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Holding his wound, Ran Feng Ge took two steps backwards. He slowly raised his eyes and gazed at the man opposite of him. “You’re still the same as before…”

Still unscrupulous, treacherous, and crafty.

An Chen stood up and looked indifferently at Ran Feng Ge. “I’m sorry you had to remember what I was like before. Since I already found you, I will definitely put you to use!”

“Don’t be arrogant!” Ran Feng Ge berated the other. His legs felt weak and he knitted his brows in a frown. As he had dodged the dagger quickly, his wound wasn’t very deep. But he was starting to see black in his vision, and his limbs were going limp.

It couldn’t be…

“I smeared the dagger with an anesthetic beforehand. So the best strategy for you right now would be to agree to my request.” An Chen stepped around the desk, walking over to the wounded man.

A gleam of light flashed in Ran Feng Ge’s eyes as he got an idea. He glanced toward the windows; they overlooked the baths of the spa. He kicked his chair over to An Chen, blocking the other’s path. As An Chen dodged the incoming chair, Ran Feng Ge ran over to the windows, colliding with them.

Although his movements were slow and his sight blurry, Ran Feng Ge still remembered the appropriate measures to protect himself in the collision.

He covered his head, using his back and elbows to smash through the glass. The sound of breaking glass made the person currently soaking in the bath look up, just in time to see the figure that crashed through the windows.

Due to the anesthetic, the hand Ran Feng Ge was using to cover his wound drooped aside weakly. He felt himself fall with his limbs extended, the wind whistling past his ears.

He hoped the bath was deep enough to save his life.

“Splash—” Ran Feng Ge hit the water. Slowly, he floated up from the bottom. Just as he took a breath, he noticed a huge shadow falling over him.

Ran Feng Ge instinctively gave a punch, but the shadow moved slightly and dodged the blow. His fist fell harmlessly into the water, raising a splash.

Just when the man sat down for a soak, he saw Ran Feng Ge come crashing down. The force of Ran Feng Ge’s fall slowed as he sank into the spa. A rush of bubbles escaped from his lungs, racing towards the surface. When Ran Feng Ge’s fall finally halted, he had coincidentally floated into the man’s arms.

Plumes of red quickly blossomed in the water; the smell of blood filled the air. The mysterious man’s gaze froze. His eyes drifted over to Ran Feng Ge’s injured side. He quietly cursed, then reached out and pulled the other up from the water.

Ran Feng Ge stared with half-closed eyes at the man before him. His pupils suddenly constricted in recognition, and his heart was seized in shock—it was him!

This couldn’t be a coincidence, right?

An Chen stood by the broken windows and looked down at the two men in the bath, a gleeful expression on his face. The plan was a success.

Ran Feng Ge, you refused to act as An Mu to help me form an agreement with Lan Kuang by getting close to him. Since it’s come to this, I’ll have to do it my way. I’ll just have to make Lan Kuang take interest in you, the real you not hiding behind any masks.

I hope you won’t disappoint me. Ran Feng Ge… I believe in your charms.

The man who was holding Ran Feng Ge was indeed Lan Kuang. The latter looked up thoughtfully, and gazed at the broken windows on the 20th floor. An Chen turned around just in time and left, leaving behind a mysterious figure.

Lan Kuang narrowed his eyes, but retracted his gaze. He focused on the person in his arms. The face was unfamiliar to him, but those pair of eyes—when he first locked eyes with Ran Feng Ge, he saw something familiar in the other’s expression. Moreover, there was that figure by the window…

Hmm, interesting. If someone wanted to play with him, then he would certainly accompany them to the end.

Since a gift had already fallen into his arms, it would be a waste if he didn’t enjoy it.

Holding Ran Feng Ge, Lan Kuang stood up and stepped out naked from the pool. He walked towards his room with his gift in arms.

Ran Feng Ge was uncomfortable being held in the other’s arms. He wanted to push Lan Kuang away, but his body was powerless. On top of that, his mind felt slightly muddled.

He couldn’t resist feeling annoyed. If he had known he would fall into Lan Kuang’s arms, even if he died, he wouldn’t have jumped  out the window.


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