When Starting as a Double Agent, Pick Your Employers Wisely

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Hi guys, we’re back! We have some KSM and True Star for you today. There are only four chapters left of True Star before we finish the first volume. At this pace, I think we can finish the first volume before the end of the year. That only took four years, eh? XD The road ahead is long, but we’ll keep doing our best. As for next time, we’ll probably have some Gong Hua and Ti Shen. A lot of you were clamoring for a Ti Shen release, so hopefully, that’ll satisfy you.

We also have some ebooks for you today, mainly epub and mobi formats of KSM v01. Shout out to Miras who made these amazing ebooks! We have tested the epub file and everything seems to work fine. We haven’t tested the mobi file however, so people with kindles out there, test it out and see if there are weird kinks with the file.

That’s all for today. We’ll be back on the 15th!

KSM: Chapter 4 100%
KSM v01: epub + mobi
True Star: Chapter 123
True Star: Chapter 124

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  1. Mai Vang Yang says:

    When are you guys updating Double Body?

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