Chapter 23: Get In! I’ll Take You to the Hospital

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His actions faster than his train of thought, by the time Lan Kuang collected himself from his reverie, he was already back in his room and had changed into some clothes. He was holding another set of clothes in his hand, as if he wanted to chase after Ran Feng Ge.

The aforementioned man was currently having difficulty walking, and oh how Ran Feng Ge would’ve liked to just close his eyes and go to sleep…

Tonight truly had been eventful. Things just kept coming at him one after another, until he had been caught completely unprepared.

If he had known that it would end up like this, then he wouldn’t have been so curious. The proverb “curiosity killed the cat” was entirely correct in its warning. If he had just obediently stayed at home and went to sleep, then he wouldn’t be stuck in this kind of situation right now.

Firstly, he had been found by An Chen. Getting injured was fine, but he had exposed Cheng Xi Ran and Mi Le to potential threats.

Secondly, he had totally been unprepared to come across Lan Kuang. Although the latter hadn’t recognized him, he still didn’t want to associate with Lan Kuang in any way.

How unlucky! He was truly unlucky!

Ran Feng Ge cursed silently. In the end, it was that iceberg Su Yi Mo’s fault. If the latter hadn’t given him this accursed job, he would certainly be enjoying a comfortable vacation in Hawaii right now! He wouldn’t have stirred up such a hideous mess!

It appeared that he should consider Xi Ran’s suggestion—Get a girlfriend, conceal his identity, and go live an ordinary but unrestrained life.

“Beep-beep!” A car horn sounded behind him. Ran Feng Ge turned sideways, his body trembling with the effort. Lan Kuang’s royal blue Rolls-Royce Phantom parked in front of him. Lan Kuang gave a toss of his half-wet hair, and let out two demanding words. “Get in!”

Holding his wound, Ran Feng Ge was silent for a moment, but finally opened the door and climbed into the back seat. He soon found that sitting was uncomfortable, and lay down crookedly, not caring whether he would stain the seats with his wet and bloody clothes.

Maybe he had thought of it, but just didn’t care enough. If the seats ended up stained, then they were stained. In any case, it was Lan Kuang who told him to get in.

By the time they reached the hospital, Ran Feng Ge’s consciousness had mostly faded. In a daze, he felt himself being picked up. Then he heard the sounds of urgent footsteps, the rolling of a stretcher, and the doctor asking Lan Kuang the basic facts of what had happened. He was then hit with the smell of disinfectant. He understood, he had been sent to the emergency room.

During the surgery, Ran Feng Ge blurrily saw that the name tag the lead surgeon was wearing had the words “Ping An Hospital” on it.

Oh… Don’t tell me that the An family has some affiliations with this hospital?

It’s almost midnight. I won’t be able to return to Su Yi Mo’s mansion in time, should I come up with a good excuse?

Would Su Yi Mo notice that I had disappeared from the mansion?

Maybe he’s accompanying his little lover and indulging in so much pleasure that he had forgotten to go home? Yes, that would be for the best. I can avoid a confrontation then.

Numbly, a torrent of thoughts went through Ran Feng Ge’s mind. After the surgery was complete, he was pushed out of the emergency room.

As his bed was rolled through the hallway, he did not see Lan Kuang anywhere. Maybe he had left? Just when Ran Feng Ge was about to close his eyes, he heard a hospital bed being pushed quickly in his direction. When they passed by each other, he heard a familiar voice.

“Xiao Han! You have to hold on! You have to get over this! Xiao Han!”

Unlike his normal icy tone, right now, Su Yi Mo’s voice was anxious and emotional, as if he was drowning in love.

Ran Feng Ge couldn’t help but smile, it truly was difficult to see another side of that guy. But then, he came to a sudden realization.

Ping An Hospital was where Jing Qiu Han was staying!

Su Yi Mo was there accompanying Jing Qiu Han!

Shit. It would be bad if he was discovered. Ran Feng Ge made to turn away, but it was too late. Their gazes met the moment Su Yi Mo inadvertently lifted his head.

Su Yi Mo’s eyes stopped on Ran Feng Ge for a few seconds, but then calmly followed after Jing Qiu Han’s hospital bed without skipping a beat.

Ran Feng Ge slowly pulled his eyes away. If Su Yi Mo was pretending to not know him, then they didn’t know each other.

Ah, I’m truly unfortunate. Even though I got injured and was sent to the hospital, I have no one to care for me. If it wasn’t for him, I would never have provoked that wicked second young master of the An family and Lan Kuang.

Ran Feng Ge closed his eyes and was quietly pushed into a room.

Lan Kuang, who was quietly reclining against the wall around a corner, had seen the whole exchange between Su Yi Mo and Ran Feng Ge earlier.

Su Yi Mo had given the game away so quickly?

That’s not fun at all! I had thought that the grand Young Master Su would have a hidden card with him. But he’s just the same as me, he wants to use Mr. Handsome.

Lan Kuang smiled, an excited smile, as if he had found his prey.

His smile, though somewhat cruel and callous, was charming nevertheless.


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