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Title: Key of the Sunken Moon, Chen Yue Zhi Yao, 沉月之鑰
Author: Shui Quan / 水泉
Publisher: Angel Publishing Co. Ltd. / 天使出版
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Original Language: Chinese
Status: Part 1 Complete (11 Volumes + Extras); Part 2 Ongoing (1 Volume+)
Translation: Ongoing

is a fine young man, a representative of today’s youthful generation. Due to a witch’s curse, antonyms randomly replace the words he wants to say…”
“Rewrite it.”

“Fan Tong, a fortune teller with heaven-blessed talent, is afflicted with Word Reversal Syndrome. For every nine sentences out of ten that he speaks, the words change into the opposite of their intended meanings thanks to the curse of a random old lady who couldn’t stand being called an aunt…”

“Aren’t you embarrassed reading this?”

“Fan Tong, a person who died for some reason, brought this curse to another world. In this odd universe where the dead can be revived, die, and revive again, how should he live? Can he become a hero? Is his mission to save the world?”

“Stop your wishful thinking.”

“Fan Tong… I’m not writing anymore! Why do I have to write an introduction? This isn’t in my job description!”


As an ordinary civilian, Fan Tong never thought he’d suddenly wake up in another world and be told that he had died.

To live in this world, Fan Tong must adapt to a new way of life and stop himself from getting killed every other day. In addition, he also has to control his accursed mouth, improve his human relations, and make reliable friends.

“My dad told me that a man should torture his friends well and make them cry.”

“…Can I stop being your friend, Fan Tong?”


Volume 4: Flow Marks (流痕)
Fan Tong's Foreword
Chapter 1: Hui Shi's Pavilion
Chapter 2: A martial arts competition to win over... a hand in marriage? Yeah right!
Chapter 3: The Demonstration Competition
Chapter 4: Note (Part 1 - incomplete translation)
Chapter 5: Martial Arts Competition; this time it's an actual martial arts competition, not one competing over a marriage partner


Title: Gong Hua, 公華
Author: Yuwo / 御我
Publisher: Angel Publishing Co. Ltd. / 天使出版
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Tragedy
Original Language: Chinese
Status: Complete (4 Volumes)
Translation: Hiatus - Email us if you are interested in joining translation team to work on this or if you would like to take over translation on your own site

The Tree signaled the others with a sad cry of its approaching death. Not one of the leaves below it was without grief.
Yet before the Tree withered away, it gave birth to a Flower, a Flower that is responsible for protecting the Leaves.
Facing their own most powerful protector,
The Leaves panicked…
A guardian Flower who has lost its tree… can easily become insane.
We cannot keep him, definitely not.
The guardian who was abandoned by his own people… was then picked up by humans.
The Humans gave him a name ––– Gong Hua.
A gentle human taught him love. The deaths of his loved ones taught him hate.
Although Gong Hua had just begun to understand the world, the first thing he found himself wanting is…
Yet at the same time, he realized, he himself is a target for revenge as well.


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This section contains BL Novels, meaning romance between males. Please beware before proceeding.

(範統) Although they are different characters when written, our main character’s name is pronounced exactly the same as 飯桶 (Rice Bucket / Idiot / Glutton)!

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  1. Reader says:

    Hello I was wondering if you have any plans on making volume 2 of Key of the Sunken Moon downloadable?

    Thank you!

    • Nannyn says:

      Yes, we do plan on making PDFs and epubs and whatnots for KSM v02. We just have a lot of stuff on the back burner right now. We’ll most likely get it done within two or three months. Hopefully, that’s not too long.

  2. Nicole says:

    Why are some stories hard to access from the beginning

  3. ... says:

    Thanks for the translations

  4. inkedSx says:

    The translations are really well written and suprisingly accurate, given how different the two languages are, its quite the feat. I’m honestly suprised that I’ve only heard of this now~

    One thing though, regarding the Key of the Sunken Moon, some of the names of objects can actually be translated directly to its English counterpart. For example fu zhou, which I’m pretty sure is seals, and how Yin Shi adds ‘Xiao’ in front of people’s names. Sometimes it compltely merges with the name, like Xiao Rou, but other times it could be translated to ‘little’.Xiao Luo Shi isn’t Luo Shi’s name, little Luo Shi’s what Yin Shi’s aiming for. It seems rather unoriginal to make words or phrases stay the way they are when they could be traslated into something else ti make a smoother reading experience.
    Or it’s just me being picky ;3

    • dinoj says:

      Hi there. Actually, I want to argue against changing “xiao” to “little” because yes it does translate to “little” however, I think it changes the intention. “Xiao” is a form of address, and from how I see it, the “xiao” means more than just little, it is often used by older people to address someone younger than them that they adore and are close to, if I’m not wrong. Saying little Luo Shi sounds to me a bit like poking fun at the fact that he’s little rather than because they adore him. “Xiao” can also sometimes be used in the opposite way, to mock someone, so I’m not really too sure how to explain it but overall I think it’s awkward to change “xiao” to “little.” Like for your example, why is Xiao Rou okay while Xiao Luo Shi isn’t, Xiao Rou’s name is Bi Rou right? Then, like how you said, Xiao Luo Shi isn’t Luo Shi’s name, the same would go for Xiao Rou as her name is not Xiao Rou but Bi Rou. Then, if going by that, it should be changed to Little Rou, (haha ‘little meat’ ..sorry) to me that sounds very weird. Like how the Japanese have honorifics like -chan, -san, -sama, the koreans with -nim, -ssi, and with English, Mr., Mrs., or Miss, I think “xiao” is kind of similar.

