Chapter 19: Plotting While Falling into a Beautiful Man’s Embrace (1)

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“The one afraid… should be you.”

After saying this, Ran Feng Ge somewhat helplessly discovered that An Chen hadn’t bought his words at all. He even laughed and used his legs that had previously been dangling off the side of the seat to forcefully clamp around Ran Feng Ge’s waist. An Chen smiled and retorted, “So sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have any reason to be afraid either!”

Finished speaking, he suddenly lowered his head and nimbly caught Ran Feng Ge’s lips in a kiss, nipping and biting as he plundered the other’s mouth.

Ran Feng Ge reacted very quickly, turning his head slightly to the side the moment An Chen moved his head forward, but he was unable to completely avoid the kiss.

Ran Feng Ge freed his elbow and locked his fierce eyes on An Chen. An Chen provocatively met his gaze and then leisurely licked the lips that had previously been pressed against Ran Feng Ge’s as if he wanted to continue.
He didn’t push his luck, however, because his legs released Ran Feng Ge’s waist, letting the other man sit down properly. Instead, An Chen shifted into a crooked position on the spacious seat and rested his head on his elbow. The corners of his mouth inexplicably curving upwards, he fixed his attention on Ran Feng Ge. “When did you become this sober?”

Ran Feng Ge shrugged, “That depends on who I’m with.”

“Oh?” An Chen’s expression darkened, and a shadowed light flashed across his eyes before he continued asking, “When faced with Lan Kuang, you become drunk, relax your self-control, and let yourself indulge, is that right?”

“No.” Ran Feng Ge’s expression sank, but with a tilt of his head, it became sarcastic. “When faced with An Mu, maybe.”

Hearing this, An Chen gritted his teeth and lapsed into silence.

The car slowly stopped in front of a building with big, flickering neon words.

An Ping Office.

So this was the An family corporation’s business office.

An Chen led the way out of the car, stepping out of the left side, and stood in front of the door waiting for Ran Feng Ge.

Ran Feng Ge sat in the car, motionless. “An Chen, you can ask An Mu about most of the things you want to know. It’s pointless to ask me. I don’t want to have any connection to the An family anymore.”

“But I only want to ask you!” An Chen shamelessly refused to give up. “Since you’re already here, you should still come up and sit with me! Isn’t there a saying that goes, ‘Friendly relations should exist even after a failed business transaction?’ I sincerely want to become friends with you.”

The corners of Ran Feng Ge’s lips twitched. Sincerely wanting to become friends? If An Chen sincerely wanted to become friends with Ran Feng Ge, then why had he plotted to harm Ran Feng Ge back then? How ridiculous! But despite having those thoughts, Ran Feng Ge still gracefully stepped out of the car.

The corners of An Chen’s lips curving upwards slightly, he slammed the car door shut with a bang and strode up the stairs in front of the office door. Ran Feng Ge followed him, keeping one step behind, his pace neither urgent nor slow.

Entering the elevator, An Chen pressed the button for the 20th floor, then wantonly stared at Ran Feng Ge in the elevator’s mirror.

Ran Feng Ge scanned the elevator and also looked at the other man in the mirror. Seeing An Chen smile sinisterly, Ran Feng Ge’s heart inevitably gave a thump.

He’d come with An Chen like this without any preparation at all, and he didn’t know what tricks An Chen had up his sleeve, either… These two wealthy sons of the An family were infamously cruel and merciless. And it was he who was enough to contend with the An family’s eldest son, An Mu.

The elevator dinged, signaling that they’d reached the 20th floor.

Ran Feng Ge had left the elevator before he noticed this office building’s unique design. There was fretwork from the 15th to the 20th floor, and the entire 15th floor was an enormous spa separated into four sections, the sections corresponding to the four directions.

If one stood at the 20th floor and looked down, the people contentedly soaking in the spa were all visible at a glance.

Ran Feng Ge frowned slightly and inwardly wondered, what exactly did An Chen intend to accomplish by bringing him here?


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