Chapter 3: Misunderstandings Can Still be Peacefully Resolved

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“There’s so many misunderstandings: that Ling Shi is a woman, that the Magic Sword Guard came with evil intentions, about Zhu Sha’s gender, and so on.” – Bi Rou


“Yiye! What are you doing?!”

“Ah, we finally found you, Xiao Rou! I missed you so bitterly!”

“Lord Yin Shi, didn’t you go looking for Lord Ling Shi…”

Leading his troops, the blonde man who had spoken first approached from behind Yiye, while Yin Shi showed up near Ling Shi and Bi Rou. Yue Tui, who was at Yin Shi’s side, could not help asking Yin Shi that last question. After setting down Zhu Sha, Fan Tong went to find a place with everyone else.  Because of the sudden influx of people, everyone was unsure how to react. Bi Rou, too, was among those at a loss. Yin Shi evaluated the situation but was confused for a moment.

“Eh? What’s going on here?” Yin Shi asked, looking from one side to another, then suddenly seemed to come to a realization. He immediately pointed at Ling Shi and laughed uproariously. “Pu, puhahahaha! Old man, you’ve encountered retribution! Even you might be killed one day! Hahahahahahahaha!”

His excessively cheerful laugh turned everyone’s faces dark. This shouldn’t be your attitude towards your friend, right? Lord Yin Shi, in the end, who are you helping? Fan Tong was deeply puzzled. Just what type of friendship existed between Yin Shi and Ling Shi? He could only be certain that this sound was pure laughter and not Yin Shi calling his mop’s name.

“I’m not dead yet” was all that Ling Shi said. His face took on an ugly look, and he delivered a fist to Yin Shi’s stomach. Although the punch encountered armor, Yin Shi still had the breath knocked out of him and shouted in pain.

Fan Tong was not interested in their . Moreover, he thought that if the four characters that made up “flirting” came out of his mouth, his curse would make it seem like he was asking for a himself. Right now, he was more curious about the other party. They looked like they were Western City’s people, but what kind of people were they? Moreover… three golden threads? Three golden threads? He carefully looked over at that little demon and unexpectedly saw three golden threads. Wasn’t that the same rank as Luo Yue’s legendary monster of an emperor?

“Yiye, we have an important mission to finish. You shouldn’t keep creating complications here!” The blonde man’s criticizing tone held a certain degree of blame.

Already agitated from being continuously bombarded by various events, Yiye replied impatiently, “Don’t stop me from killing people!”

What, people from both sides have come to stop their comrades from killing? Although, one from our side has already forgotten his original intentions. But, Yiye? This name seems… a little nuanced…I’m also getting a sense of familiarity…Why? I can’t possibly know him, right?

“We are not at war with Ye Zhi right now, so killing their people as you please is disputable at best. This was not the mission His Majesty gave us!”

“Ya Mei Die, do not mention His Majesty in front of me!”

“Pu! Ack! Kekekekeke!” The moment Yiye said his comrade’s name, Fan Tong’s breath exploded out of him, and he choked on his own saliva, crouching as he coughed incessantly and nearly sinking to his knees.

–! –! What is this? “Don’t” – “stop” –? No wonder it sounds so familiar! You guys are clearly Westerners, but your names are pronounced as if they’re Japanese, what’s up with that? This is too much! Can these words even be used as people’s names? How awkward is it when other people call your names? Two magnificent gold-threaded masters… Not good, my face is twitching! Moreover, only I can hear the resemblance to the Japanese language…

“Fan Tong, what’s the matter?” Yue Tui patted him on the back, not understanding why Fan Tong had suddenly forgotten himself.

This is something I can’t explain, so don’t ask.

Fan Tong felt like a bomb had hit his brain. Nearby, the to kill or not to kill debate continued.

“You haven’t contributed anything to this mission. Why can’t you just be good and come with us to kill chickens…”

“I will not put my sword to that kind of lowly use!” Yiye’s face twisted as he replied. Fan Tong actually felt he could understand why Yiye was angry. That is, if he had heard correctly, and they really were here to kill chickens.

