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New Ti Shen Up

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Hello my giraffes, here’s the latest chapter of Ti Shen. Enjoy ♥

Chapter 41: Do First, Ask Later

Chapter 41: Do First, Ask Later

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Su Yi Mo watched as anger surfaced onto Ran Feng Ge’s features, “For the coming nine months, you aren’t allowed to accept any other job offers. I will increase your salary by three hundred thousand. You only need to do your job well.”

Ran Feng Ge couldn’t release his anger. The stuffy feeling was heavy on his chest, and it was very uncomfortable. All he wanted to do now was yell at Su Yi Mo, but with the vision of all that money, Ran Feng Ge could only hesitate.

Three hundred thousand…

Su Yi Mo didn’t know who Ran Feng Ge was supposed to stand-in for based on An Chen’s previous call. He also didn’t know that Ran Feng Ge only wanted to take this job for one reason, and that was so he could help rescue Jing Qiu Han’s younger sister.

All Su Yi Mo knew was that if he prevented Ran Feng Ge from taking on this job, then… he and Lan Kuang wouldn’t need to have any dealings at all.

But what Su Yi Mo forgot to take into account was that, Ran Feng Ge being Jing Qiu Han’s body double would only increase the possibility of his exposure to Lan Kuang.

Ran Feng Ge sighed deeply as he thought about the circumstances now. Why would he choose to forgo three hundred thousand AND put himself in such a dangerous situation?

That just what’s-her-name-Jing-Qiu-Lan, who cares if she lived or died? As long as he did his job well playing the role of Jing Qiu Han, he didn’t need to worry about anything else!

“Have you considered things properly now? This deal is very lucrative for you.” Su Yi Mo said, deliberately making his tone as cold as he could.

“Are you being serious?” Ran Feng Ge asked suspiciously.

Su Yi Mo eyed the suspicious look in the other man’s eyes and immediately made a call to Ah Jiu: “Ah Jiu, transfer an additional three hundred thousand into Ran Feng Ge’s bank account. Yes, do it right away!”

Ran Feng Ge felt his eyes go wide like saucers, looking at Su Yi Mo incredulously.

Su Yi Mo and Ran Feng Ge silently stared at each other.

After a minute, Ah Jiu called back to inform Su Yi Mo that the transfer had been done.

Su Yi Mo tilted his head towards a laptop on the table and asked: “Do you want to check?”

Ran Feng Ge had originally wanted to refuse, but seeing as how arrogant Su Yi Mo looked at the moment, he couldn’t help but feel very annoyed. He refused to believe that Su Yi Mo would just give him an additional three hundred thousand for no reason!

In accordance with the contract the two of them signed before, if Ran Feng Ge were to accept another job while he was still working for Su Yi Mo, even if Su Yi Mo wanted to dismiss him and make Ran Feng Ge pay for the breach of contract, it still would have been legal. So why would he increase his pay instead?

Ran Feng Ge didn’t bother thinking it through. In fact, Su Yi Mo didn’t know what else he could do to keep Ran Feng Ge to himself. All he could think of was using this simple and idiotic, but effective method.

That was because he knew how much Ran Feng Ge loved money. Regardless of whether Ran Feng Ge’s love for money was real or not, Su Yi Mo believed this was the only way he could keep Ran Feng Ge by his side temporarily.

Ran Feng Ge pushed past Su Yi Mo and keyed in his bank account login details, one number at a time. He didn’t forget to look up at the imposing man before him suspiciously to see if Su Yi Mo had a card up his sleeves. However, all he saw was the infallible iceberg.

As soon as he noticed that his bank account had indeed increased by an extra three hundred thousand, Ran Feng Ge couldn’t help the surprise in his voice as he asked: “You were serious?”

“Do you still doubting my sincerity?” Su Yi Mo asked with a hint of annoyance, “You aren’t allowed to accept any other commissions!”

Ran Feng Ge pouted slightly as he nibbled on his lower lip: “What if the other job pays better?”

“Don’t tell me you are willing to forsake your reputation for money?” Su Yi Mo questioned angrily.

