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What about Charles?

If Tang Feng attended a dating show despite already having a lover, then was it fair to either Lu Tian Chen or Charles? Quickly, indignant netizens reared up and tossed out another question.

The insider typed out a mystifying explanation: Their relationship is more complicated than you’d think. Go look at the articles in those finance magazines and newspapers. You’ll find your answer to Lu Tian Chen and Charles’ relationship there.

Numerous netizens―with a few accomplices mixed in―soon pulled up an article from a foreign finance newspaper. To their complete and utter surprise, Charles and Lu Tian Chen were college friends who kept a close friendship even after graduating.

Was the reason why Charles kept on selecting Tang Feng in Dream Lover to help Lu Tian Chen?

The theory was immediately overturned when someone came out and said a businessman like Charles didn’t have enough free time to help further the career of a college friend’s lover.

Then what was the reason?

Indeed, what was the reason? Tang Feng wanted to know the answer to that as well. The headlines decorating the newspapers today were a bit different from what he had discussed with Lu Tian Chen. No matter how he looked at it, the news was going a bit overboard with describing his rampant popularity. On one side, he had a CEO of a big company loving him. On the other side, the CEO’s friend was trying to cut into their relationship. The melodrama of the whole situation was enough to make him laugh.

Were they trying to write a story about the love and hate relationship between three men? It was even more exciting than a romantic comedy airing on prime time. People instantly stopped paying attention to the whole scandal with Chen Ming Xu. After all, wasn’t a love triangle between a celebrity and two multi-millionaires much more deserving of their attention?

If everything had been a movie from the start, then Tang Feng’s performance was probably subpar. His name had been sullied numerous times in the middle, but he finally managed to make a comeback at the very end. As for the things that had been used to sully his name before, they now brought him no more harm than the interest of the public and topics for discussion.

If someone was a little more outstanding than you, you might feel jealousy and hostility towards them.

However, if someone was more outstanding than you by a long stretch, you might end up admiring or pursuing them instead.

For the public, celebrities were that sort of existence.

“Did all those articles bring you any sort of trouble?” Tang Feng made a special call to Chen Ming Xu. After Lu Tian Chen had the “insiders” work their magic, Chen Ming Xu hadn’t contacted Tang Feng once.

“No. It’s all a bunch of nonsense anyways. I’m already used to it. Don’t worry, I’m completely fine.” Chen Ming Xu’s voice didn’t sound all that different from normal on the other end of the line.

Tang Feng knew Chen Ming Xu liked him. He also rather liked the adorable young man, but that was it. That was all there could be.

There were too many troublesome things surrounding him right now. There was a Lu Tian Chen, a Charles, and an Albert with unknown motives. He might have to deal with even more opponents in the future. He could only be friends with Chen Ming Xu, completely normal friends.

He wasn’t the Tang Feng that Chen Ming Xu truly loved. Plus, who exactly was the Tang Feng that Chen Ming Xu loved?

None of them had the answer to that question. It wouldn’t be fair to either of them in the end.

When he told Lu Tian Chen to spread rumors about their relationship, Tang Feng had also meant for the rumors to be a tactful way of drawing the line between him and Chen Ming Xu. If he were still young, he might have tried starting a relationship with someone he liked. However, he wasn’t young anymore. Additionally, the entertainment industry wasn’t a place where anyone could come out to the public without much deliberation.

After experiencing many hardships in life, people would naturally spend more time mulling over things. If he decided to indulge in his feelings and let their relationship go as it would, the two of them might end up becoming a very good couple. Then what?

Life wasn’t only about love. There were also family, friends, your social life, and the path of your career to think about.

Was it cruel of him?

Perhaps he was being a bit cruel. Before the feelings between them could take root and bud into a soft shoot, he had strangled it in its cradle.

Chen Ming Xu might not have noticed the feelings he had for Tang Feng, but the actor had noticed. He was the one who had noticed, and he was the one who had decided to end everything before it could start. This way, neither of them would feel too much pain, but perhaps a bit of regret.

One couldn’t live life too selfishly. Tang Feng might live by his own willful wishes, but he would never force his other half to do the same. He could be indifferent to everything, but he couldn’t demand the same indifference from his lover.

Because of this, the current situation was good enough for him. It was better to let “Tang Feng” remain in Chen Ming Xu’s memories as a good impression, as a relationship that seemed to have existed.

After ending the call, Tang Feng smiled helplessly to himself. Time would smooth away every scar their feelings had marked onto them.

They each had their own lives and future. They would walk further and further down the separate paths they had each chosen. In the end, they would each meet someone suitable and walk along with them down the path of forever.


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  1. churnie says:

    because i’m TangFeng&TianChen lover maybe.. disappoint a bit about the fact i NEVER thought before that Tang Feng will fall for small appearance (cameo) like CMX. no matter how good and normal CMX is. not mafia as the other 3.

  2. churnie says:

    i can’t help to comment on this chapter. out of all the Men involved with Tang Feng through all the chapters so far, he is Fall in Love with Cheng Min Xu and wish to date him if he were younger? i don’t know why but i’m crying.. it’s like i’m so dumb.. CMX appearance and their closeness just few chapters and not highlighted but actually Tang Feng had a deeper feeling for him? it’s even very deep feeling reading how he smile helplessly after ending the call. it mean Tang Feng love CMX for real. i can’t believe it. this twist really hurt me.

    • lighter says:

      i thought the same thing, its very bittersweet, instead of life filled with danger and 3 weird af guys, i would choose CMX no matter what, he is very easy to love abd like, its a damn shame tang feng killed the love here… he could havehad the life he dreamed filled with peace and love

  3. Dragon says:

    I would still like to think Chen Ming Xu is a good friend in a time of need. Let’s hope that his kindness was not in vain.

    Thanks for the chapters~!!!

  4. sev says:

    What happened to Charles though hohoh

  5. libraryrocker says:

    Awwww so poignant and bittersweet~~~ Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

  6. intan says:

    Thank u GC For ur hardwork. I wondering what charles thinking, if he knows from gosip about relationship LTC n TF coz they’re threesome. Maybe he will be MuRka hahahahaha. So CMX will be delete from competition,emmm only Charles, LTC, Albert and of course Gino would be apart from winning TF heart.

  7. A Sushi says:

    OMG, Cheng Ming Xu and Tang Feng could have been a thing, a good, healthy thing. I’m going to cry. Please reconsider, Tang Feng!

    • aya says:

      ikr?? Chen Ming Xu & Tang Feng is the most healthy possible ship.

      but after finished reading all th e volumes . . . hmmm

  8. ten says:

    I liked Chen Ming Xu, he was my favorite :x Though TF is being silly that he isn’t young anymore and couldn’t start a relationship, that there is more to life than love (TF was not old when he died..), at least he is right in that Chen Ming Xu was into the old TF. If he did start a relationship, in a way, it would be a form of deception, because he is “pretending” to be the same person.

  9. psychobee says:

    ah and i already think that chen ming xu will added in tang feng harem!!
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    Cannot wait to see the price tag owed from TF to LTC
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    … speaking of Charles, what has he been up to lately, I wonder?

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