“In short, you can’t kill him! You’ve already made enough trouble by causing our secret mission to be discovered!”

“Hey hey hey, wait a second. What makes you think you can discuss this matter by yourselves so happily? If you want to kill our people, shouldn’t you ask me first?” Yin Shi had been listening off to the side the entire time, but he finally couldn’t stand listening to the unpatriotic Westerners anymore and butted into the conversation in their own language. However, both New Residents and the Western City’s people could understand his words, so Ling Shi was the only one who could not.

You finally said a comparatively normal sentence, Lord Yin Shi, especially compared to earlier, when you were mocking Lord Ling Shi and saying this was retribution…

“Why is it you again?” Only now did Ya Mei Die look directly at the other party. Because he saw Yin Shi, Ya Mei Die’s  face took on a sour expression once more, as if everyone owed him millions of strings.

“Ah, that’s right, it’s me again. You were discussing whether to kill us so happily. Shouldn’t you at least defeat me first before you say any more? Don’t tell me you think that your success is already guaranteed?”

If the winner will be determined by IQ, our opponents might win, Lord Yin Shi. That Mr. Stop … Mr. Ya Mei Die, even if he looks a bit foolish, I still think he looks a little more intelligent than you… Or maybe I should say that his brain is at least more normal.

“What we say is our own business, how dare you Ye Zhi people interrupt! Where are your manners?”

No, actually it might be difficult to choose between Mr. Ya Mei Die and Yin Shi. Then, it’s just an IQ competition between Lord Ling Shi and Mr. Don’t… Mr. Yiye?

“Returning to our main topic. Why did the Magic Sword Guard come to the Eastern City’s territory?” Finally, Yin Shi asked an important question regarding the main problem.

Ya Mei Die immediately gave a resolute reply. “We are here on an order from His Esteemed Majesty. We are to first kill chickens and pluck their feathers, then return to make a pillow for His Majesty.”


At the moment when most people who’d heard this would blank out momentarily and ask themselves, “Is this really true,” Yiye flew into a humiliation-induced rage and ferociously smacked Ya Mei Die on the head.

“Don’t tell them about this disgraceful situation! How can you answer whatever question other people ask, are you an idiot?!”

… Eh? Slow, slow down. Originally, your reason seemed fake, and I wanted to ridicule your flimsy excuse with the words, couldn’t you have come up with a lousier lie? You didn’t even write a rough draft for it? In this world, is there such a ridiculous situation? However, Yiye’s response makes it seem true? What the… are the bigwigs from both cities all out killing chickens? Do you have a serious conflict with chickens? What an ! Or should I say I don’t know what both sides’ bigwigs are thinking, and that they are doing work that should be beneath them to slack off on their actual jobs?

So wait, does that mean that the gold-threaded expert we ran into earlier and those Luo Yue soldiers also came to pluck chicken feathers? Why didn’t they say so earlier? I would have understood the language! If they had said so earlier, I would have just given them chicken feathers, as long as they didn’t kill me! Chasing their goals like that, attacking with knives and swords and causing all those disastrous casualties, did no good! The result of all that was not chicken feathers, was it?

“Why are you reacting like that, what are they saying?” Ling Shi asked, wrinkling his brow. The feeling of not being able to participate was quite bad.

“They said that they came to pluck chicken feathers.” Yin Shi seldom translated words properly for Ling Shi, but he still attracted Ling Shi’s glare right away.

“Do you think I’m brainless? Even if I can’t understand the language, I can tell that what you’re saying is impossible! Would it kill you to joke less?”

No… Lord Ling Shi, this time it’s actually you who’s misunderstanding. You have too deep of a bias against Lord Yin Shi, they really did say that…

“Ah? Me? You damn old man, casually wronging people, what I told you was the truth!” Yin Shi complained with an innocent and aggrieved expression. Beside him, Yue Tui and Bi Rou also kindly helped him testify.

“They really said that.”