Ran Feng Ge replied sulkily: “Who cares about reputation when you have money…”

“I seriously don’t know how you got your gold standard reputation as a body double!” Su Yi Mo roared, “If the other party is offering more than me, tell me by how much higher it is and I will compensate the excess!”

Ran Feng Ge rubbed his chin before glancing up at the man: “Why are you treating me so well?”

Having been hit right on the mark, Su Yi Mo froze, not knowing how else he could answer the question: “I just want you to play the role of Jing Qiu Han perfectly…”

“That’s something other body doubles can do too!” Ran Feng Ge said as he sat down on a chair after checking his account. He has always been someone who was very restless; he could not just sit still and not do anything. Therefore, while he was speaking, he started to swivel the chair he was sitting on in circles, a look of mischief on his face: “Oh, that’s right! My friends, who were pulled into this mess because of you, they are just as good as me! And what’s more, their asking price isn’t as high as mine.”

Su Yi Mo watched as Ran Feng Ge swivelled this way and that in front of him, a feeling of helplessness rising up from within. How is it that a grown man doing something like this was… so cute?

And yet, so infuriating at the same time!

Ran Feng Ge was turning round and round happily when the lever to adjust the height of the chair situated at the back accidentally hit the table leg, forcing the chair to fall straight down to its lowest setting. The sudden change in height scared Ran Feng Ge to the point where a shout nearly escaped his lips as his eyes flew wide open. Blinking slowly, Ran Feng Ge turned and looked at the lever, then at the chair—the look on his face was one that was absolutely endearing.

Su Yi Mo had never seen such an expression on the real Jing Qiu Han before.

Reaching out, Su Yi Mo placed both hands on either side of the chair’s arm rest, trapping Ran Feng Ge in between them. With a slight shift of his body, Su Yi Mo leaned down closer into Ran Feng Ge’s personal space and whispered: “Didn’t you say you didn’t want them to be dragged into this mess? So being the benevolent person that you are, you’ll just have to work harder to prevent that from happening.”

The sudden intrusion of Su Yi Mo into Ran Feng Ge’s personal space made Ran Feng Ge lean as far back on the chair as possible to escape, only to be halted by the backrest.

Coughing gently, Ran Feng Ge attempted to look relaxed as he said: “You don’t have to come so close, we can always work things out slowly.”

Su Yi Mo caught a glimpse of his reddening ears and couldn’t stop himself from teasing the man before him. Leaning forward even more, Su Yi Mo brought his face right up to Ran Feng Ge’s ear and spoke in a deep, sultry voice: “But… aren’t we lovers? Being this close is considered normal, right? Isn’t that also what you said this morning?”

Ran Feng Ge froze. There was no way he could force out a “Yeah, that’s right” without looking like a tomato, nor could he just turn the tables on Su Yi Mo by hugging him. Logically speaking, all he needed to do was just that, because they were indeed “lovers”—but Ran Feng Ge couldn’t bring himself to do it.

God damn his heart—can it not beat any faster!

Unintentionally or not, Su Yi Mo’s lips brushed against Ran Feng Ge’s ear lobe gently: “Then, about my proposal earlier…”

“I agree! I agree! I will not take on any other jobs!” Ran Feng Ge hurriedly replied.

“And what if you go against your words?” Su Yi Mo asked as he breathed onto Ran Feng Ge’s jaw, refusing to relent even the tiniest bit.

Ran Feng Ge could not focus on anything at the moment. He had been one step away from swearing on his mother’s classmate’s neighbour’s cat when Su Yi Mo continued: “If you go back on your words, then I will make our little lovers’ act real and let you have a taste of how it feels to be under me. How about that?”

The heart that Ran Feng Ge had a hard time controlling sped up once again as he placed both hands on Su Yi Mo’s chest to push him away, quickly feigning a calm disposition: “Who knows who will be under who at this point!” After saying that, Ran Feng Ge quickly stood and grabbed his cell phone from the table before reaching for the SIM card inside the garbage bin. Turning towards the door, Ran Feng Ge did not forget to throw out his threat: “The next time you toss another thing of mine into the bin, I will personally throw you off this building!”