      (But, in the end, this is just my opinion, so correct me if I’m wrong. I’m actually Cantonese and it’s a bit different, I feel like we don’t really use “xiao” when addressing people, so my speculations of “xiao” is more from my Chinese classes and excessive watching of asian dramas.)

  5. About that... says:

    I think that status for Sunken Moon should be changed. The author came out with the second part.

    • Nannyn says:

      The second part is pretty much the start of a new series, right? Since the “complete” status is for the first part, we won’t be changing it.

  6. episod3ux says:

    Gonna ask,is there any romance on Key of the Sunken Moon or Gong Hua? if is just guys only is kinda strange…

    • Krescent says:

      im not sure about key of the sunken moon but gong hua is about revenge so probably not.

    • dinoj says:

      Lol I think yu wo said she can’t write romance so other than her attempt with romance RPG I don’t think any of her other LN has any real romance, so therefore I highly doubt gong hua will have any romance. As for key to the sunken moon I’m not sure why but you so doesn’t strike as a romance reading person and since she recommended sunken moon and in her recommendation she only seems to talk about the hilarious misfortune and the amazing world the author created, I doubt there’s any romance either. But lol I’m in love with these light novels, sometimes its nice to not have romance and I especially love the family and friendship bonds yu wo and other LN authors build. Just leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy at times ><

    • inkedSx says:

      There are hints of romance in Gong Hua, but it doesn’t really amounts to anything solid in the series. It adds to the depth though, and makes a tale of revenge seem bittersweet.

  7. Xuan says:

    Thanks for the translations!! For the password to see the incomplete chapter of Key of the Sunken Moon, is it something we have to figure out? or is it really secret?

  8. Jeff says:

    Thanks for all your work! Really enjoying Key of the Sunken Moon and the comedic situations arising from his speech.

    May I ask how many books/volumes are released currently? If it’s a lot, hopefully you guys can find more translators to speed up the project.

    • Nannyn says:

      The series is already complete. As far as I know, there are ten volumes in total. There are also some volumes of compiled extras. So yeah, this project will take a long time.

  9. Delly says:

    My I ask why is it that novel key of the sunken moon need very long time to update. I really like the story but the story not update much even after a long time.

    • a giraffe says:

      Ah… It’s totally arbitrary but typically, parts get updated once a month. Part of the reason it takes so long is that we have 3 other novels to work on and KSM isn’t as popular as True Star. Also, it’s much longer too. Sorry about that. I hope you can be patient. We’re lacking in staff which makes it even harder. At any rate, I have updated another part. It’s not much, but hopefully, it’s something.


  10. Shizuka says:

    Hello! Thanks for your translation. Can I ask a littel information. How many chapters (and volumes) is Gong Hua? Just to know because I was very surprised by the mini-chapter od True Star and the great number of chapter per volume.

  11. xena nais says:

    thank you for translating these awesome novels

  12. DD says:

    TQ for update, cant wait for gong hua

  13. renerak says:

    I take these translations are abadoned.

    • a giraffe says:

      What do you mean? We’re still active. We don’t have enough members to constantly update every single series but we have constant bi-monthly updates. It’s just that not every series is updated every time. Give us some time. Check back around the 1st or 2nd of next month. Since you like these and not the unspotted novels, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Unspotted novels are shorter so generally, they’re updated more often.


      • Rania says:

        How long for Gong Hua then….? xP Bc I love Yu Wo’s works x33

        • PiKairi says:

          LOL. My guess is that the huge chapter released a few weeks ago didn’t satisfy you? Since we don’t have a set schedule for releasing, I actually can’t answer that. However, I’m going to suggest that you check updates this month XD There may be an update soon.

          • Rania says:

            Wheeeeeee! That’s incredibly awesome news!! I had my sister translate it to me as a bedtime story, but I keep falling asleep midway TT^TT Only text keeps me awake~ And yeah… I read fast, so after reading the chapter 4 times I’m tired of it and want more ^^;; I shall be frequenting this place then~ Another lurker has joined, muehuehuehuehue~

  14. Heart of Ice says:

    …wait not ignore me…I’m just an idiot sorry and almost completely blind (legit, my range is 600+ in both eyes…)

  15. Heart of Ice says:

    I came here as a link through ‘’…looking for double body and true star…but I can’t find them? or is yaoi in another ‘place’? Sorry, I’m new to your website and I haven’t quite adapted yet…

  16. Kelly says:

    These translations are great!!!
    But question, are the next chapters coming out anytime soon? I’ve been checking for months but there never seem to be any updates.

    • PiKairi says:

      Haha. Sorry. ^^; We don’t have a specific schedule for translating. All our translations have to go through a translator and two proofreaders before we say that our chapters are complete. We translate most of the novels in parts so why not look again to see if the next part is up? I recently added the next part for Chen Yue Zhi Yao. Why not see if there’s anything new in the latest chapter?

  17. misy says:

    i looooooooooooove you guys …….you are the best….. without you i really don’t know what to do ……i’m in a country that there is no manga or chiness novel and i can’t even buy them from internet couse we can’t have credit card even if i have i can’t read chiness or jappaness ……. that’s why you guys are my savor couse i can’t live without these novel …so very thank you …please keep hard work and know there are people who will die if you stop these works ….\(>.<)/

  18. Kelly says:

    What’s the password for the protected chapters? So frustrating!

  19. Ton says:

    First taking the comments sections virginity.

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