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We’re back with some Ti Shen, True Star, and Gong Hua for you today! The True Star chapter is unproofread. You guys should know the drill by now, but the password is pie. There, it’s in bold this time, I better not see any comments asking what the password is…

Through some strange magic, the True Star chapter turned out to be the longest chapter of this release. It’s just a little over seven pages in Word, like seven and a quarter. Now in comparison, most of the previous chapters were around one to two pages in Word. The chapters will probably all be this length from now on, if not seven pages, they’ll at least be five pages. That means you guys have more to read each time, but it also means that they’ll take longer to translate. It’s a double-edged sword! Now having said that, anybody want to be a dedicated translator for Ti Shen? We sure could use one.

Now for the poll, 53 voted for the fantasy world, 43 for the anything-room, and 30 of you had to go look for hammers. Hahaha! I feel like most of you just picked the last one for the fun of it. And only one of your picked the deserted island. Come on now, who doesn’t want a deserted island? You can build your own country! XD That’s all for this time. We’ll be back in November!

Gong Hua: Prologue
True Star: Chapter 125
Ti Shen: Chapter 2

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