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“Come with me.” An Chen Ran reminded Feng Ge who stood beside him.

“If you’re inviting me for a soak in the spa, then you pressed the button for the wrong floor.” Ran Feng Ge playfully smiled and pointed below, towards the 15th floor. “That’s where we should be.”

“I didn’t think you would be interested in the spa.” An Chen walked ahead and opened the door to room 2010. He glanced back and asked to the other, who had not taken a single step, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid?”

“Of course not.” Ran Feng Ge lightly stepped over.

The lighting in the room was dim, but it was enough for Ran Feng Ge to see its layout as well as the places where a person could hide.

He glanced around the room, it seemed as if An Chen didn’t have any tricks planned. Reassured, he stepped inside.

An Chen closed the door and walked to the desk sitting in front of the huge, floor-to-ceiling windows. He pulled out a chair and said, “Sit.”

Ran Feng Ge strolled over and plopped down into the chair. “Can we get to the main point of this now?”

“I did a background check on you.” An Chen sat opposite to him. The minute he opened his mouth, those words popped out.

Raising an eyebrow, Ran Feng Ge broke into laughter. “I thought you already had, two years ago.”

An Chen rested his elbows on the desk between them and brought his palms together. With an unfathomable smile, he answered, “You’re right, I did a check on you two years ago. To be more specific, the check we did recently was not on you, but your two friends who own that bar.”

“And then? Are you going to threaten me?” Ran Feng Ge said indifferently.

“No, no, no! How can you say it like that? No matter what else, I did call you older brother for two years.” An Chen pushed the papers lying on the desk towards him. “The pile on the left is the information on your friends, which I guess you aren’t interested in. Why don’t you just look at the pile on the right, as it has information on the job I want you to do.”

Leaning against his chair, Ran Feng Ge draped an arm across the back of it. He didn’t bother glancing at the piles of papers; instead he asked directly, “Why don’t you just give it to me straight? What is it you want me to do?”

An Chen ignored the other man’s somewhat rude behavior. A dangerous light flashed across his eyes, and he lowered his voice, “I want you to continue to play as my older brother An Mu.”

Ran Feng Ge chuckled and replied, “I’m very sorry. I’ve already taken on a job, so I’m afraid I can’t accept yours.”

“Drop it, I’ll help you pay the penalty fee.” An Chen insisted.

Ran Feng Ge straightened up. Then, imitating the other, he propped his elbows on the desk and put his palms together. With a smile on his lips, he asked, “May I ask why you’re giving me a job?”

“Lan Kuang is interested in you. Wait, let me rephrase that, he’s interested in the An Mu you played.” An Chen emphasized the last point, “Meaning the An Mu you acted as two years ago, not my real older brother An Mu. Understand?”

So Lan Kuang was interested in one of the characters he’d played a few years ago.

That was why An Chen couldn’t afford to give his brother, a thorn in his side, to Lan Kuang to play with.

One of the reasons was that, if he did give his brother away, An Chen wouldn’t be able to order the obedient An Mu around. Another was that, if they were together long enough, Lan Kuang would certainly see through the real An Mu.

“What’s in it for you?” Ran Feng Ge asked sharply.

“That’s something you don’t need to know.” An Chen cleverly evaded the question.

Ran Feng Ge smiled. “While I’m dressed up as An Mu, you plan on secretly taking a picture of Lan Kuang and me together. Then, with his help as the leader of Chasing Hawk, you intend on eliminating your competitors. With that, the An family’s inheritance would all belong to you. Am I right?”

“No wonder you’re the golden body double. Your brain is also top class!” An Chen’s smile was treacherous. “Since you’ve already figured out my intentions, will you accept my offer or not?”

“Not interested!” Ran Feng Ge coldly replied. “I’ve already told you, I don’t want to be involved in your family’s disputes again. Don’t come looking for me anymore!”

His sentence hardly finished, Ran Feng Ge picked up on an almost indiscernible sound. He felt a rush of air rushing towards him. Instinctively, he dodged backwards, taking the chair with him.

He wasn’t prepared for An Chen’s unexpected attack. Although he dodged, he still got stabbed in the side by the dagger that had suddenly appeared from beneath the desk.


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