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If they want to take advantage of virus-like rumors to picture me as a man without any restraints, then I might as well use this opportunity to help them put on a show.

This was the plan Tang Feng had come up with. It was fun, interesting, and very effective. Taking care of the issues in the conventional way would be ineffective in keeping up with the recent developments. After decades of being in the entertainment industry, Tang Feng had heard, seen, and experienced many different ways of dealing with an opponent. After examining all these different methods, he’d concluded that the best way of handling an “enemy” was to take advantage of the situation and use it for your own benefit.

They were all actors, so they might as well put on a show. The movie was just beginning and the winner of this game had yet to be decided.

“It seems as if you have some experience with this since you’re capable of coming up with this sort of plan. I’m beginning to see you in a new light,” said Lu Tian Chen.

Tang Feng smiled in response. Like he had said before, he doubted there existed anyone who truly understood him; Charles certainly didn’t, and neither did Lu Tian Chen.

“Many netizens right now have a fixed opinion of me. Firstly, they don’t understand whether I have a good or bad relationship with Ge Chen. Secondly, I haven’t been clear to the public about my sexuality. Thirdly, they are wondering why President Lu is promoting an outdated celebrity like me who doesn’t have any notable works in my repertoire,” Tang Feng explained. “The reason as for why we should go with online rumors instead of a press conference is because netizens don’t put much trust in statements coming from official outlets. Announcements coming from entertainment agencies are also untrustworthy in their eyes. They are more willing to believe in rumors from the web instead. If we go with rumors, I think we can expect many of them to fall for it.”

“So you’re saying that if we start a rumor about how the two of us are lovers, we can remove the idea that you’re jealous of Ge Chen from the public’s mind, because you’re my actual lover. Secondly, you’ll be able to give the public a faint impression of you being homosexual, so that they’ll be able to accept your participation in Direct Li Wei’s movie once news of it is leaked to the media. Thirdly, the public will understand that the reason you have my support is because of your relationship with me.” Lu Tian Chen smiled. How exactly had Tang Feng come up with such an unconventional gambit of a plan?

It was dangerous, but Lu Tian Chen couldn’t help but admit that it was brilliant.

Tang Feng shook his head and smiled. “There’s something else I need to add. I’m only friends with Chen Ming Xu. As for why I became a fixed guest on his show, I think the people under President Lu will be able to come up with a better explanation than I can.”

“No, I think your explanation is good enough. As far as I know, my PR team would have never been able to come up with such a daring plan.”

“It’ll only appear real if it’s daring.” Seeing that Lu Tian Chen’s eyes were on him, Tang Feng shrugged with a smile. “I’ve studied psychology before.” I took lessons because I had the role of a psychologist for a film.

“I don’t know when you’ve had the time to study psychology, but it seems you’ve learned a lot.” Lu Tian Chen stood up and looked down at Tang Feng as he said, “I’ll take care of this matter according to your plan.”

“Thank you.” Tang Feng stood up as well.

“Rather than words, I much prefer action when it comes to expressing thanks.” That was one similar point between Lu Tian Chen and Charles: their business-oriented mindset.

“What do you want?” Tang Feng smiled as he asked.

“I’ll tell you when I’ve decided on something.” The corners of Lu Tian Chen’s lips quirked up in a smirk.

“That sounds a bit scary.”

“I won’t eat you.” Lu Tian Chen patted the actor on the shoulder and chuckled.

As planned, several people claiming to be insiders took to the discussion boards and started an explosion of new rumors barely a day after the scandal involving Tang Feng and Chen Ming Xu dominated the headlines. When fake and real information collided, it would often be difficult to discern which was real and which was fake. Rather, things that were half-true caught people’s attention much more.

Using intimate and ambiguous words, the insiders divulged that Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen’s relationship wasn’t a normal work relationship. Combining that with the fact that Lu Tian Chen had actually accompanied Tang Feng―a mere employee―to the United States, a majority of the netizens started believing that Lu Tian Chen and Tang Feng were indeed lovers.

However, they soon started asking other questions. Since when had the two of them become lovers? If it had been a long time ago, why did Lu Tian Chen choose to promote a celebrity from another entertainment agency instead of Tang Feng?

Seeing the route that the discussions were taking, someone came out and added an explanation to the already long thread: Lu Tian Chen didn’t want Tang Feng to stay in the entertainment circle. Because of that, his relationship with Tang Feng had been rocky for a while. There were two reasons as to why he had decided to promote someone from his business competitor and start a few scandals. For one, Lu Tian Chen was looking out for the future of his company. After all, compared to paying for publicity, a scandal between a CEO of an entertainment company and a famous celebrity would be free advertisement for him. For two, Lu Tian Chen had wanted to make Tang Feng jealous.

Unexpectedly, Tang Feng ended up being the victor of their little private game. Tang Feng’s accidental fall into the ocean was the catalyst that allowed the two of them to reconcile. Lu Tian Chen also conceded and allowed his lover to re-enter the entertainment world.

The proclaimed insiders explained everything clearly and succinctly. Moreover, the information they provided could be linked up with actual happenings. After reading through their explanations, it was hard not to believe them.


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  1. YoungMind says:

    The more I read and the more I end up not liking Charles anymore I’m kind of disappointed in his character :/. I hope there will be a new guy. I don’t like Lu Tian Chen so I’m not shipping for him.

  2. SB01 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Dragon says:

    Wow.. people were so easily convinced :3

  4. ten says:

    Despite the author pushing for depicting TF as clever, I find TF’s plan terrible x)

    Qi Cheng (I think that was the name of the pale, frail sort of lover of the Lu Tian Chen) is still out there and risked his life, harmed himself with the whole horse riding part. Who knows if this makes him desperate and pushes him over the edge.

    There is also Charles and Lu Tian Chen self. Mostly Lu Tian Chen might use the lovers charade to his advantage.

    And above all, at least irl, there might be a considerable chance that TF’s reputation and image would become even more tainted; he would not come across as a changed man, but as someone pretending to be better, who slept his way to the top. That is how he will be remembered. It also confirms among some that he lacks talent and is sleazy, because he “had to seduce/sleep around”.

    If he says he is gay and in a relationship, he can’t just take that back; he would be seen as an even worse person, who does not only sleep around, but is fickle, seeks drama and lies. People might not believe in him that easily in the future if TF churns out falsehoods and does not correct them when it is public knowledge.

    Then again, if he has shown he has talent and has become a well-known and liked actor, this will likely be forgiven. And knowing how TF has the author’s protection, nothing bad will ever happen to TF ;) At least nothing he can’t smoothly solve at some point ^^

    • kezi says:

      Ge Chen wants to keep an image of a frail beauty, he won’t publicly challenge the rumors especially since anyone with a brain can now see that Lu Tian Chen prefers Tang Feng.
      Charles is not stupid, he only seems that way around Tang Feng. He knows what’s up.
      Right now Tang Feng, Lu Tian Chen and Charles are “lovers” for Albert’s sake. Tang Feng’s not allowed to have a real lover for a while. It works in his favor to use his two “lovers” for his advantage since he’s stuck with them.
      Plus now that the public has a reasonable logic to hold on to, they’ll find explanations for any other rumors that come out. For one they could admire Tang Feng’s desire to remain an entertainer, despite his lover opposing it and pretending to take another lover. Or figure out that Charles is Lu Tian Chen’s friend so that’s why he always picks him etc.

  5. psychobee says:

    thanks for the chapter XD

  6. Re says:

    I suddenly sense a trap by Lu Tian Chen…

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