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Fan Tong:

This is the first friend I made in the Eastern City. Although he speaks strangely and sometimes spews bad words, he’s still a good person. Being with him makes me feel extremely happy, and I want to do something for this friend of mine – especially since he seems to have a learning barrier, and his luck isn’t too good. If I can help, I will certainly help as much as possible. I hope he will also consider me to be a good friend.

Luo Shi:

He is one of the Eastern City’s five attendants and the Queen’s son. I’ve heard many things about him, and I’ve heard that he’s more or less a kindhearted person. He said he’s always waiting for Hui Shi to return… I can’t help him with this, but perhaps I can take care of him in place of  Hui Shi? But with  his status, does he really  need me to?

Yue Tui:

This is… the current me. I am now a New Resident of the Eastern City, and it could   be considered as…  something fresh and new. Truthfully there are a lot of things that I don’t know about the Eastern City, but fortunately, I don’t have any problems with the spoken language, though I’m still learning the characters. I heard that “I” had stayed in the New Residents’ temporary housing for a year and never came out. If everyone believes it, then I must have done so.

Zhu Sha:

Fan Tong’s and my roommate in room 444. He is a serious person, very outspoken, and I would like to emulate his attitude towards studying. As for his attitude towards eating… not so much; I’m not at all envious of it. Compared to Fan Tong, I’m not close to Zhu Sha, but since we all live together, we should become closer in the future, right?

Bi Rou:

Regarding her, I don’t want to mention much. She doesn’t recognize me anyways.  I admit that I’m very surprised to see her here… In short, I truly don’t want to mention anything more. I’m sorry.

Mi Zhong:

I heard he’s the tour guide that introduced Fan Tong to the Eastern City. I’m not really clear on what he’s like since I’ve only seen him one or two times. Fan Tong said that he likes men; however, Fan Tong’s words often can’t be taken at face value, so which is it, actually?

Ling Shi:

One of the five attendants of the Eastern City and the rector of Fuzhou Xuan, he is responsible for handling the memories of the Eastern City’s residents. He carries a pale black tassel. He’s usually by the side of the Eastern City’s queen. He is also extremely beautiful and… decisive? I don’t have any particular thoughts about him; I only remember his utter hatred for the Western City’s people.

Yin Shi:

One of the five attendants of the Eastern City and the rector of Shufa Xuan, he carries a pure black tassel. Because of the things I heard about him in the past, I was originally under the impression that he was a frightening person, but after meeting him, I discovered that this was not the case at all. I think his way of thinking is… unique. Nn, I’m not too fond of criticizing people, and as I’m actually a little prejudiced against him, let’s just not speak about him.

Wei Shi:

One of the five attendants of the Eastern City, he is the substitute rector of Wushu Xuan. The impression he gave me is not a good one. I think he shouldn’t treat New Residents the way he does. I’ve seen quite a few people who think like him and these people make me feel uncomfortable. But, it’s extremely difficult to change one’s ideology. It may be better to just keep my distance.

Hui Shi:

He was one of the five attendants of the Eastern City, the rector of WuShu Xuan. Hmm… I know that that he has been missing from the Eastern City for two years, and I also know what happened to him, and where he’d gone… but I can’t make myself tell Luo Shi. I feel really bad for this. It might be better if Luo Shi just forgets about him.

Xi Ying:

She is the Eastern City’s Queen, and she carries a pure black tassel. The first time I saw the Queen was during Chen Yue Jie. I didn’t get any profound impressions, but I’m afraid I can’t adore her like all the other Eastern City’s residents. However, it can’t be helped…


The Western City’s Young Emperor. I also don’t want to mention this name . But really, was it three million, three hundred thousand, or thirty thousand? I’m still very concerned about this…


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  1. Mira says:

    Thanks for translating this ! I can’t wait to binge read the next volume :D aha~~ Eager and patiently waiting ~~~~ Have a happy Chinese New Year!

  2. lfb says:

    I’m really liking the series so far. Thank you all so much! I’m looking forward to the future chapters! *already took a peek at some of the art in later volumes*

  3. teckie says:

    omg, this… only makes my theory about his identity into canon D:

    about bi rou, maybe surprinsingly she was someone important in western city? since she even got to meet or see yin shi during the last war… and western city’s view of yin shi comes as a surprise. frightening, huh. i can only think of him as something similar to what fan tong regards him, except i do like him being handsome~☆

    and yet again the plot about hui shi thickens, and it’s most likely that yue tui had something to do with this!

    i have to say that when i read the chapter’s title, i wasn’t expecting much. normally, character introductions aren’t done by a secondary character, i liked this one. and heck, this chapter revealed as much things as the whole of volume 2 xD

    thanks a lot for the chapter! happy new year!!

  4. Amiric says:

    Yue Tui is as polite as ever. I do hope we learn more about him, but nope, nothing. I really want to know why he hate Bi Rou, and his relationship with Hui Shi.

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