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Tang Feng disappeared. Chen Ming Xu’d initially thought that the actor had simply gone outside and would be back after a short while. After all, Tang Feng’s wallet and phone were still on the table. However, after waiting for five minutes, Chen Ming Xu couldn’t sit still and wait anymore. He quickly went around and asked the waiters and the other patrons of the coffee shop if they had seen where Tang Feng had gone. The only reply he received was that a man dressed in a suit had grabbed Tang Feng by the arm and left the coffee shop with him.

Chen Ming Xu suddenly felt as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water on him; the chill traveling from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.

Chen Ming Xu immediately pulled out his phone and called Lu Tian Chen.

The president quickly drove over to the coffee shop and picked up the things Tang Feng had left behind. He told Chen Ming Xu not to worry, most likely, Tang Feng had chosen to leave with somebody he knew. After warning Chen Ming Xu to keep quiet about the matter, Lu Tian Chen left the coffee shop.

“Who do you think took Tang Feng away?” While driving, Lu Tian Chen called Charles. “I don’t think it’s Albert. The scene looked too clean for him to have been the one. There were also other patrons inside the coffee shop. Tang Feng is smart. If it had been a stranger, he would have put up some resistance, but he didn’t.”

“So you’re thinking it’s someone he knows?”


Don’t say you think I’m the one who did it?”

“I don’t think you’re desperate to the point that you would resort to kidnapping. Charles, aren’t you supposed to be a gentleman?” Lu Tian Chen chuckled.

“I have no use for your praise. All right, I’ve already dispatched people to track down Tang Feng’s whereabouts. From the tone of your voice, you don’t seem very worried about him.” Charles snorted in response.

Lu Tian Chen tightened his grip on the steering wheel and narrowed his eyes slightly. He sneered and said, “There isn’t anyone around Tang Feng who would want to harm him. If money is their goal, they would be contacting us instead.”

Damn it! What if they are after Tang Feng’s body instead?” Charles was furious. He hadn’t laid a finger on Tang Feng in such a long time. If a third, or a fourth person popped up while he was doing his best to control his urges, then he wouldn’t be able to resist killing them off.

The question Charles raised was something Lu Tian Chen hadn’t considered. He frowned at the idea, becoming more and more irritated just pondering over the possibility. If someone dared to touch what was his, he would make them pay a price so high that even their lives wouldn’t be enough.

“Then, we should find him before it gets dark.” Lu Tian Chen abruptly ended the call and ripped out his Bluetooth headset.

Tang Feng felt muddleheaded and dizzy, as if an elephant had stomped over his head while he was unconscious. His whole person was stuck in the delicate state between disorientation and wakefulness.

Slightly uncomfortable, he took a light breath and tried forcing his mind to clarity before opening his eyes. He recalled that he had been drinking coffee with Chen Ming Xu earlier today. They had been chatting about the current events, then Chen Ming Xu had gone to the restroom. He had been listening to music while waiting for Chen Ming Xu to come back, and when he lifted his head, he saw…

“It seems I’ve used too much. Here, have a drink. You’ll feel better soon.”

A familiar voice sounded beside Tang Feng’s ear. He felt someone prop him up and lay him against the headboard of the bed. Soon, he felt the touch of cool water wetting his dry lips. Instinctively, he opened his mouth and gulped down the water.

After taking in some water, Tang Feng felt much better. Even though he had a raging headache, he was at least out of dreamland and could think more clearly.

His thick lashes fluttered when he opened his dark eyes. There was a hint of exhaustion and confusion in his eyes, but they clearly reflected the portrait of a man dressed in a black and white checkered suit.

The man was holding a glass of water in his hand and carrying a smile on his face as he watched the actor open his eyes.

The man gazed at the hazy-eyed Tang Feng and couldn’t resist reaching out and touching the other’s cheek. “Awake?”

“Su Qi Cheng.”


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    No way what is he up to that son of a b*tch hid sòo deep i didnt see him coming

  3. Wow, I really didn’t expect that. I was full on hating on Albert. Turns out it was this bastard all along?! Ge Chen probably had something to do with it. >:C

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    That isn’t within my head when I guess who the kidnapper is though!!

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    What the hell villager A i mean this asshole want?!

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