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It turned out Su Yi Mo was actually serious when he’d said “let’s live together.”

A month later.

Ran Feng Ge’s “wounds” were completely healed. His condition was stable, and he was finally approved to be discharged from the hospital. The only thing he needed to do was recuperate at home.

Ran Feng Ge, who had been restraining himself this whole time, stood in front of the window and stretched. On his face was a relaxed smile. This is great. I don’t have to pretend to be a mummy anymore.

He turned around and saw the pile of clothes lying on the bed. The corners of his lips lifted in a slight smile.

Su Yi Mo had brought the clothes yesterday. While Ran Feng Ge was acting as Jing Qiu Han’s body double, all his daily necessities were provided by Su Yi Mo.

He reached out and flipped through the clothes, looking at the style and material of each. While he was looking through them, he nodded his head. Hmm…he has good taste.

Ran Feng Ge took off the hospital gown he had worn for nearly a month and changed into the new clothes. Just when he was buttoning up his shirt, the door suddenly opened.

The moment Su Yi Mo opened the door, he was met with a half-naked Ran Feng Ge. The other’s shirt was unbuttoned, exposing the two scars below his chest.  On his right side, there was also a similar scar. Its position was right where Jing Qiu Han had been shot; it wasn’t even a hairsbreadth off. Ran Feng Ge had even properly replicated the scar of a gunshot wound. At this, Su Yi Mo’s eyes revealed a satisfied look. This Ran Feng Ge, he certainly was a meticulous guy. Even after his wounds had healed, he remembered to leave scars on himself to prevent exposure.

In this one month, his diet too completely matched that of a patient, changing bit by bit as he healed. When it was time to show the intimacy and ambiguity of their relationship, he was also able to act it out in perfection. The only problem was that every time they hugged, Ran Feng Ge’s body would instinctively stiffen up and would only relax after much coercion from Su Yi Mo. It seemed like he truly wasn’t used to being hugged and kissed by another man.

However, Ran Feng Ge never said he wasn’t used to it, nor did he say he couldn’t do it. In Ran Feng Ge’s hands, the title of the golden body double truly reached perfection.

Su Yi Mo looked at the man standing before him and saw his frail, thin physique. He took in the other’s slightly pale complexion that was gradually returning to normal. He noticed the haggardness that was slowly fading away. He saw every little change.

“You’re here early.” Ran Feng Ge gave a small smile. He then took two steps forward, as if wanting to hug Su Yi Mo.

Su Yi Mo laughed inwardly at Ran Feng Ge’s movements. It seemed like, after a month, he was finally getting used to the routine when they met—see each other, smile, hug, and then kiss.

Su Yi Mo opened his arms and pulled the other man into a hug. He affectionately kissed Ran Feng Ge on the brow. “Are you all packed?”

“Yup. Since I’m the only one using this room, there wasn’t much to pack.” Ran Feng Ge let go and tilted his head up in a smile. “Isn’t it enough to take me away?”

“You’re right.” Su Yi Mo reached out with his hands and buttoned up the other’s shirt, his warm fingertips brushing against the man’s chest as he did his work. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Ran Feng Ge turned his head away. Su Yi Mo, on the other hand, calmly continued to speak: “It’s enough to just take you away.” As he spoke, he pressed a fingertip against Ran Feng Ge’s chest to emphasize his words.

Upon hearing that, Ran Feng Ge’s face grew slightly red, but it wasn’t something he could control― he had involuntarily blushed. Taking advantage of the situation, he gently pulled on Su Yi Mo’s hand and asked, “Then…can we leave now?”

“Let’s go.”

Su Yi Mo interlocked their hands together, and like that, they walked out of the room to greet the masses beyond the door.

Ran Feng Ge didn’t know whether it was Su Yi Mo himself who had let it leak to the press, but the major news media had already caught wind of the news that Jing Qiu Han was being discharged from the hospital after a complete recovery. Outside the doors of the First Hospital, there was an impenetrable crowd of reporters waiting for their prey to come out.

“Master Su, may I ask what your relationship to Master Jing is?”

“Your hands are interlocked together. Your relationship is certainly not a normal one?”

“Master Jing, since Master Su personally came to pick you up, are the two of you going to the Su family’s villa next?”

Su Yi Mo clutched Ran Feng Ge’s hand tightly, showing that he had nothing to hide. With a frozen expression on his face, he squarely faced the row of cameras and microphones in front of him. Just when Ran Feng Ge thought he would gave an icy “no comment,” Su Yi Mo actually replied to the reporters’ questions!

“To ensure that you guys won’t bother Qiu Han when he’s recuperating at home later, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you something.”

“My relationship with Qiu Han is exactly what you have in mind…”

“We are lovers…”

“We have been together for seven years already. Back when I had nothing, Qiu Han was always supporting me from behind. This time, it was also my fault that he got injured. I will definitely find out who dared to hurt Qiu Han, and then I will make them pay!”

“It’s fine if you compete with me through business. It’s fine if you come to my home to express your hatred. It’s fine if you make me your enemy.  But don’t you dare involve the people around me. Otherwise, I will make you regret you ever lived!”

“Alright, if you have any other questions, please wait until the press conference ten days from now. Right now, Qiu Han needs to go home and get a good rest.”

Even after they’d gotten into Su Yi Mo’s car, Ran Feng Ge was still in a daze from what had just happened.

Right then…in front of every major news media…did Su Yi Mo just declare our relationship status? Did he just brazenly…come out of the closet?



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