Before Su Yi Mo could look up, Ran Feng Ge had already disappeared.

Su Yi Mo was about to leave as well when he caught sight of the laptop in the corner of his eyes…

Did that rascal forget to log out of his bank account?

Su Yi Mo pulled a chair over and sat down, moving the cursor a little bit, and sure enough, Ran Feng Ge’s bank account details were still displayed.

Scanning through the information on the account, Su Yi Mo was a little surprised. He originally thought that Ran Feng Ge would have a lot of money to his name, but looking at these financial records proved otherwise.

Although the money in there was more than enough to live a comfortable life, Su Yi Mo was curious about where the money Ran Feng Ge had earned as a body double was spent all these years.

Clicking onto his transaction page, Su Yi Mo found out that every now and then, there was a regular transfer of funds to a certain bank account, and each time was for a sizable amount. All the other transactions here and there held no interest to Su Yi Mo, only this particular one did.

Typing in a series of numbers and alphabets into a new browser tab, it took no time at all for Su Yi Mo to find out the owner of that particular bank account.

However, it wasn’t what he had expected.

First, it wasn’t a person.

It was actually a nursing home.

Second, looking at the name, Su Yi Mo couldn’t help the sudden change in his expression.

This nursing home… This nursing home…

Su Yi Mo felt his fingers unconsciously tighten into a fist, a look of pain overwhelming his features.

He no longer cared about what he could find in Ran Feng Ge’s bank account and quickly logged off the system, slamming the laptop close. Standing up, Su Yi Mo stood next to the floor length window and placed a cigarette in between his lips, but didn’t make an attempt to light it. All he could do at that moment was dazedly look at the hundreds of cars streaming down the road.

After what felt like an eternity, all Su Yi Mo could say were two words.

And those two words were —

Little liar…

That’s right. That nursing home was the one where Ran Feng Ge’s mother was currently housed.

The reason why Su Yi Mo would suddenly think of this was because he knew for a fact that this was the same name of the nursing home that housed the little liar’s mother, and so naturally, he thought of his little liar…

That year, after witnessing his little liar’s demise in the exploding car, Su Yi Mo had been riddled with guilt and immense sadness, the likes of which Master Su hadn’t expected. Therefore, in a last ditch effort to try and protect his son, the entire Su Family decided to leave everything and move to A City, far away from that place filled with painful memories.

Seven years later, because of a collision between the Lan Family’s Chasing Hawk and the Su Family’s Falcon organizations, the Su Family, which had been defeated very badly, had almost nothing to their names. And yet, Su Yi Mo still did not forget to remind his father to watch over his little liar’s grandfather and mother.

It was also that same year when little liar’s grandfather passed away.

Su Yi Mo had been standing outside the ward then, watching as the frail, old man reached out his arms as though he was trying to grasp on to something.

Su Yi Mo couldn’t stop the tears pouring out from his eyes, because he knew who the old man was trying to hold on to; he must be thinking of the little liar. Why was it that their little liar hadn’t come to visit him in so long? He must be missing him dearly…

Unfortunately, little liar was never coming back…

Su Yi Mo couldn’t take it anymore and rushed in quickly. He held on to the hand of the old man and cried out in sobs: “Grandpa… I’m sorry… Grandpa… I’m so sorry…”

I’m so sorry… I lost your beloved grandson…

I am so sorry. I’m so sorry…

The old man’s eyesight was almost gone, and so he was unable to tell whether the little boy, currently latched onto his arm bawling his heart out, was indeed his grandson or not. But he could feel the pressure on his arm and the little voice crying out, “grandpa”.

A smile formed on his lips: My beloved grandson, my baby grandson is finally back!

That year, because all he could think of when he looked at Ran Feng Ge was the destruction of his family, he could only direct looks of loathing and hatred towards him. Due to this, Ran Feng Ge had disappeared. But in fact, as a grandfather, he felt guilty for a long time. Because, no matter what happened, Ran Feng Ge was an innocent party caught in the tragedy.

