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The two bodyguards at the door did not wander too far away. They both wore expressions of extreme boredom.

“Hasn’t it been a while? Are we still filming? I have to say that actor didn’t look too bad. The image of him lying powerless on the bed made my heart skip,” one of them said.

“Since when did you start becoming interested in men?”

“I’m just trying out something new. That guy looked pretty good, even the boss couldn’t help himself.” The bodyguard leered, giving off a vulgar feeling.

“Don’t even think about it. I’m sure the boss won’t let you touch him.” The other man walked across and pressed his ear against the door to listen. Suddenly, he furrowed his brows and said quietly to his companion, “There aren’t any sounds coming from inside. Could something have happened?”

“You want to barge in? Boss is going to cuss you out.”

“Boss?” The bodyguard at the door knocked quietly. There was no reply from inside. The two men looked at each other and figured that something wasn’t right.

“Let’s check.”

They pushed open the door a little bit and peeked in. They saw the mess on the bed, but not a single shadow of a person inside. Just as they were about to rush in, the sound of a man sobbing came from the bathroom.

“No… Stop… Please, Qi Cheng… Ah…”

Swallowing, the two men looked at each other again. They had the tact to understand what was going on. They closed the door stealthily behind them, chuckling to themselves.

“Boss is too rough, he’d made that little actor cry.”

“I reckon it’ll be quite a while before they finish.” The other bodyguard drew out a pack of cigarettes and started smoking with his colleague.

―In the bathroom―

Tang Feng faced the mirror expressionlessly while washing his hands, simultaneously letting out very imaginative sounds and snippets of conversation. Only when he had heard the near inaudible sound of the door clicking shut did he stop his vividly realistic performance.

The situation was both strange and somewhat funny. Tang Feng was clearly expressionless despite giving out the most imaginative erotic moans. If someone only listened to his voice, they would definitely be deceived into thinking that he was fooling around with someone in the bathroom.

“How was my acting, Mr. Su Qi Cheng?” Tang Feng grabbed a towel and dried his hands. He firmly shut the bathroom door and sat down on the toilet seat cover.

Su Qi Cheng had already woken up, but his hands and feet were bound together securely and his tie had been stuffed inside his mouth. He could only communicate with his eyes. Tang Feng saw a hint of a smile and amusement in the man’s eyes, but not much anger or hatred. Su Qi Cheng seemed to be saying, “Your acting isn’t bad.”

“I believe I have caused you an offense. But of course, you had been the one to offend me first.” Tang Feng let out a sound of frustration and whipped Su Qi Cheng’s head with the towel in his hands. He lowered his voice and swore, “You really are a disgusting man.”

Su Qi Cheng’s breathing roughed as he stared at Tang Feng.

“Do you like my eyes? Unfortunately, I don’t like yours at all.” Throwing the towel aside, Tang Feng swung his hand and slapped Su Qi Cheng on the cheek, the sound resounding inside the bathroom.

Tang Feng had a good temper, but that didn’t mean he didn’t get angry. Any person who had been kidnapped, drugged, nearly raped, but could still keep their temper was definitely on the endangered species list. It was a pity that he was a normal person with a normal temper.

Unluckily, Tang Feng didn’t have a cell phone with him; otherwise, he’d have stripped Su Qi Cheng naked and taken a few suggestive photos. Su Qi Cheng was someone who had both reputation and prestige. Unlike celebrities, it wouldn’t matter even if his nude pictures were released to the public.

After suffering a beating at Tang Feng’s hands, a hint of anger bled into Su Qi Cheng’s eyes. In all his years, it was the first time he had been slapped and reduced to such a pathetic state.

“Now you’re angry?” Tang Feng flicked Su Qi Cheng’s forehead with a finger; the skin quickly turned red and swollen. “I’m even angrier than you.”

Having beaten him enough, Tang Feng felt marginally better. He was lucky to have caught Su Qi Cheng off guard and dealt with him. However, that didn’t mean he was prepared to face the two professionally trained and armed bodyguards empty handed.

Should he sit and wait for death?

Tang Feng calmed down and started planning his next move. The two men posted outside the door would eventually come inside. If Lu Tian Chen and Charles were incapable of locating him, then he had to find a way out himself.

There were no telephones or any other communication devices in the room; he had no way of communicating with the outside world.

He stood up and walked to the window inside the bathroom. He brought over a chair and stepped on it to look outside. He appeared to be inside the mansion area of a luxurious hotel. There was a forest and lake nearby, but not many people down below. Escaping wasn’t impossible, but he was on the third floor. How was he going to get down?

“Although Mission Impossible looks very cool, I don’t want to become Tom Cruise at all.” Tang Feng took a deep breath and sat on the toilet seat again. When Su Qi Cheng had still been unconscious, he’d already taken care of himself. The effects of the drug had mostly dispersed by now, but his body was still somewhat tired.