“That’s right, Ling Shi Dage.”

Even with the testimonials of two people, Ling Shi still wasn’t convinced, so he cast his gaze toward the third person. “Is it true?”

… Don’t ask me, don’t ask me, I can only speak incorrectly! Wouldn’t my words just create more trouble for Lord Yin Shi? Oh, that’s right, I can just nod my head to answer this question!

After Fan Tong hastily nodded his head, Ling Shi came up with another question. “What will they do with the chicken feathers?”

“…Return and make a pillow for their emperor.” Yue Tui answered the question, his expression distant.

“Damn old man, you accused me wrongly but didn’t apologize…” Yin Shi looked like he had really taken offense. Ling Shi looked at him without a trace of apology in his expression.

“I am truly sorry. Since you came, let me ask you, how should the issue of Luo Yue’s Magic Sword Guard and their soldiers invading our country be handled?”

Lord Ling Shi, did your brain get burnt? How could you ask Lord Yin Shi how to handle this serious issue? He might answer you with, “Then let’s happily work together to pluck chicken feathers,” right? Did you think of that?

“Ah, what a headache, I don’t want to deal with this. We came to pluck chicken feathers, but we still haven’t finished…” Fortunately, Yin Shi used the Eastern City’s language to say that sentence. Otherwise, if the other party heard that they were here to pluck chicken feathers too, Fan Tong didn’t know what impression the others would get.

“Even if they really only came to pluck chicken feathers, we can’t just consider this unimportant. We can’t let our enemies go wherever they want, right?” Ling Shi narrowed his eyes, looking very dissatisfied with Yin Shi’s answer.

“Ah! That’s right! Ling Shi, you’re so clever, I didn’t expect it at all. This way they’ll make off with our chicken feathers!”

When Yin Shi clapped his hands and spoke as if he had suddenly come to a realization, no one knew what to say to him. Was that really the train of thought of a bigwig? Did he really think that, when dealing with such a sensitive matter, the most important thing was the dispute over who got the chicken feathers? Talking about it like feathers were such a precious commodity…

“You…” When together with Yin Shi, people often had the opportunity to experience what it was like to become so angry they would convulse; no matter how much time they spent around him, no one was immune.

“Then, I’ll tell them to get lost. The chickens are ours to kill.”

If you say, “The chickens are our country’s natural resource and should be protected,” it wouldn’t sound bad, but just telling others not to kill them so that you can, that really is… too blunt?

“Should we negotiate over the people we killed…” Fan Tong originally wanted to say they should negotiate over the people the other side had killed. After all, he had almost died. He didn’t consider the matter to be water under the bridge. As for how the curse had changed his words… he couldn’t control that.

If I think about it carefully, it actually seems that the people from Luo Yue haven’t killed anyone! We did all the killing… Lord Ling Shi covered the ground in blood, my mop unexpectedly killed a few people, and Lord Yin Shi seriously injured someone… so aren’t we the villains here?

“We were eliminating the intruders; we have reasonable justification for doing so.” Ling Shi did not have to think hard to come up with this response.

Immediately, Yin Shi opened his mouth to say, “We’ve already fought, we’ve already killed, just tell them to leave and everything will be fine.”

“And if they refuse to leave?”

“Eh? Then just forget about it.”

“… Shouldn’t we start a fight? If negotiations are useless, let’s just use weapons to expel them, okay?”

“Ah, but Ling Shi, you couldn’t defeat one of them.”

“Of course you would deal with that child. The other person won’t be a problem for me.”

“But I don’t fight children or women.”

Speaking with Yin Shi was always very tiring.

Their party was quarreling, but the other party was also quarreling.

“If this matter isn’t resolved peacefully, there’s no need to pluck chicken feathers anymore, since we would have failed His Majesty’s task…”

“I already want to ignore that stupid mission! Do you still want to reason with the enemy?”

“We can’t gain the upper hand, right? What use is it for both sides to suffer?”

