Lan Kuang’s lips then turned up in a mysterious smile, but his eyes were cold. “What you said is right. I don’t have the right to meddle in your private matters. The medical and car cleaning bills come to around . I’ll give you ten days to bring it to me.”

“…Bring it where?”

“You can bring it to where we first met, at the spa.” Lan Kuang crisply turned around to leave, not sparing Ran Feng Ge another glance. He quickly left the room, disappearing from Ran Feng Ge’s sight.

Ran Feng Ge stared blankly at the spot where Lan Kuang had been, but then retracted his gaze. He pulled out the IV needle that was attached to him and tried to sit up. As expected, his wound protested and sent out a wave of pain. He lightly pressed down on his side and slowly set his feet on the floor.

He immediately felt lightheaded and his temples pounded. Wave after wave of sharp pain hit him. He closed his eyes and stood still for a moment, trying to get used to the pain. Afterwards, he pulled over the set of clothes Lan Kuang had brought him and changed out of his hospital gown.

A thick layer of gauze was wrapped around his abdomen. He could see a faint trace of blood peeking through the gauze.

Ran Feng Ge’s expression sharpened and he gritted his teeth. An Chen, you’d better remember this!

After pulling out his wallet and phone, he threw his own bloody clothes into the trash can. He then slowly walked out of the hospital ward.

It was a good thing that he had the habit of frequently deleting the messages and records his phone held; even if Lan Kuang had looked through his phone, he wouldn’t be able to find anything.

Although he was trying to show off by leaving the hospital this soon, Ran Feng Ge wasn’t an idiot. He went to the pharmacy on the 8th floor and bought some IV equipment and a pile of medicine using a prescription he wrote himself. He planned to go back to Su Yi Mo’s mansion and nurse himself back to health. If he went by the hospital’s procedure, his wound would take a needlessly long time to heal. It looked like learning the art of medicine wasn’t a waste of time after all.

Fortunately, Cheng Xi Ran’s wallet had a lot of cash in it; there was enough for him to pay for his medications. At that, Ran Feng Ge couldn’t help but sigh. My friend truly is the best. I had just asked for some taxi fee last night, but he gave me his whole wallet.

Feeling muddle-headed, Ran Feng Ge entered the elevator. He pressed a button and the elevator began to descend.

When the elevator reached the 5th floor, it suddenly stopped and the doors opened. Ran Feng Ge subconsciously looked up and saw Su Yi Mo with his eternally icy face standing outside.

Why did they have to run into each other now? Oh right, Su Yi Mo must’ve been by Jing Qiu Han’s side the whole night and morning. Since it was already two in the afternoon, was he going out to buy something for Jing Qiu Han to eat?

Su Yi Mo didn’t seem surprised to see Ran Feng Ge inside the elevator. He didn’t even blink at the sight of the latter. He expressionlessly walked inside and stood beside Ran Feng Ge. Not a single wave of emotion could be seen in his eyes.

Ran Feng Ge instinctively tightened his grip on the bag of medical supplies. They both stared directly ahead, each minding their own business. After a while though, Ran Feng Ge felt like he had to say something.


In his hesitation, the elevator had already reached the 1st floor. Just when he opened his mouth, the elevator dinged, smothering his voice.

Su Yi Mo didn’t take notice of him and instead strode out, walking in the direction of the parking lot.

Ran Feng Ge leaned slightly against the elevator wall and let out a long breath. He then forced a smile and embarrassedly rubbed his nose.

The elevator doors began to close. The injured man came back to his senses and quickly stepped out.

The swift action pulled at his wound and he held onto the elevator’s door frame for support. He stood like that for a few minutes before mustering the energy to continue walking.

In contrast to Su Yi Mo’s long, quick strides, Ran Feng Ge’s pace was as slow as a snail’s.

By the time he was finally out of the hospital’s lobby, his whole body was covered in sweat. He lifted a sleeve to wipe his face. When he put down his arm, a person suddenly appeared in front of him. Startled, he took a step back. When he saw it was Su Yi Mo, he opened his mouth slightly but didn’t know what to say.

Likewise, Su Yi Mo said nothing. His expression didn’t change much either. He merely reached out to take the big bag from Ran Feng Ge’s hand. He then turned around and walked ahead.

Su Yi Mo’s tall, straight, and aloof figure gained a bit of warmth in Ran Feng Ge’s eyes.

A grin appeared on Ran Feng Ge’s face. He slowly followed after the departing man.

The black Jaguar was parked beside the road. The back door on the left side, which was closest to where Ran Feng Ge was standing, was already open. Su Yi Mo sat in the driver’s seat looking straight ahead.

Once Ran Feng Ge had settled into the seat and closed the door, Su Yi Mo started the car up, stepped on the gas pedal, and pulled away from the hospital at an unhurried pace.

A window rolled down on a royal blue Phantom parked nearby. The man sitting inside had a cigarette dangling from his mouth. His lips curled up in a smile at what he’d just witnessed. A thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

Su Yi Mo drove quietly.