If he used the curtains to climb out, would he fall off halfway?

If he yelled for help, would anyone hear him?

Regardless, doing anything was better than sitting around doing nothing.

Suddenly, an idea came into Tang Feng’s head and he glanced at Su Qi Cheng with a malicious glint in his eyes. The latter’s clothes were disheveled and his hair resembled a birds’ nest. His forehead was also still red from Tang Feng’s flick. Su Qi Cheng had probably never looked as pathetic as he did now in the past few decades. At Tang Feng’s sudden stare, Su Qi Cheng’s eyelid twitched in suspicion. After all that he had suffered through, he knew Tang Feng wasn’t as gentle as his image suggested.

Ten minutes later, Tang Feng had knotted the curtains into a thick rope. He fastened one end around his own waist, before tying the other around Su Qi Cheng’s body. Now he didn’t have to worry about falling to the ground if his grip were to slip. Even if he did fall, he didn’t care that Su Qi Cheng would be dragged out of the bathtub and slam his head against the toilet from the impact.

Su Qi Cheng glared intensely at Tang Feng, looking as if he wanted to swallow the actor whole. Tang Feng couldn’t resist giving the man another slap on the face. “I don’t like people staring at me like that.”

Tang Feng stepped onto the chair and pushed opened the bathroom window. He stuck his head out and looked around. The sky was decorated with the light of the setting sun and there was a delightfully warm breeze. When he looked at the ground however, he felt a wave of nausea envelop him as a slight chill ran down his back. Despite being thoroughly healthy, it seemed like his heart disease was determined to make a reappearance.

“I can do this, I can climb down.” Taking a deep breath, Tang Feng bent and swung one leg outside to straddle the windowsill. Just as he was taking inspiration from the valor of secret service agents, the bathroom door burst open. Shocked, Tang Feng made to leap down, but a figure rushed in and grabbed onto the curtains that were connected to him.

“You’re crazy!” Cold sweat ran down Lu Tian Chen’s back. When he rushed into the bathroom, he’d barely caught sight of a man who looked like Tang Feng preparing to jump from the window. Without any hesitation or thought, he dashed over at his fastest speed and instinctively grabbed onto the rope of curtains.

“Lu Tian Chen?” Tang Feng blinked at the insult. He snuck a glance at the ground below his feet; the height alone was enough to make him dizzy. He quickly turned around and grasped the window ledge with both hands. He yelled at Lu Tian Chen, “What are you waiting for, pull me up already!”

His legs felt like jelly…

Lu Tian Chen wasn’t the kind of person who would let someone yell at him without any retaliation. But at the moment, he didn’t have the leisure to worry about so many things. He ignored Tang Feng’s tone and stepped forward to grab the actor’s hand, pulling him inside bit by bit.

When Charles came into the bathroom, he was faced with the scene of Lu Tian Chen pulling Tang Feng inside. He exclaimed, “My dear Tang Feng, are you casting away your life in order to preserve your virtue for me? To hell with it! Am I that kind of uncivilized and idiotic man? Even if you had been done by that pig Su Qi Cheng, I still love you to death. At most, all I need to do is kiss you all over to restore your purity!”

“Shut up, you stupid bear!” It was unwise to argue with Tang Feng at the moment. He was furious, completely unlike his usual genteel manner.

“Hahaha, that’s right. I like your irritated side, so full of vitality and very attractive.” Charles was still laughing when he asked, “Darling, where is that swine Su Qi Cheng?”

“Behind you,” Tang Feng hopped down from the window with Lu Tian Chen’s assistance. He was exhausted after having his nerves stretched taut for the whole day. He collapsed into Lu Tian Chen’s arms, not able to muster any more energy. It didn’t matter whether it was Lu Tian Chen or Charles, as long as it wasn’t Su Qi Cheng, please let him rest for a bit.

Charles turned around and took in Su Qi Cheng’s trussed up state. He raised his head and laughed. “President Su, your appearances are always so spectacular! Do you see now? How can the man I like not be strong enough to hold his own? Isn’t my Tang Feng handsome?”

Turning around, Charles spread his arms and hugged Tang Feng. “You really are the best, darling. What should I do, I’m starting to like you even more.”

The unpleasant conversation between them a few days ago was swept under the rug just like that. Sandwiched between Lu Tian Chen and Charles, Tang Feng closed his eyes for lack of a better option.

No matter what, he was safe now.

No matter how irritating Lu Tian Chen and Charles normally were, at least now he felt safe and warm.

“I’m hungry. I also want to sleep,” Tang Feng murmured.

“Close your eyes for a while. You can eat after you rest.” Lu Tian Chen covered Tang Feng’s eyes. After loosening the reins on his willpower, Tang Feng quickly fell asleep.


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