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Thanks to TACTICS, we now have tons of colored pages in our Exit gallery! I’ll give anyone a virtual cookie if they can find out where the original lines were. But it’s not like you guys can hohohoh 8D Cause Tactics’ so epic-ly awesome. More are going up btw!
Thanks to SAE, we have Chen Yue Zhi Yao Chapter 3 proofed and ready for release har har har.
Let’s give the two of them some big hugs and kisses and flying monkeys and galloping pigeons and whatnot! *\o/* I KNOW YOU LIKE THOSE POMPOMS
On another note, I’ll be moving all the way to LA this fall. Which means the library books (Chen Yue) that I waited for so long will be out of reach after that. ;_; Gong Hua is fine because I have raws online, but for Chen Yue, I’ll try my best to finish these two volumes up (WHICH MEANS I NEED TRANSLATORS DX) before I move. Buying the books myself (assuming all the volumes) will cost over $140 @___@, so I’m going to be shameless and ask for donations \o/

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  1. nehamadra says:

    Thanks for chapter 3 of Chen Yue. I think its hilarous. It reminds of the Moonlight Sculptor novel :). Keep up the good work!

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