Hearing Ya Mei Die say those words, Yiye gritted his teeth. Although his heart longed for an intense fight with a rarely encountered, worthy opponent, after so many people had shown up, in reality there were still many things he needed to consider. Although he never paid much attention to other factors when he was working, aside from practical matters, there was another problem that caught his attention.

“Hey, hey, are you guys finished talking over there? We can act as if we never saw you stealthily sneak in, and we won’t inform Ying. However, you must leave our borders within an hour, and during that period of time, you can’t harm the Eastern City’s people. This is our suggestion.” In any case, they were all old friends who had frequently encountered each other when they’d fought over people at the Chen Yue pathway, so Yin Shi thought that communicating with them for a bit wouldn’t cause any problems.

However, the phrase “stealthily sneak in” somehow caused people to be at a loss as to what to say. Did you really have to use the phrase “stealthily sneak in”… shouldn’t it be Bi Rou who did that? Wasn’t what Bi Rou did really “stealthily sneaking in”? She even went from someone who’d stealthily snuck in to a proper and respectable Eastern City resident. This is truly quite disturbing…

Yiye was speechless, and it was unclear what he was thinking, so it seemed that he was leaving the decision to Ya Mei Die. Ya Mei Die thought for a bit; apparently the matter could only be settled like this, so he agreed to their requirements. It would be easy to find out whether Ya Mei Die’s soldiers had really left after an hour. Since they were in the Eastern City’s territory, naturally the Eastern City had methods to monitor them. In other words, they couldn’t agree just for show; they would have to do what they’d agreed to do.

“Ling Shi, they’ve agreed, let’s quickly leave and continue killing chickens. There’s no need to look after them.”

“Hng.” Ling Shi didn’t oppose the idea. After glancing at them, he went to treat the two unconscious girls.

“Ah, that’s right, there’s also Xiao Zhu… Eh? Xiao Zhu?” Right after Yin Shi suddenly remembered the matter with Zhu Sha, he saw the person in question suddenly appear along with feelings of doubt.

Fan Tong also hadn’t taken note of when Zhu Sha had approached them. A little surprised, he looked towards Zhu Sha, then looked back at Yue Tui.

“Eh?” He looked specifically at the place where he’d put down the person he had been carrying, but he didn’t see even half a person. Therefore, he could not help but ask, “Where did that boy go?” Wrong question again.

“Which boy?”

Yue Tui really wasn’t pretending – he truly was shocked.

“Wasn’t he a girl just a moment ago… The person from before, was it really Xiao Zhu? Xiao Zhu, are you a boy or a girl?” Yin Shi’s mind kept turning in circles. If the girl from before wasn’t Zhu Sha, then where did she go?

“I don’t understand this question,” Zhu Sha coldly answered.

After hearing about the situation, Ling Shi also adopted a cold look. “Yin, can you not tell the difference between genders?”

“Ah! It’s not like that! Just now it was obviously… Xiao Yue, didn’t you say that girl was Xiao Zhu?”

Yue Tui stiffened, hesitated, and then shook his head. “You probably remembered it wrong.”

Fan Tong didn’t know how why, but he could understand why Yue Tui had stiffened momentarily. It was because he wasn’t used to lying. It seemed that he wanted to conceal the matter.

“Eh? Mop’s Master, you should have heard it as well, right?”

…Who are you asking?

Instead of Fan Tong’s face or name, what had left the deepest impression on Yin Shi, and the one thing he remembered, was actually Fan Tong’s weapon. Let’s set aside the matter of Yin Shi remembering it as a mop instead of a horsetail whisk for now; he felt his name was already so easy to remember, but Yin Shi still couldn’t remember it. This was overwhelmingly sad.

I’m begging you to remember my name! It doesn’t matter if you call me Xiao Fan, Xiao Tong, or Xiao Fan Tong, just don’t call me Mop’s Master! What a terrible joke!

“Ah, why won’t you answer me? Don’t tell me that you’re not the person with the mop? Then, who are you?”

