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UPDATE: Taffygirl13 has translated all of volume 4 and has it on her site.

[TN] Warning! This is an incomplete translation. There are 4 more pages in this chapter but unfortunately we do not have any volunteer translators that are interested in this work :(. It’s sad I know, If I could translate I would but I’m a humble proofreader. This and chapter 5 have been sitting around for a couple of years now and I hate that’s it’s just being wasted so decided to upload them. If you’re interested in joining us as a volunteer translator then drop us an email. Note: The pages are pictures from a hard copy book so machine translating most likely won’t work.

“I want to quickly learn how to write the Eastern City’s language so that I can actually take notes in class.” – Yue Tui

“I hope that you can quickly learn how to write the Eastern City’s language as well, so that I can pass notes during class.” – Fan Tong

On their way back to the dorm, Zhu Sha decided to go and get some of the public food rations and told both Fan Tong and Yue Tui to head back first. Because the two of them realized they didn’t particularly want to eat any of the public rations while walking, they opened their Fu Zhou communication devices to tell Zhu Sha not to bring back their portions. However, they also ended up being attacked upon opening the group conversation and overhearing Yin Shi and Bi Rou talking.

“Yin Shi! Does it hurt? I’m so worried about you!”

“Ah, Xiao Rou, I really miss you. Whenever I think about how it’s already been three hours since we last saw each other, my wound starts to hurt a bit…”

“His injury is already completely recovered without a visible trace.” Fortunately, Ling Shi’s blunt words broke the lovey-dovey air in the middle of the conversation.

“Huh? It’s already healed?”

“Yes. Ying brought him back to her room to heal it.”

Bi Rou fell silent for a while after hearing this.

“Ah! Xiao Rou! Why aren’t you speaking anymore? Don’t listen to that damn old man’s words. It was just a healing!”

“Oh? Just a healing~…” Ling Shi repeated with a very strange intonation.

[End of chapter 4, part 1]

Translator: Jypoonie
Proofreaders: Charlotte Grey

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