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PDF for Gong Hua Volume 1 made by Nannyn and PiKairi! There might be some differences between the copies, but hopefully you guys like them. Ah, the final proofread for this PDf was a pain. If anyone wants to join our group and help out, just send us an email!

Fan Tong
Fan Tong Volume 1 (Black)
Fan Tong Volume 1 (White)

Gong Hua
Gong Hua Volume 1 A5
Gong Hua Volume 1 (Black)
Gong Hua Volume 1 (White)


True Star


Ti Shen


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5 Comments so far:

  1. xena nais says:

    you make me so happy that i can get gong hua pdf thank you for ur hard work *–*

  2. Kil says:

    Yayyy!! thanks for the Gong Hua pdf! :D
    the compilations you make are the best i’ve seen so far ^^

  3. April says:

    If someone compile a PDF for you, how they send it to you ?

  4. xena nais says:

    thank you! thank you! for sharing these worderful novels love you guys

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