By this time, Ling Shi had already woken up the two girls, and it seemed that he did not want Yin Shi to waste any more time, so he came over to interrupt. “This is an unimportant matter, don’t bother with it. Haven’t we already wasted enough time? Quickly go do your job and kill chickens. Don’t tell me you want to make a third trip?”

“Huh? So long as I’m with Xiao Rou, it doesn’t matter where I go or how many times.” Yin Shi answered, smiling at Bi Rou, which immediately made her fall back into starry-eyed infatuation mode.

“Oh! Yin Shi, you’re so handsome!”

This open admiration embarrassed Yin Shi a little. “Ah, am I…”

It was truly inconceivable for someone who looked like that to still not be accustomed to being called handsome. Perhaps the Eastern City’s girls were a little more reserved?

Finished dealing with business, the people from the Western City had already left. Only after seeing them leave did Ling Shi ask Yin Shi a question. “Yin, are you certain you could have beaten that child from earlier?” Ling Shi knew that if he had fought Yiye, he would have definitely lost, so he wanted to know if Yin Shi had any chance of success.

“Ah, I’ve never fought him before, so I don’t know. It looks like he’s an expert who combines magic, curses, and sword fighting, but I can do more, so maybe I could beat him?” Yin Shi didn’t immediately answer that he was certain of victory, causing Ling Shi to furrow his brows. This time, Bi Rou spoke up.

“Yin Shi! You know how to do so many things! You also figured out how to cast curses? Which ones?”

“Ah, I’m proficient in Shufa, Fuzhou, sword fighting, and magic. I know how to cast curses well, but I can’t use them. My Wushu is not bad, but in front of friends, I tend to let my guard down, so this damn old man often lands a hit on me… Nn – the thing I’m best at is sword fighting.”

…Eastern City’s Shufa, Fuzhou, and Wushu; Luo Yue’s magic, curses, and sword fighting… You’re an expert in everything from both cities! What did you have to do to accomplish this feat? Is this something only a genius can do? But Lord Yin Shi, your intelligence seems to be lacking a few basic things, which isn’t like a genius at all –

“If you’re best at sword fighting, why are you the rector of Shufa Xuan…?” Bi Rou asked the question that Fan Tong was also puzzling over. Yin Shi paused, thought for a bit, and finally recalled the reason.

“Ah! It seems like it was because… Wei Shi said that he wanted the position, and I didn’t want to give it to him, so I defeated him, and then…”

After spending forever listening to you, I still can’t find anything good about you. And now, Lord Wei Shi has taken up the position of Wushu Xuan’s substitute rector. Why didn’t you take that position from him and work two jobs at once?

“Tsk, just bringing up that damn Wei Shi makes me angry, what a loathsome guy. If he found out about today’s affair, he would definitely be itching to make a fuss about it, hmph.” Saying that, Yin Shi became unhappy. In contrast, Ling Shi heaved a sigh and put in a sentence for Wei Shi.

“He really isn’t a bad person, it’s just that he firmly believes that what he’s doing is making the world a better place. He’s retarded, that’s all.”

It looked like Ling Shi was defending Wei Shi, but Fan Tong was speechless. Lord Ling Shi, you’re so ruthless… Other people normally say “idiot,” “fool,” and other less demeaning insults. You said he wasn’t a bad person, but then you went ahead and used an utterly humiliating term like “retarded.” Are you sure you don’t feel any malice towards him?

“Ling Shi, what are you saying? It’s too complicated, I don’t understand.”

“… You two retards make a good pair.”

“Hey! What? How could you say that I’m retarded?!”

Quickly finish plucking chicken feathers and stop making a fuss, really now!


Yiye, Ya Mei Die, and the surviving soldiers, who had left the scene first, began discussing matters in private once they’d reached a safe distance.

“Yiye, I couldn’t contact him, but when I used magic to try and detect him, it seemed like he’d already left this place.” Ya Mei Die was referring to their third companion, who had been separated from them by the Qing Ping Storm and hadn’t been seen since.