He couldn’t be sure if Ran Feng Ge ran away from home, nor did he know where he had been all this time. All he knew was that for the past seven years, whenever there was a special occasion, he would receive a lot of health supplements and medication; each and every one of them bearing the title For Grandpa. With each passing year, the handwriting became stronger and tougher, and yet, there was still no sight or sound of his beloved grandson.

He felt that his grandson must be blaming him, so he never thought that he would have the chance to see him again before he died. He definitely didn’t think he was also going to get an apology from him…

When in reality, the person who needed to apologize most was him…

The smile on the old man’s face remained, even as the body grew cold and stiff.

Su Yi Mo cried for a very long time then. No less than the time when his little liar died.

Translator: Jypoonie
Proofreaders: Charlotte Grey, Lyrick

Ti Shen – Got Milk?

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A new chapter of Ti Shen is ready for your eyes to view.

Chapter 40: A Touch of Dominance

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Chapter 40: A Touch of Dominance

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Unlike Ran Feng Ge who was able to fall asleep quickly, Su Yi Mo struggled.

He was not actually upset that Ran Feng Ge had left him all alone in the kitchen on clean up duty; what he wasn’t happy about was…

It was how overly confident Ran Feng Ge had been when he announced that he was definitely going to think of a plan to save Jing Qiu Han’s younger sister…

How was he going to do that?

How could Su Yi Mo not know what kind of man Lan Kuang was? Although he did not know what exactly happened between Ran Feng Ge and Lan Kuang in the past, if he wanted to snatch someone from the hands of Lan Kuang, it was definitely not going to be that simple!

All Su Yi Mo could think of at this moment was the night Ran Feng Ge had returned home drunk and confused. Ran Feng Ge had lain sprawled on his bed, his brows furrowed deep as he fought the nightmares in his head, his words slurring as he kept repeating the same sentence over and over.

“… Lan Kuang… I am not him… I am not him…”

Who is he… not?

Unless… Lan Kuang had Ran Feng Ge stand in as a lover of sorts before?  And… had his way with him?

Su Yi Mo felt that his mental state was slowly growing out of his control—to the point of imagining Ran Feng Ge being pinned under Lan Kuang as the latter did unimaginable things to him.

Damn it!

The Su Yi Mo who hadn’t even gotten into bed yet, impatiently paced the length of his room, ended up hitting the wall with his fist moodily.

Could it be that the idea Ran Feng Ge had to save Jing Qiu Han’s younger sister was to get close to Lan Kuang and let him have his way with him…


Su Yi Mo vehemently rejected the idea in his head.

Reaching for his phone, Su Yi Mo dialled a number and coldly said: “I’ll give you three days. No matter what you have to do, find me the whereabouts of Jing Qiu Lan!”

Only after he had ended the call did Su Yi Mo’s mood lift a little. No matter what, he was not going to let Ran Feng Ge approach that demon dressed in human clothes, Lan Kuang.

The next day.

Ran Feng Ge lazily made his way down from the second floor to wash up when he spotted Su Yi Mo coming out of the washroom holding a towel. Dark shadows loomed across Su Yi Mo’s features.

“Did you not sleep well last night?” Ran Feng Ge asked as he brushed his teeth, looking a little comical with toothpaste on the corner of his lips.

Su Yi Mo raised his head, eyeing Ran Feng Ge but did not say anything. Without a sound, Su Yi Mo used the towel in his hands to cover his face as he sat down on the couch and allowed his body to relax into the leather—a look of utter peace on him.

Looking at him like that, Ran Feng Ge made his way into the kitchen and took out a bag of milk from the fridge. Using his teeth to rip an opening on the bag, he walked up to Su Yi Mo and removed the towel covering his face. He then poured a small amount of fresh milk onto his fingers before rubbing them around the area of Su Yi Mo’s eyes.

[PN: First time ever hearing of bagged milk, but it’s a real thing]

“This is my family’s secret recipe! Lie still and don’t move!”

Originally, Su Yi Mo had no intention of letting Ran Feng Ge touch him, but seeing as how Ran Feng Ge’s fingers were already massaging the area around his eyes, he allowed himself to close his eyes to take in the firm pressure from Ran Feng Ge’s fingertips. The milk was light and refreshing; having it massaged on his skin actually did feel rather comforting.