He peered into the rear view mirror at Ran Feng Ge who was sitting with his eyes closed and appearing extremely tired. In the end, he swallowed the questions he had wanted to ask.

The car moved forward at a steady pace, ensuring that nothing would jolt Ran Feng Ge and pull at his wound. Half an hour later, the Su mansion came into view.

When he felt the car stop, Ran Feng Ge opened his eyes. He reached out to open the door but before he could even touch it, Su Yi Mo had already opened it from the outside. Ran Feng Ge stared in surprise and softly thanked the other, “Thanks for the trouble.”

“You can go in first. I have to park the car in the garage.”

The distance from the road to the living room was smaller than the one from the garage. Was that why Su Yi Mo had parked here?

“Thank you.”

Ran Feng Ge’s feet felt like marshmallows, as if he was walking on a cloud. With great difficulty, he managed to walk to the living room, drenching himself in sweat again in the process. He sat on the couch and leaned against it, not wanting to move again.

After parking the car, Su Yi Mo quickly entered the room. He wrinkled his brows when he saw Ran Feng Ge leaning against the couch. “It’s best that you go lie down in your room.”

Ran Feng Ge raised an eye and then said weakly, “Let me rest for a moment. I’ll go upstairs later.”

“Where did you go last night?” Su Yi Mo walked towards the couch and stared down at the injured man. His voice was as cold and detached as ever. “What did you do to become injured like this?”

Ran Feng Ge forcefully lifted his spirits and looked up with a smile. “Do you want to know?” His smile was deliberately infuriating. That guy finally remembered to ask him about last night’s events.

Su Yi Mo didn’t want to see the other’s brilliant smile. He frowned in disgust. “I’m not interested in your personal matters! However, I do have to remind you, you are currently under contract with me. It’s best that you refrain from letting your personal matters interfere with your work. Otherwise, I will find someone else. Besides you, there should be many other excellent body doubles in your field. Plus, their prices are fairer than yours.”

“I haven’t even said anything, so how can you assume it’s my personal matters?” Ran Feng Ge retorted resentfully, “I got injured because of you! Strictly speaking, this happened because of your contract. This counts as a work injury. You need to reimburse me.”

Su Yi Mo, however, was indifferent. Ran Feng Ge didn’t know how the other could remain so apathetic.

“How does that concern me?” Su Yi Mo didn’t understand.

Ran Feng Ge pointed at his back. “It’s all because of this tattoo of yours.”

“Tattoo?” Su Yi Mo expression became serious. “You went to research the tattoo? What did you find?”

“I found out that your little lover comes from pretty big roots.” Ran Feng Ge’s voice was slightly gloomy. “Have you ever heard of the organization Chasing Hawk?”

“And then?” Su Yi Mo questioned closely.

Ran Feng Ge looked in surprise at the other man. He had originally thought Su Yi Mo wouldn’t care about these things. But looking at it now, Su Yi Mo was probably very knowledgeable about the matter.

“And… Your precious little lover belongs to Chasing Hawk. You’re familiar enough with the tattoo that you can draw it from memory, so how do you not know where he came from?”

“What you’ve said is right. Of course I know that Qiu Han had been a member of Chasing Hawk. But he broke away from them seven years ago, and he did it to protect me. So if your plan is to drive a wedge between us, then I’d advise you to stop wasting your time. Also, next time you aren’t allowed to research matters about Qiu Han without my permission. Your job is to only act as him and complete a year of his work. Understand?”

“I understand! How can I not?” Ran Feng Ge waved his hand and gave a smile, a smile that carried some bitterness. “Looks like I did more than what is required of me. However, in order to successfully act as Jing Qiu Han, shouldn’t I at least have some knowledge of his background? What if the leader of Chasing Hawk suddenly comes around? I’m acting as Jing Qiu Han, a former subordinate of his; I can’t pretend he’s a stranger. Wouldn’t that blow my cover? If that happens, wouldn’t your lover be in danger? Don’t you agree?”

At that moment, Ran Feng Ge stood up slowly. His complexion was becoming increasingly pale, but he still managed a faint smile. “Remember to pay my medical bills, Boss. It’s two hundred thousand in total.”

He had wasted his time doing a difficult and thankless task. If he didn’t at least take some advantage of Su Yi Mo’s wealth, then he would be a big fool.

When he reached the stairs, his eyesight went black. His legs buckled and he pitched forward.

Su Yi Mo quickly walked up and caught him before he crashed into the stairs.

Ran Feng Ge pushed the other away with a hand. “I can walk by myself. You only need to help me bring up that bag of medications.”

Su Yi Mo said nothing in response, though his expression tightened. He picked up Ran Feng Ge and wordlessly began to climb the stairs.

Ran Feng Ge was shocked by Su Yi Mo’s action and instinctively grabbed onto the latter’s clothes. The dizziness in his head was becoming stronger. He couldn’t help but close his eyes.


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