“How hateful, how dare he return before us…” Yiye thought of the person who had left him to continue this stupid feather-plucking mission with this idiot of a companion and forced out his words through gritted teeth, fuming with anger. Of course, Yin Shi had broken their companion’s arm, and afterwards his troops had urgently evacuated with him, but this was something they wouldn’t know about.

“Ya Mei Die, that woman from a moment ago…”

“Which one?”

To this date, they still thought that Ling Shi was a woman.

When asked that question, Yiye’s expression visibly dulled as he couldn’t think of an answer.

“Can’t you fix your habit of ignoring people’s faces?” Ya Mei Die felt helpless. When Yiye looked at people, he never imprinted their appearances in his mind. Normally, he only paid attention to things like the trajectories of his opponents’ swords and the path of the magic flow around them. As for people’s bodies, he only noted their positions so he would know where to attack. Anything apart from this was nonexistent to him. When trying to distinguish between men and women with that kind of habit, Yiye could gain only a rough impression from his first glance.

“All right then, what did you want to say?” Seeing that Yiye wasn’t going to speak, Ya Mei Die could only continue asking.

“…” Yiye remained silent, making Ya Mei Die feel even more helpless.

“Shouldn’t you also fix your problem of quickly forgetting what you wanted to say when you are interrupted?”

That was just the way he was, he couldn’t change it even if he wanted to. Having two of his weaknesses pointed out one after the other, Yiye was ashamed into anger. “I already remembered! That woman was very odd, she could speak the Western City’s language…”

“What? Isn’t Yin Shi a man?” Ya Mei Die felt that he must have heard something inconceivable, so he could not help interrupting Yiye. In his understanding, Yin Shi was the odd person who spoke the Western City’s language; after all, when Bi Rou had spoken, he hadn’t arrived yet.

“Which one was Yin Shi again?” Yiye had nearly lost his patience and was also a little confused.

“He showed up later. He was that black-haired man.”

Yiye did not remember at all who had black hair. However, he knew that the person he was referring to hadn’t appeared later. “It wasn’t someone who appeared later!”

“Can Ling Shi also speak the Western City’s language?”

“It’s not Ling Shi either!”

Yiye finally remembered that the opponent he had fought against was Ling Shi; not that he’d recognized Ling Shi, it was just that the sigil of Ling Shi’s restriction order, which only affected the Eastern City’s residents, was in the air, and its entire aura had originated from the opponent he’d been fighting.

“It seems like there was another woman, but she should be a New Resident, right? New Residents can all speak the Western City’s language, so why is it strange that she could?”

After Ya Mei Die had spoken, Yiye couldn’t think of anything to say for a while. What had been strange? The fact that she had yelled his name? But his soldiers had also yelled out his name, so it wouldn’t be strange if she had heard it. Yiye couldn’t recall what exactly had caught his attention. In fact, he couldn’t remember at all the words Bi Rou had spoken, as well as the beginning of that sentence she hadn’t finished.

“Don’t mind it anymore, we only have an hour left. We should hurry up…”

“What are we hurrying for?”

Hearing Yiye ask that question, Ya Mei Die’s face once again took on a confused expression. “Of course we should find out how to pluck enough chicken feathers to fill a pillow during the next hour. We can’t turn our backs on His Majesty’s trust!”


“This is our mission, don’t tell me you also forgot this?”


It was precisely because he hadn’t forgotten that Yiye had nothing to say. At the same time, he really wanted to bestow a sword strike upon his companion’s problematic head and send him to be reincarnated. Maybe in the next life, he would become normal.

“Just in case there really isn’t enough time… Yiye, do you happen to be an expert in disguising yourself?”

“What are you asking me to do? What use would that be?”

“This is the backup plan: if there’s not enough time to pluck enough chicken feathers for a pillow, at least one person needs to make an attempt to infiltrate Ye Zhi’s city walls…”

Hearing this, Yiye thought that Ya Mei Die had turned into a different person. Ya Mei Die actually wanted to infiltrate the Eastern City and gather intelligence, or perhaps Englar had given him a secret mission. After Ya Mei Die finished speaking though, Yiye discovered that he had been wrong. “It doesn’t matter whether you or I do it. If we infiltrate Ye Zhi and buy a pillow made of chicken feathers, we could also complete the mission that way!”


