Ti Shen Chapter 13! OMG! FOR REAL!!!

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This is Lyrick here, and I just got my hands on the controls for this page. If you see anything funny another giraffe did it! Look away children this is not the giraffe you’re looking for.

Enough of the chit chat. Finally, we have a new chapter of Ti Shen.  I don’t know about you but I was missing our impertinent golden body double. So glad to see a new chapter of my honey Ran Feng Ge!

Chapter 13: I Will Return to Master’s Side, Without Fail

True Star Chapter 22!

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Hey All!

Updating for the team. Apologies for being gone for a while, everyone!
The team has been busy, but here is an update for True Star v2 c22! :)

Chapter 22: Tomb Sweeping

As always, we are always looking for staff members :) Translators and Proofreaders all welcome!

Surprise, surprise

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Did you guys all enjoy the daily updates? Did you notice that we actually updated for a week after the 1st? Were you happy? Surprised?

If you did notice, I’m glad. If you didn’t…umm… ok? XD Go check! I’m just here to let you know that we will be resuming our two week releases like usual after today. So that means our next update is on the 15th. Hope you enjoyed this surprise. Look out for more announcements! We’re hoping to do something special… some time in the future. Perhaps. :)

Anyways, thank you to all our supporters! We all were happy you noticed all our efforts!

Shout outs!!

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Awww, thank you libraryrocker and Martina for donating! You guys are so awesome!! Aren’t these giraffes just awesome too? :D I thought no one would donate after we reached our goal! But now we have extra, so I hope we can do something epically awesome with it. Have a great day everyone! Enjoy your summer!


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If you guys have stalked our page, you’d probably realize that Gong Hua was released just a few hours ago. A whole chapter in fact (a whooping… too many pages on Word). XD However, that actually wasn’t the winner of the contest. There were lots of shout outs for Gong Hua and though it didn’t win, it deserved to be updated. Definitely. I’ve never seen so many people talking about it on the Shout box.

And now for the contest. We had a grand total of 244 votes! (I didn’t even know we had that many people frequenting this site) Thank you so much for participating! Hope you enjoyed it and the prizes are *drum roll please* releases! SOOOOO, the results!
1st place: True Star
2nd place: Gong Hua
3rd place: Key of Sunken Moon
4th place: Ti Shen

Just as a bonus for you all, Key of Sunken Moon and Gong Hua have been updated! Of course, True Star will be too. Just head over there in a few moments and chapters should be there shortly! Please thank our translators and proofreaders! They worked really hard. :)