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For any questions, comments and suggestions, please email us at or leave a comment in the section below! If you’re interested in becoming a staff member, please send us an email along with the following information.

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Preferred series:
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If you want to join Giraffe Corps as a proofreader, then please download this proofreader test. Send in the completed test along with the general information to us and we will review your application!


If you are interested in being a translator, then please download this translation test. Please at least be fluent in English and proficient in Chinese. Out of the four projects we are currently working on, KSM is in Traditional Chinese, so be sure you’re capable of reading it before applying.

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    71 Comments so far:

    1. Akasha468 says:
    2. Kai says:

      Hey there! I’m interested in becoming a translator but I can’t seem to access the translation test link?

    3. NaNa Yuni says:

      I sent an email in order to reuest a permission to translate your work. Looking forward your kindness.^^

    4. Mari says:

      Hi. I sent you an email about a request. I hope you read it already. I’m waiting for a reply. Thank you.

    5. Ryoko-chan says:

      Hi, I sent you an email regarding proofreading several months ago. When can I expect to get a reply from you? :)

    6. Lee says:

      Hi there is a user from wattpad that posted the first volume of Ti Shen and it seem like a copy and paste of your work. Not sure if you gave permission or not, but they are posting stolen translation from others.

    7. TaffyGirl13 says:

      Hi, I emailed you guys about a week ago regarding translations, and I was wondering when I’d get a reply. Thanks!

    8. Elsie says:

      Hello, there. This site is very neat. You also provide a very good translation. But, I don’t see you put any subscription in this site. Does everyone have to leave at least one message in this site to subscribe (just like me)? Haha. Well, anyway, keep up the good work! I’ll be waiting for your updates. : )

    9. Jostena says:

      A while ago I sent a message asking if I can post one of your books on wattpad to give it more popularity because I really love that book. It’s the book Key of the Sunken Moon so I wanted to know if you will ever answer me.

      • a giraffe says:

        Hi, sorry for the late reply. We get lazy checking our email sometimes. That should be fine. Just credit us for the translations and put a hyperlink in the description that redirects back to our site. :)

    10. NyxEclipse says:

      Hi. I really appreciate the work you guys do here and actually want to join you guys. I sent an email like a week ago but haven’t received a reply.

      So I was wondering when I would get to know the results.


    11. Nicole says:

      I was looking at a couple stories that started on the last updated chapter. I am having start figuring out how to get to the beginning without using the “previous chapter” tab.

      • Nannyn says:

        There’s a novel directories page under the unspotted tab in novels with a list of all the chapters. The latest updates page does not have those.

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