Infiltrating the Eastern City… just to buy a pillow? We’d even buy the pillow? We can’t just steal it? What about currency? Do you have Ye Zhi’s money? Don’t tell me you’re afraid of getting caught stealing and causing the knowledge of the Western City’s Magic Sword Guard infiltrating Ye Zhi just to steal a pillow to spread throughout Ye Zhi, and then spread back to the Western City, causing the Magic Sword Guard to lose all prestige? If you even understand what humiliation is, you shouldn’t be bringing up this kind of suggestion! Yiye stopped thinking before the thought “if we’re really going to steal, why not take a few more pillows and make it ten?” reached his mind and firmly used his sheathed sword to knock out Ya Mei Die in one blow.

“Lord Yiye…” Seeing Yiye use violence against Ya Mei Die, the soldiers were stunned.

“Pick him up and carry him, we’re going home,” Yiye coldly ordered, and just like that, the farce of the Magic Sword Guard going to the Eastern City to pluck chicken feathers ended.


◎ Fan Tong’s Afterword

Plucking chicken feathers to raise our rank was truly difficult. We had to surmount all sorts of difficulties, going through numerous twists and turns… I never expected plucking chicken feathers to lead to a life-threatening crisis, Zhu Sha changing genders, and Bi Rou and Lord Yin Shi breaking up… Eh, that didn’t happen, I’m not cursing them either. Maybe having the curse for a long time has caused even sentences spoken in my mind to become abnormal, ahahaha.

After finding out many things, we encountered members of the Magic Sword Guard, who could be considered important people in Luo Yue. The short one almost beat Ling Shi, which is really difficult to imagine. I originally thought some harrowing conspiracy or conflict would occur, but they were actually just here to pluck chicken feathers. I heard that it was because their emperor wanted to make a pillow. I can only say, w-w-w-what a mess! Do you have cement for brains? What nonsense! There’s something wrong with anyone who would dispatch strong fighters with gold threads to enemy territory just for a chicken feather pillow! He’s abnormal, I say, what’s up with this world!

However, for the Young Emperor of Luo Yue who killed three hundred thousand people, wanting a pillow doesn’t really seem to be keeping with his image…? Maybe thinking of him as a bloody monster is my misunderstanding? It goes without saying that a person has many faces; I heard that the Young Emperor is still young, so maybe he’s still childish…

After resolving our series of problems, we were on our way again, and when evening fell, we finally plucked enough chicken feathers. Lord Yin Shi’s chicken-killing method was still very striking. Fortunately, he killed them very single-mindedly, not paying attention to the rest of us, so we did not need to suffer the shining assault of his and Bi Rou’s love. Even so, after everything was finished, I did not feel deeply moved the moment I received the chicken feathers; instead, I felt lower back pain…

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be a grass green tassel! I’ll have a salary! Hahahaha! This is worthy of getting excited about, even though laughing right now is making my entire body hurt. But also, before this happens, I still have to find Luo Shi and collect our chicken skins as well as resolve the problem with Zhu Sha…


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Translator: Saviesa
Proofreaders: XYZ81, Sherry, Channie

The term used here is 打情罵俏, which literally translates to “fight love curse beauty.” It refers to flirting with a woman by pretending to be displeased with her.
Fan Tong is making a pun here, since he uses the phrase 打爆, which begins with 打 like打情罵俏 (translated as “flirting”).
”Yiye” sounds exactly like the Japanese word いいえ, which translates to “no” or “don’t.” So, his name literally means “no” in Japanese.
This name sounds like the Japanese “やめて,” which means “don’t,” “stop,” “not good,” etc.
The Year of the Chicken is one of the twelve years on the Chinese Zodiac. So, with all the chickens being hunted, the Year of the Chicken will be very unlucky.

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