However… shouldn’t it be a woman’s business to pay attention to dark circles and such?

Why would he, as a CEO of an entire organization, care about something like this?

Oh, but it wasn’t him who was concerned—it was entirely due to Ran Feng Ge’s own ministrations to help him try and lessen the dark circles.

Ran Feng Ge, on the other hand, was multitasking in peace: massaging the milk gently into Su Yi Mo’s skin and slowly sipping the milk packet that was still hanging off his mouth.

Throwing it away was too much of a waste.

Hearing the sound of swallowing, gulugulu, down Ran Feng Ge’s throat, Su Yi Mo opened his eyes abruptly, giving the former a scare as he watched the sullen look on the man’s face before him: “What is it?”

“Give me the milk, I’ll do it myself. You can go wash up.”

“Oh.” Ran Feng Ge had wanted to drink a few more mouthfuls of the milk, but Su Yi Mo snatched it over swiftly, “If you still want to drink, you can make a cup of hot milk after you finish washing up.”

Hearing this, Ran Feng Ge remembered how the bread he had scavenged from the cupboards ended up yesterday, and realized Su Yi Mo was monitoring his food intake. He probably didn’t want to let Ran Feng Ge eat or drink anything that could worsen his gastric disease—this thought was precisely why Ran Feng Ge accepted his defeat so easily and went to go wash up.

Watching Ran Feng Ge obediently walk away somehow lifted Su Yi Mo’s spirits. Glancing at the half-finished milk packet in his hand, Su Yi Mo hesitated for a moment before bringing it up to his lips and downing everything in one go. Not a single drop was left for him to use on his dark circles.

As the last drops of milk slid down his throat, Su Yi Mo looked at the milk packet that Ran Feng Ge had been sipping on and felt his spirits rise to another level.

[PN: Su Yi Mo you’re so kinky!]

When Ran Feng Ge had finished washing up, he found a mug of warm milk on the coffee table next to the sofa. Lifting it up to his lips, Ran Feng Ge drank a mouthful of it, En! The temperature is just right.

Turning around, Ran Feng Ge spotted the Su Yi Mo who had already finished dressing up, so he raised his mug in thanks: “Thanks!”

Su Yi Mo brushed past him and said: “I’ll go get the car first, you take your time.”

“I’m not a fragile, dainty woman, why care so much?” Ran Feng Ge threw his head back and emptied the contents of the mug in a few gulps, before letting out a satisfied sigh: “Yum!”

Su Yi Mo eyed the milk-stained corners of his lips as a hand came up to tap at the corners of his own, indicating to Ran Feng Ge that he had milk residue on his lips.

Ran Feng Ge stretched out his tongue to lick the corner of his lips, before beaming towards Su Yi Mo: “Anymore?”

Su Yi Mo felt his throat tighten, so he turned around to walk out quickly: “No. Go change, I’ll be outside.”

Ran Feng Ge rushed up the stairs as he yelled out: “Can’t you wait for me just a second? We can go out together! I’m just gonna grab a coat!”

Su Yi Mo who had reached the front door, stopped. Ran Feng Ge had just reached the top of the stairs when he spotted the man standing still. “I’ll be right there!” he called out with a big smile.

Grabbing his coat, Ran Feng Ge took three steps at a time as he made his way down—the whole process lasting not more than 10 seconds.

As they made their way to the garage, Ran Feng Ge slipped an arm under Su Yi Mo’s elbow as he explained: “This is more like it. What if there are people outside monitoring us? Seeing the two of us together makes more sense than you being alone!”

Hearing this, Su Yi Mo didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, but looking down at their linked arms, he could not stop the small smile from appearing on his lips.

Even though Ran Feng Ge was wearing Jing Qiu Han’s face, Su Yi Mo could no longer see him as the latter. This type of reaction was no longer something Su Yi Mo could control.

As the two made their entrance at the company, it undoubtedly kicked up a storm.

