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Hi guys! We’re back with two chapters of True Star and one chapter of KSM. A whole chapter of KSM in fact. Don’t get used to it. The chances of it happening again is very slim. Those chapters are monsters in length and a pain to translate. Ahem, I did not mean to say that. And some fun facts about True Star: The S City that gets mentioned frequently in the story is most likely Shanghai. Sometimes, authors like to abbreviate the names of cities and countries for no reason that I’m aware of, but in my opinion, knowing the city that the story takes place in is much easier to get a feel for the setting. Another thing, the author has mentioned in one of her author’s notes that none of the male characters in True Star are herbivores. None of them. They are all cunning and devious. So keep that in mind as you read the future chapters. Anyways, enjoy your read!

For those of you that posted comments about rehosting and how to buy VIP chapters, we’ll get around to answering you soon. Most of us have been busy lately. Being busy in the summer should be a crime. As for the poll, “Using my powers in secret and hiding from suspicious organizations” is currently in the lead. Wow, we are all paranoid here, aren’t we? I sure expected a lot more diabolic masterminds ready to take over the world. XD Anyways, we’ll be back on the 15th!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 3
True Star: Chapter 113
True Star: Chapter 114

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3 Comments so far:

  1. Mew says:

    Meow~ Thanks for the True Star chapters! And hmm, we want our super powered lives to be long and prosperous, without the threat of evil masterminds plotting against us! Best to avoid them altogether!

  2. Re says:

    “none of the male characters in True Star are herbivores. None of them.”

    My life is now complete.

    • Andrez says:

      I know right. I was actually a bit confused because I thought “well, duh, we already know neither Tang Feng nor Charles or Lu tian Chen are herbivores, not to mention Albert or Gino”

      then I read the chapters and I was like

      “oh yeah, there was that one other guy who kinda slipped off my radar”

      anyway, now I’m even more psyched for what’s to come

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