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The door of the hospital room quietly opened.

Ran Feng Ge excitedly opened his eyes. Finally! He was about to starve to death!

The visitor did not turn on the lights; instead, he closed the door behind himself. He reached down with his right hand and pulled something out of his pant leg. He then slowly walked to the person lying on the hospital bed.

With the help of the dim glow the various medical equipment emitted, Ran Feng Ge saw that the object flashing coldly in the man’s hand was a dagger!

He had been waiting for Su Yi Mo, but the one who came was a killer!

Ran Feng Ge held his breath and watched with rapt attention. He calmly waited for the man to come closer.

The killer raised his hand and the dagger came falling down. However, contrary to the man’s expectations, he did not feel the thrill of the blade stabbing through flesh and bones. Instead, he was met with a weak and relenting force…

Damn it! The killer realized what had happened and tried to pull the dagger back, but to his surprise, he was already too late. Without warning, Ran Feng Ge lifted his leg and kicked the man in the ribs. Immediately afterwards, he heard the sound of bones breaking and a painful groan.

Like a carp leaping out of water, Ran Feng Ge jumped out of the bed. The various tubes that were attached to his body ripped apart from the force. He tore off his oxygen mask and pulled the dagger out of the pillow, then tossed the pierced pillow aside.

Walking barefoot on the ice-cold ground, Ran Feng Ge stepped gracefully but also menacingly towards the man. “Who sent you here?”

“You’re not Jing Qiu Han.” The killer’s words held a certainty to them. “Where is Jing Qiu Han?”

Ran Feng Ge smiled, making him appear harmless. “I am Jing Qiu Han. It’s just that my injuries are not as severe as you guys may think. I woke up right after getting treatment in Paris, and I only pretended to be unconscious to lure you guys out. You certainly didn’t disappoint me. Now let me ask you, how do you want me to deal with you?”

“Heh, don’t overestimate yourself.” Covering his ribs, the man slowly stood up. “I may have two broken ribs, but you can’t be doing too well yourself, right? Your injuries may have healed somewhat and it seems like you can fight, but you’re not good enough to be my opponent. I couldn’t kill you today, but you can’t kill me either. So why don’t we call it even and pretend I was never here?”

“Hah!” Ran Feng Ge laughed out loud. “That suggestion doesn’t sound too bad.”

The man was delighted and quickly moved to escape out the door.

But, moving like a ghost, Ran Feng Ge blocked his way. “Unfortunately, you picked the wrong guy to make a deal with. If you mess with me, I will not hesitate to kill you. However, I’ll let you go this time if you tell me who you are working for.”

“Dream on!”

“My kick back then didn’t just break two ribs, you know. Right now, isn’t it becoming more and more difficult for you to breathe? If you draw this out any longer, there’s no way your lungs can be saved.” Ran Feng Ge raised his eyebrows. “As for me, I have all the time in the world to accompany you—”

Click— The door suddenly opened, and Ran Feng Ge heard the sound of the light switch being flipped. The entire room was immediately filled with light.

The slim and weak-looking Ran Feng Ge was like a skilled, masked assassin in a confrontation. It was inconceivable how he could suddenly revert to acting haggard and sickly. In short, looking at him from behind made people feel an urge to protect him wholeheartedly.

Understanding the situation inside the room, Su Yi Mo dropped the food container he was holding onto the ground. He loudly exclaimed, “Xiao Han!” He then quickly walked towards Ran Feng Ge and pulled the man into his arms, though the latter was dumbstruck.

Originally, Ran Feng Ge had wanted to flaunt the fact that he had caught a rat. He did not expect to be hugged before he’d even had a chance to open his mouth. The arms holding his waist were strong and powerful, and the palms cradling the sides of his waist brought with them a man’s heat. All of a sudden, Ran Feng Ge felt his whole body burning up.

Ran Feng Ge didn’t dare move for a moment. Su Yi Mo held Ran Feng Ge tighter, his chin rubbing back and forth on the latter’s head in a loving way. His words were even more loving: “Xiao Han…Xiao Han…this is great…you’re finally awake.”

Uh…this is too sickening. Su Yi Mo, why are you acting like this? Do you not see that the killer is still here?

Moreover, Ran Feng Ge was still holding the dagger in his right hand. In order to avoid injuring Su Yi Mo, he could only stand while extending his arm out in a weird fashion, and because he was being held tightly by Su Yi Mo, he had no choice but to hold his face sideways against the man’s chest!

From the corner of his eye, Ran Feng Ge could see that the killer wanted to use this opportunity to flee. Without thinking, he threw the dagger in the killer’s direction. Coincidentally, it caught the man’s clothes at the waist and nailed him to the wall. The entire dagger was sticking out from the wall.

The killer was scared stiff and immediately froze on the spot. At the same time, Su Yi Mo drew Ran Feng Ge’s body up against himself. He even tenderly called out “Xiao Han” once. Afterwards, he reached out and grabbed the back of Ran Feng Ge’s head, his own slowly inching forward.

Ran Feng Ge stared at Su Yi Mo, eyes wide with disbelief. “You…what…”



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