Everyone gathered around Ran Feng Ge, asking him over and over again if he was feeling alright, if there were any problems with this body. Ran Feng Ge replied to everyone’s concern professionally with ease. He explained that he was getting a lot better; it was just that his injuries recently got infected, that was why he had to take a few extra days off. However, that was all in the past, he could now get back to work without hindrance!

Afterwards, he accompanied Su Yi Mo to attend a board meeting.

The meeting discussed when they were going to restart the filming for the show Bu Bu Jie Lang. Ran Feng Ge listened carefully as this would be his first time filming a show as Jing Qiu Han. This was going to be a difficult period as he needed to not only act as Jing Qiu Han, but also as the character Jing Qiu Han needed to portray in the show.

Su Yi Mo, on the other hand, was constantly stealing glances at him. He could not stop looking at the serious Ran Feng Ge.

Towards the end of the meeting, Su Yi Mo was asked to wrap up the entire discussion. As he prepared to stand up, he noticed Ran Feng Ge pull out his phone to answer a call.

The number on the screen was very familiar!

Upon catching a glimpse of the number, Su Yi Mo’s gaze had steeled completely.

Seeing that Ran Feng Ge was about to get up and leave the room to take the call, Su Yi Mo quickly said to him: “Answer that after the meeting ends! We are almost done.”

Ran Feng Ge had no qualms about it and declined the call easily, before sitting back down comfortably.

Su Yi Mo glanced towards Ran Feng Ge. Seeing that the latter was obediently listening to him, Su Yi Mo’s dark expression lightened up slightly.

Once the meeting had ended, Ran Feng Ge’s phone vibrated again indicating that another incoming call. As the meeting room was slowly being emptied out, Ran Feng Ge was thinking of heading out together with the other employees when Su Yi Mo suddenly grabbed his wrist.

Ran Feng Ge turned back to look at him, confused: “What is it?”

Su Yi Mo took the phone and immediately rejected the call.

With his photographic memory, Su Yi Mo remembered this number well. This number was the same one that had called Ran Feng Ge before, the call which Su Yi Mo had answered. The caller wanted to take Ran Feng Ge away from him, to have him be a body double for someone else.

It was An Chen.

Ran Feng Ge naturally recognised this number as well. There was only one reason why An Chen would ever call him, and it was nothing more than to let him act as An Mu’s double again! It just so happened that Ran Feng Ge had considered doing it again just so he could use An Mu’s identity to attract Lan Kuang’s attention—that was why he wanted to answer the call.

But now that Su Yi Mo was rejecting the calls, what was he planning to do?!

Seeing as the meeting room was now devoid of anyone save for the two of them, Su Yi Mo’s iceberg aura was now seeping out uncontrollably. No one in a five-meter radius dared to approach them.

Making sure that there was no one around to eavesdrop, Su Yi Mo closed the door of the meeting room and pulled Ran Feng Ge into a corner, his voice dropping dangerously low as he said: “I know why this person is contacting you.”

Ran Feng Ge looked at him in surprise, but the moment he saw the anger in his eyes, Ran Feng Ge became quiet. “However, I will not allow it! You are working for me now; you are not allowed to work for someone else!”

“I wasn’t planning on accepting it…” Ran Feng Ge lied, as he rubbed the tip of his nose sullenly.

“Then don’t even answer the calls.” Su Yi Mo said icily.

“So I just let it keep ringing?” Ran Feng Ge asked as he pointed towards the vibrating phone on the meeting table.

In Su Yi Mo’s eyes, the phone was challenging him, I am going to keep ringing whether you like it or not!

On the other end of the line was An Chen, seated on the couch with a look of utter displeasure.

Su Yi Mo glared at the inanimate object as he cursed in his heart: What a pest!

Reaching for the phone, Su Yi Mo very smoothly removed the SIM card from within the phone and promptly threw it into the nearest garbage bin.

What the fuck! Again with the bins!

This move almost made Ran Feng Ge leap out in anger: “You—”

Translator: Jypoonie
Proofreaders: Charlotte Grey, Lyrick


Ti Shen Vol 2 Chapter 38 up

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New chapter of Ti Shen is up! :)

Chapter 39: That… That Was Su Yi Mo’s Kiss

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