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“You’re very good…”

Ran Feng Ge had heard this sort of praise many times before. But to hear it personally from Su Yi Mohimself meant that the effort he put in the past few days finally gained the man’s approval.

Somewhat pleased and half begrudgingly, Ran Feng Ge closed his eyes.

He had also seen the shadow that had flashed by the door a moment before. If he guessedright, it was probably a spy sent by Su Yi Mo’s enemy.

He could still feel the lingering warmth Su Yi Mo’s palm left on his skin. The corners of Ran Feng Ge’s mouth twitched revealing a subtle smile. Although Su Yi Mo had an ice cold appearance, his body was quite warm.

Through the comforter, Ran Feng Ge slowly rubbed his stomach. When he thought back to when Su Yi Mo had been pressed up against him, he couldn’t help but shudder.

His mind then trailed to thoughts of Su Yi Mo and Jing Qiu Han doing “this” and “that” to each other. They most certainly were as ruthless as wolves and tigers, but they were also passionate as fire. Ran Feng Ge continued to shudder…

Suddenly, his eyes flew wide open with surprise—afterwards… Su Yi Mo couldn’t possibly want to do those sorts of things with him, right?

God… please no…

Perhaps because he was tortured by his stomach all night and couldn’t sleep, right now, Ran Feng Ge was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open. He closed his eyes again and quickly fell asleep.

In his dream, Su Yi Mo’s well-built body pressed down against his. It was boiling hot, so much that he felt like he was going to melt. Intense kisses fell on his lips, bites fervent as fire fell upon his chest, devouring his flesh. Almost burning palms stroked his lower abdomen, slowly trailing lower, and finally gripping his weakness… kneading and teasing. The pleasant feeling left Ran Feng Ge with breathless whispers; he quickly reached his breaking point. Su Yi Mo then straddled Ran Feng Ge’s body, reaching down to untie his own belt. The object that protruded out was swiftly delivered towards Ran Feng Ge’s mouth with a groan—


Ran Feng Ge woke up with a shiver. He gasped violently; streaks of sweat rolling down his forehead, wetting his hair.

“What’s wrong? A nightmare?” A gentle voice sounded beside his ear. Ran Feng Ge turned his head, and saw Su Yi Mo’s extremely close handsome face, peering at him.

He felt something scalding at his left side, and lowered his eyes to look. He immediately sat up in shock from what he saw.

That guy’s hand, why was it on his stomach?

“Xiao Han!” Su Yi Mo was also surprised by the sudden motion. However, his excellent acting skills immediately covered it up. He caringly reached out to Ran Feng Ge and drew the other up against his shoulder. He let Ran Feng Ge rest against him while he used his other hand to soothingly pat the man’s arm. Su Yi Mo then said in a comforting, low voice, “Don’t be scared. I’m here. Don’t be scared… it’s already over…”

Ran Feng Ge quickly returned to his senses. He pressed a hand against his chest, pretending as if his wounds were hurting him again. Inside Su Yi Mo’s arms, his taut body slowly relaxed, his breathing also slowly returned to normal.

“Does it hurt too much? You’re sweating a lot…” Su Yi Mo said quietly against Ran Feng Ge’s ear.

He had only left to grab some stomach medicine. When he returned, Ran Feng Ge was unexpectedly already asleep. Even in his sleep, the other’s brow was knit, his breathing heavy. Su Yi Mo thought Ran Feng Ge had fainted from the pain and immediately reached inside the comforter to help the other by rubbing his stomach a few times. He didn’t think that Ran Feng Ge would suddenly wake up, and then quickly sit up. It truly was a scare for him.

Fortunately, Ran Feng Ge had not forgotten his current identity.

“It’s fine. It’s already better.” Ran Feng Ge rubbed against Su Yi Mo a few times, and also replied in a low voice.

Su Yi Mo held some pills up to Ran Feng Ge’s mouth, “You should have some medicine.”

Ran Feng Ge understood what the pills were for, and obediently took them into his mouth. He waited to collect a mouthful of saliva, and using only that, he swallowed the pills.

Su Yi Mo helped Ran Feng Ge rest against the pillow. He then turned to grab the glass of water sitting on the bedside table. When Su Yi Mo returned with the water, he could only stare blankly at the man sitting in the bed, as Ran Feng Ge had already swallowed the pills.

Ran Feng Ge sensed the pause in the Su Yi Mo’s actions and gave a slight smile.

He was already used to swallowing pills directly, without water. It shouldn’t cause any trouble to their performance anyways, right?

Su Yi Mo quickly recovered from his surprise, and still delivered the cup of water to Ran Feng Ge’s lips. “Have some water.”

The water temperature was just right, not too hot and not too cold. Ran Feng Ge only took two sips before turning away from the cup. He then quietly asked, “Ah Mo, when can I leave the hospital?”

Su Yi Mo did not force him to drink any more, as he had an upset stomach. Su Yi Mo sat the cup on the bedside table, and softly replied, “You can only leave once your wounds have healed.”

Ran Feng Ge couldn’t resist a sigh.

Su Yi Mo reached out a hand and ruffled the other’s hair, as if he was comforting a puppy. “Just bear it for a bit longer. I’ll come to pick you up when it’s time. We… will live together!”



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