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“Ah Mo…stay with me for a bit more…”

Along with his voice, he also had Jing Qiu Han’s face with that clingy, adoring expression. Once again, Su Yi Mo thought Ran Feng Ge was Jing Qiu Han himself.

When Su Yi Mo returned to his senses, he was already bending down to softly kiss Ran Feng Ge’s forehead. “I’ll be right back.”

Watching the other’s figure as he walked out of the room, Ran Feng Ge smirked. That guy; not only is he an iceberg who practices abstinence, he is also insusceptible to temptation.

Ran Feng Ge then scrunched up his brow. His stomach was hurting again. Damn it; I’m getting more and more reliant on drugs. Before, he only had to endure until the pain passed. These past two years however, he had no choice but to rely on medicine.

As a body double, Ran Feng Ge had to play all sorts of roles. During the substitution time, the original person’s likes were his likes. If the original liked to eat spicy foods, then he had to learn how to eat spicy foods. Furthermore, he had to eat them without changing his expression. If the original person enjoyed eating a big bowl of ice cream in winter, then he had to do so too. As a body double, Ran Feng Ge had to immerse himself in every bit and piece of the original person’s lifestyle. Even if it was a small and subtle habit, he had to learn it to a tee. Other aspects were easier, such as manner of dress, mode of transportation, personality, et cetera. All those things were displayed on the outside and were not difficult for a body double to imitate. He could mimic them so well that it was impossible to tell the difference between the original and him. As for eating and drinking habits, few people could get them exactly right.

Of course, Ran Feng Ge was the exception to that rule. He was a perfectionist. Other body doubles would deliberately switch “something spicy” to “something sweet” or “something cold” to “something warm,” and they could do it without revealing their act. Ran Feng Ge, however, would venture into unmanned territory and practice eating spicy and cold things.  As a result of tormenting himself time after time, he had developed stomach problems. Although he was pretty skilled in the art of medicine, he was constantly on the move and thus constantly felt exhausted. Due to this, looking after his stomach was something he had no time to do.

Because of his continuous efforts, however, he had become the industry’s golden body double.

Hard work was always rewarded; there were always benefits to the time he had put in. However, a price always came with success.

For Ran Feng Ge, the price was worth it. When he reached around forty, he would retire and go enjoy his remaining years. If he didn’t put in some effort when he was young, how could he be worthy of a vivacious life afterwards?

As he was reminiscing about the past, Su Yi Mo brought the doctor back with him to do a checkup on Ran Feng Ge. Of course, the doctor was in cahoots with them on their act. He wasn’t a professional doctor and merely pretended to give a checkup. He openly declared that the patient was already out of danger and that after a few more days of rest, he could be discharged and recuperate at home. After making his declaration, the doctor stuffed his hands into his lab coat and walked out unsteadily.

Ran Feng Ge understood that the whole thing had been done for outsiders to see, so he didn’t say anything and merely watched Su Yi Mo with narrowed eyes.

Su Yi Mo opened the food container and then glanced at Ran Feng Ge. Why was the latter acting so indifferent towards food today when he had been devouring it so ravenously last night? At the very least, shouldn’t he have on a greedy expression to indicate he was hungry?

“Are you hungry? Do you want some congee?” Su Yi Mo, holding a bowl of congee, sat down beside Ran Feng Ge and looked down at the latter. His voice was gentle; however, his gaze was unfocused.

“I don’t want any.” Ran Feng Ge firmly rejected the offer.

“You should have some, I’ll feed you. Here, open your mouth.” Su Yi Mo spooned some millet congee and held it up to Ran Feng Ge’s mouth.

Ran Feng Ge frowned, unwilling to open his mouth.

His stomach was still hurting, so he had no appetite.

“You used to love eating this. Anyways, have at least a few spoonfuls?” Su Yi Mo gently implored.

Jing Qiu Han loved eating this congee. Right now you’re Jing Qiu Han, so you should act like you love it.

With that thought, Ran Feng Ge could only open his mouth.

As Su Yi Mo was feeding him, he swallowed down a few mouthfuls. However, his stomach was churning all the while inside. Due to his strong resistance to pain, he managed not to throw up, but it was so painful that he closed his eyes.

“Tired?” Su Yi Mo put down the bowl. He felt that Ran Feng Ge’s performance was a little strange. He personally thought that he would use this opportunity to let the other eat something, so why did Ran Feng Ge have on that sort of expression?

Ran Feng Ge didn’t open his eyes and simply let out a tired “nn.”

“Then you should get a good rest!” Su Yi Mo stood up, but his eyes suddenly stopped on the door. Ran Feng Ge on the other hand, was using his right hand to forcefully press down on his left side…

Ran Feng Ge didn’t hear any footsteps leaving the room, so he opened his eyes, puzzled. He was so shocked by Su Yi Mo’s next action that he almost fell out of bed!

Su Yi Mo’s tall and well-built body was pressing down on him. The other’s lips came to a stop beside his ear: “Stomachache?”

Ran Feng Ge swallowed and let out a muffled “nn.”

This guy, exactly what was he trying to do?

“A stomachache…then let me massage it for you…” Su Yi Mo maintained his misleading position and pressed down against Ran Feng Ge. He used one hand to support himself and reached inside the comforter with the other. He then placed his hand on top of Ran Feng Ge’s—it turned out that under the comforter, Ran Feng Ge was also tightly pressing down on his stomach with his left hand.

Su Yi Mo pulled Ran Feng Ge’s cold hand away; the latter’s fingers were stiff. Even though Ran Feng Ge was under great pain, his act was still utterly perfect: his expression of pain was just right, not a bit more, and not a bit less.

Pulling aside the hospital garb, Su Yi Mo pressed his hand directly against Ran Feng Ge’s skin and actually started massaging!

Ran Feng Ge’s expression changed slightly. Just when he wanted to speak, however, his lips were taken by Su Yi Mo. His groans of pain were drowned out by the soft sounds of kissing.

When he was allowed to take a breath, Ran Feng Ge looked at Su Yi Mo with blurred eyes. Although he had been kissed until his lips were red and swollen, he decided to look past that. “Go and fetch me medicine. I don’t need this sort of method to help me ease the pain.”

Su Yi Mo glanced at the door out of the corner of his eyes. After making sure he couldn’t see a shadow behind the door, he let go of Ran Feng Ge. He then turned over, stood up, and thoughtfully covered Ran Feng Ge up with the comforter. His goodbye kiss this time was on the corner of the other’s lips. There was also a barely audible line of praise: “You are very good…”



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