A Holy BBQ Chicken Burgers! O_O

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SANDAL HAT and MS. A!!!!!
Yes you know what good thing you did. OH YES YOU DO.
But do our other fellow people know? Well, now they do!
Yes, my people. Mr. D and Ms. A has DONATED to Giraffe Corps! O____O Never noticed because I was the one in charge of the paypal thingy, and I never check it… LOL. And Mr. D and Ms. A, if you see the donations as still pending, that’s because I forgot to verify my bank account. *coughneverthoughtpeoplewouldactuallydonatecough*
Also, please send GC an email at giraffecorps@live.com, so we know what name to credit you guys as on our donations list <3       BTW, like my big giraffe smoochers? :'D   -Nuddle

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