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For any questions, comments and suggestions, please email us at or leave a comment in the section below! If you’re interested in becoming a staff member, please send us an email along with the following information.

Name (for credits):
Preferred series:
Blurb (Introduction of Yourself):


If you want to join Giraffe Corps as a proofreader, then please download this proofreader test. Send in the completed test along with the general information to us and we will review your application!


If you are interested in being a translator, then please download this translation test. Please at least be fluent in English and proficient in Chinese. Out of the four projects we are currently working on, KSM is in Traditional Chinese, so be sure you’re capable of reading it before applying.

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    71 Comments so far:

    1. Rachel says:

      Hey, are you still looking for proofreaders (?), because I have just finished the Proofreading test, included my details and sent it by email. Thanks ! ;)

      • Nannyn says:

        We actually need translators more than proofreaders at the moment. If you sent it to our group email, it might take a days for Nuddle to reply. If you don’t get a reply, you can send it to me at and I can look at it.

    2. aintg says:

      Woah, I’m glad to find this site! I’m currently interested in Chinese novel recently. :) Good job, guys!

    3. Evera says:

      Hi – i was wondering if you were still looking for someone to create e-books for you?

      p.s. i may have inquired through an email by mistake, i apologise for any confusion.

      • Nannyn says:

        Do you mean epub and mobi files? If so, then yes, we would appreciate someone who could make those for us. However, none of our projects really need the ebook treatment right now besides KSM and Gong Hua. Also, we like to give a final proofread of everything before compiling them into books and such. So if you do have the time and desire to make ebooks for us, if would be a good idea to work off of the text in the PDFs we release as they contain fewer errors. Hope that answers your question! :)

    4. Youye says:

      Excuse me, may I ask how your system of translators go about? Are you assigned the chapters of your preferred series? Also, how often are we expected to translate?

      • Nannyn says:

        We don’t assign chapters. Translators can pick the chapters/series they want to work on. As for how often we want you to translate, well, that really depends on your own schedule and how much free time you have. :)

    5. squinty says:

      Hellooo~! I applied for translating just a day ago, but I’m super nervously refreshing my email anyway. When do you think you can get back to me?

    6. R6B says:

      Hello, I’ve sent an e-mail about a week ago and haven’t received a reply yet. So, I would like a yes or no before deciding what to do.

    7. Xyz says:

      What is meant by “blurb” if you want to apply for a proofreader?

      • Nannyn says:

        Just a short introduction of yourself, so that we can put you on the staff list. You can look at the About page for examples.

    8. Lumiere says:

      I sent the proofreader test but I didn’t receive any reply

    9. Bookworm1307 says:

      Hi I sent the test a while back but didn’t get a reply

    10. Cielot says:

      Hi. I’m just wondering if you guys are still in need of help for a proofreader?

      • Nannyn says:

        Sorry for the late reply, but yes, we are still in need of proofreaders. If you want to join, just send us an email! Nuddle will send you everything you need.

    11. hello says:

      would you please consider translating 蘭陵王妃?

      Thankyou so much!!

      • Nannyn says:

        We’ll take your suggestion into consideration! :) I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to pick up a new project anytime soon though.

    12. Ria says:

      hi! I just want to ask why is the site seems dead everytime I visit it? I’m just lucky to enter it now but after that it doesn’t work anymore. it’s like the link is dead.thanks.

      • Nannyn says:

        I haven’t had any problems accessing the website at all, so I’m not sure why it’s like that for you. I’m not a tech expert so I can’t really help you with this. Sorry.

    13. lalallalaal says:

      hi i just became signed up to be a VIP member on LCread today. but i dont have any tokens yet. am i supposed to wait untill they transact my money or can i change my money into tokens directly after signing up? also, if i want to exchange my cash into tokens, how do i do it? the link that you showed on how to buy VIP chapters isnt working.

    14. HANA says:

      um I was wondering is theres a site where I can get the raw for Key of The Sunken Moon

      • PiKairi says:

        The raws can be found at LC Read but from looking at the comments, they are in image format and you have to pay for an account.

    15. fei-yen says:

      Hi! I’m trying to subscribe to LC Read but I cannot understand Chinese. I used Bing Translator to read the free chapters of True Star posted in LC Read. Having read all the free ones, the succeeding chapters are available only for VIP. I tried to register but seem to be doing it incorrectly. I can’t even get past the “Pass” part. Help please?

    16. Nyaroron says:

      I just want to ask how to subscribe to this website? I’ve been looking on how to but I cant find it. I really love reading your translation and I want to subscribe so that I can just receive mails when there’s an update coz I tend to forget stuffs a lot.

      • a giraffe says: It explains how to follow wordpress blogs. There should be a follow button on the lower right hand corner if you don’t have a WP account. There are also lots of different kinds of websites that follow blogs as long as you have the URL. Personally, I use feedly to follow everything I read. Hope that helped!


    17. Heart of Ice says:

      I’m not mistaking, in True Star your tags on chapter 27 you know the ones that are like
      the next is hyperlinked to chapter 26 not 28

      • PiKairi says:

        Either it was fixed or you might’ve clicked on the wrong one but the link is now correct. :) Thank you!

      • a giraffe says:

        Whoops. You commented on two different pages. XD I didn’t realize that I was the one who fixed it. ^^;


    18. boma says:

      how do u get a password to view chapter 18

    19. Heart of Ice says:

      …the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ chapter tabs are switched around from chapter 12 or 13 in True star onwards…it was a touch confusing but given that most people do read the ‘next chapter’ and previous chapter’ tag it isn’t a big problem…

      • kazemomo says:

        Not so true. Sometimes when I’m reading a new chapter and it pops something up about the past chapter, I find it handy to have a “previous chapter” link instead of going to the page where it has all of the chapters and finally clicking on the previous chapter. This is my opinion though.

      • a giraffe says:

        hello, thanks for letting us know. I fixed them now! :)

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